BDD Testing Multiple Choice Questions with answers

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Q26.Which file cannot be used to import data into Ruby Cucumber?

ans – JS file

Q27.How do we define functions in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – def 

Q28.How do we comment a block of code in Ruby Cucumber?


Q29.Which one of the following is not a valid String command in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – equal

Q30.The command used for enering data in a text field in Ruby Cucumber?


Q31.Which command is used to check for the presence of an object in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – .exist?

Q32.How do we “Rename” a file in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Refactor—->Rename

Q33.Shortcut for Running a Scenario in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Shift+F10

Q34.Shortcut for Running a Scenario in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Shift+F9

Q35.How can we a parameterize any input in the feature file in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Write the parameter in double quotes

Q36.Which one of the following is used to select a checkbox in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – .click

Q37.Which of the following is not part of a “feature” file in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Step_definition

Q38.Cucumber is used for _______Testing?

ANS – System & Integration Testing

Q39.What is a Regular expression?

ANS – System & Integration Testing

Q40.Which of these we do NOT need to run a Cucumber Web Test?

ANS -Hooks

Q41.What does a features/support file contain?

ANS – Features/ support file contains supporting ruby code

Q42.How is the data seperated in a Scenario Outline in Ruby Cucumber?

ANS – Pipe(||)

Q43.What is cucumber.yml file in Ruby cucumber?

ANS – It is used to create a profile

Q44.What is Ruby on Rails?

ANS – Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language

Q45.Which of these is not an Environment variable present in Ruby Cucumber?


Q46.What is the use of the “super” keyword in Ruby Rails?

ANS – To call the superclass implementation of the current method

Q47.Command used for installing a Gem file

ANS – gem install gemfile

Q48.What is missing in the following line of code used to invoke the Excel Application in Ruby Cucumber?


Q49.What executes after the each step execution

ANS – AfterStep

Q50.What execute before the feature file execution

ANS – Before

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