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Q26.How can the geographic location of data centers be beneficial for a company that
is concerned about sustainability?

A by placing data centers in remote areas so that their emissions are less of a concern
B by locating data centers in countries with less restrictive regulations for emissions
C by distributing energy consumption across a large number of global locations
D by allowing the use of renewable local resources such as solar or wind energy

Ans: C

Q27.What is one of the biggest challenges when companies are committed to

A Employees need to have guidelines about how new changes will impact their salaries.
B The surrounding community needs to understand the environmental impact of the changes.
C Operations are impacted the most due to a reduction in procurement.
D There is a mental shift to consider sustainability in all aspects of the business.

Ans: B

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Q28.What does it mean when a company talks about being carbon neutral?

A It will stop the production of all the items that are increasing its carbon footprint.
B It will eliminate carbon emissions by switching entirely to renewable sources.
C It will balance out its carbon emissions by reducing or offsetting them.
D It will capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide generated by their factories.

Ans: C

Q29.What is the objective of Accenture’s e-stewards program?

A to reduce energy consumption at Accenture client sites
B to convert waste products into renewable resources
C to eliminate paper usage at all Accenture offices
D to responsibly dispose of used electronic hardware

Ans: D

Q30.What is an example of new technology having a positive impact on sustainability?

A setting up a separate data center in each of a company’s regional offices
B mining cryptocurrency using a series of linked computer servers
C predicting a customer’s future purchases using artificial intelligence
D using smart meters to track energy consumption in homes

Ans: D

Q31.How does the Accenture myNav Green Cloud Advisor integrate sustainability
when transitioning client data centers to the cloud?

A by tracking all energy consumption at small-scale data centers in specified locations
B by estimating carbon emission reductions and sustainability index improvements
C by recommending virtual collaboration tools to reduce overall business travel
D by tracking supply chain data to confirr^ that suppliers are using sustainable processes

Ans: D

Q32.What is an example of a Scope Three carbon emission?

A purchasing a manufactured item
B cooking on a barbecue at home
C running an electric heater
D driving a gasoline-fueled vehicle

Ans: A

Q33.A major healthcare company has reduced its data center carbon footprint by
more than 80%.
What action has likely contributed to this the most?

A shifting from on-site data centers to tine public cloud
B offering incentives for employees to bike or walk to work
C adding electric-powered cars and trucks to its fleet
D building individual data centers at each client site

Ans: A

Q34.What is a recent trend relating to sustainability worldwide?

A The global temperature has stopped rising and started to decline.
B The cost of renewable energy sources has increased substantially.
C Automobile companies are increasing their share of gasoline-powered cars.
D Net emissions are decreasing in some highly developed countries.


Q35.What is a way Accenture plans to achieve its sustainability goals?

A by achieving net zero emissions through advanced robotics capabilities
B by implementing the same sustainability strategy for all our clients
C by integrating sustainability metrics into all our client engagements
D by rejecting all work on engagements that result in carbon emissions


Q36.Where do most of a software-focused company’s carbon emissions typically come from?

A finance and accounting
B product manufacturing „
C corporate operations
D public relations and marketing


Q37.What is an important conclusion of climate prediction models?

A Accuracy in climate change reporting by businesses is impossible.
B Temperature changes under two degrees Celsius are insignificant.
C Increase in global temperature will continue, but can be reduced.

D Reporting on climate change is often avoided by businesses.


Q38.What does Accenture mean by “Sustainability will be the new digital?

A Sustainability will be a part of all of our work and drive new value and growth for our clients.
B Sustainability will help all areas within Accenture to create and implement new regulations.
C Digital platforms will be phased out in favor of more traditional business solutions.
D Accenture will need to replace all of its current technologies to be truly compliant.

Ans: A

Q39.As part of its commitment to sustainability, a company is looking for a way to track
the source of purchased goods and how they were made, in order to understand
the environmental impact.
What is the primary technology that would enable the company to achieve this

A enterprise platforms
B blockchain
C edge computing
D robotic process automation

Ans: A

Q40.How can edge computing be used to improve sustainability?

A by requiring all devices to connect directly to government servers
B by allowing devices to operate without a network connection
C by using sensors to track real-time data about energy usage
D by instantly converting older machines to use renewable energy


Q41.How can blockchain be used to support sustainable business practices?

A by tracking where goods come from and the social impact of supply chains
B by revealing the personal information of its users to law enforcement agencies
C by using large-scale cryptocurrency mining centers to reduce energy consumption
D by only trading cryptocurrency in countries with strong human rights records

Ans: A

Q42.What is one of the main sustainability benefits of using large-scale, cloud
computing data centers?

A They expand the ways to use smart monitoring for tracking waste management.
B They improve overall management of production and marketing operations.
C They provide a cost- and energy-effective way to manage computation resources.
D They provide a streamlined approach to the collection of massive amounts of data.


Q43.How can features of blockchain support sustainability efforts?

A Supply chain data can help companies provide transparency into social issues.
B Blockchain technologies can reduce a company’s overall computing power.
C Access to data can improve marketing and reduce costs to growth markets.
D Blockchain technologies can improve a company’s energy footprint.

Ans: A

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