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Tableau Software company was founded in


Tableau is the best fit for which of the following cases?

visual drag and drop operation

Which one of the following doesn’t fall under Tableau’s capabilities?

wizard driven visual analysis

Which one is incorrect with respect to parameter?

None of the above

Which one is not the best fitment for Tableau

Enterprise Deployment

Which type of chart is not available in Tableau V8

Speed Dial

Tableau supports in memory as well as live-data connection


Tableau can connect to data in a file. Identify which file type that Tableau cannot connect to or use as a data source.

MS Power Point

In Gartner’s magic quadrant latest release, where does Tableau fit?

Leader’s Quadrant

Which one of the following is a valid license type of Tableau

Tableau Desktop License

Which one of the following extract database types are supported in Tableau?

Microsoft Sql Server, Postgres, MySql

Which one is newly added feature in Tableau 8?

Word Cloud

Among them, which one is not considered as an information discovery tool?


Which one brings the census information in geocoding in Tableau

data layer in geospatial analysis

If geographic data is not supported with the built-in roles, custom geocoding can be used to plot the data on a map


Tableau supports connection to a Web Map Server (WMS)


Tableau 8.0 provides built-in statistical models to forecast your data including models that account for seasonality and trends.


A good BI tool should possess the following features

Cross Tabs, Dashboards with KPI reports

Which tool is significantly different from others?


In Tableau Mobile Views themselves are touch-optimized with dynamic scrolling


Tableau Mobile has got rapid IT-free authoring


Tableau in general follows which schema?


which one is referred by .twbx format file in Tableau?

Tableau Packaged Workbook

Tableau Public supports all browsers without plug-ins– it’s pure AJAX right in the browser


Map Options in Tableau 8 are shown in

Side Pane

What does .twbx file extension mean?

Tableau Packaged Workbook

What is the primary advantage of working with .twbx files?

Analysis can be performed without network/internet connections because data is already loaded on your computer embedded in the packaged file.

What is tableau tool tip and what purpose does it serve?

A feature in Tableau that provides the ability to quickly view the underlying data of a mark

Choose the answer that best describes a Tableau data source

A reusable connection to data

Which type of filter is applied to the data source first and then the other filters are applied only to the resulting records.

Context Filter

If you are working on a dimension that contains thousands of products, you can use ____ to combine those products into higher level categories. This is useful in cleaning up data inconsistencies or combine several dimension members into a single field category.


Which method would best be used if you want to organize values of a measure into discrete groups. Let us say, you want to organize a measure that holds the ages of community volunteers ranging from 18 to 75 into age groups of 18 to 25, 26 to 33, and so on

binning measures

This method helps you group dimensions into similar categories. One way to do this is to drag a dimension on top of another.


Which table calculation type shows the rate of change

Percent difference from

Which table calculation type shows a cumulative total

Running total

What is an invisible filter?

a filter that can be applied to a view that is not exposed to your user

Which of the following allow users to select or input a value in a view and that value can then in turn be used in calculations, and subsequently, filters.


Hold one or more worksheets and dashboards


Contain a single worksheet and are an easy way to quickly share your work


Contains a workbook along with any supporting local file data sources and background images. This format is the best way to package your work for sharing with others who don’t have access to the data

Packaged Workbooks

Are local copies of a subset or entire data source that you can use to share data, work offline, and improve database performance

Data Extract Files

If I am to add a company logo to my dashboard, which dashboard object will I use?


Dashboard layout containers allow you to _______.

create an area in the dashboard where objects automatically adjust their size and position based on the other objects in the container

On the publish workbook to server window, one of the options to choose from is the “Views to Share.” Select the best answer that best describes the purpose for this option

Any sheets that are not selected are hidden on the server when users view the dashboard.

Describe what happens if the ‘show selections’ option is selected before a dashboard is published to the Tableau server

When this option is selected, any selections you’ve made in the workbook will be published to the server as default.

Which of the following describes the various options in saving your visualizations.

You can save your work as a workbook, packaged workbook, bookmark only.

Which of these methods in saving your work saves the current worksheet only

Save as bookmark

Which of these methods saves all worksheets in your visualization


Which formula in Tableau best calculates the overall gross margin for every product in the data source

sum ([Profit])/sum([Sales])

Tableau has a set of zoom controls that displays in the upper left corner of a view. By default, these controls only display when you hover over a map view. Which of the following is not an option for zoom controls.


Parameters are user defined variables that can be used to create a dynamic visualization. Example, you can use parameters in a calculated field rather than using a fixed value. Select from the list where parameters cannot be used.


A __ field on a shelf indicates a discrete field


A __ field on a shelf indicates a continuous field


A __ name indicates a sorted field.


Identify the false statement about a data source

You can alter customized fields that come with the data source and create additional ones.

This dashboard object allows you to add a _ that describes the dashboard. Default value is the dashboard name.


When selected, this option shows the description of the workbook, data sources, fields, layout of the current worksheet, marks, shelves, rows, columns, dimensions, measures, etc.

Describe Sheet

These are containers for shelves, legends, and other controls in Tableau desktop


Which shelf allows you to break a view into a series of pages so you can better analyze how a specific field affects the rest of the data in a view.

Page shelf

Which shelf allows you to encode data by assigning different shapes to the marks in a data view

Shape shelf

Annotations are used to call out specific marks or points on an axis, line or scatter marks. Which of these is not a type of annotation?


Displays the fields of the data sources to which Tableau is connected. The fields are divided into dimensions and measures. It also displays custom fields such as calculations, binned fields, and groups

Data Window

Another name for text table. It provides an easy way to display the numbers associated with dimension members.


Is a representation of your data in a Tableau worksheet or dashboard.

Data view or view

What is presentation mode?

Hides everything on the sheet except for the view and its associated legends, quick filters, and parameter controls. A view from a user’s perspective.

If you have two data sources with related (linked) dimensions, you must use one of those primary dimensions in the view before you can blend data from secondary data source. This is no longer true starting in which version of Tableau?


When connecting to a data source you get a prompt asking you to choose which method you want to connect to your data. Which of the following creates a .tde file?

Import all data

What is a secondary Table calculations

Calculations performed from the results of the previous calculations

When using dual axes in your view, you should make sure that the two axes scales align with each other so that correct comparison can be made. Which method accomplishes this.

Synchronize Axis

There are benefits to adding comments to your field properties. Identify one that is not.

updates source data with new comments

Sometimes you know precisely the data you want to look at, but don’t know how to generate an effective view. Tableau can help you quickly choose alternate views using this option.

Show Me

Tableau’s mobile BI solutions focus on usability and consistency that takes advantage of the unique features of mobile. Name special authoring or design changes required to make your visualization work on tablets.

No need to do anything special

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