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Q1. What is the top rank lot vulnerability according to OWASP Top 10 loT Vulnerabilition?

Ans – Insecure web interface

Q2. What type of reconnaissance is enumeration?

Ans – Active

Q3. Splunk Management port

Ans – 8089

Q4. Which one of the following is not a Trojan software?

Ans – Man in the Middle

Q5. The only way to access and use a dataset is from the Pivot interface.

Ans – false

Q6. By default, data models in the CIM Add-on will search across all indexes.

Ans – true

Q7. How is the used in Splunk wildcard search

Ans – asterisk

Q8. When using a virus for ethical hacking, what is the most important issue?

Ans – It must cause no actual harm

Q9. which component manages all Search Head Cluster members (used to push apps/manage users)

Ans – Deployer

Q10. You wish to test a login page against SQL injection, what would you type in the login field?

Ans – asdf or 1 = 1 —

Q11. What Kali Linux tool can you use to create a PHP payload to exploit a PHP web application?

Ans – msfvenom

Q12. Which scanning feature does Nmap provide?

A.ACK scan
B.Packet scan
C.XMAS scan
D.BUS scan

Ans: ac

Q13. Which tool provides the ability to brute force crack and dictionary attacks?

Ans – hydra

Q14. What password attacks do not require any computer processing power?

A.Social engineering
B.Dictionary Attack
C.Shoulder surfing
D.Brute Force Attack

Ans: ac

Q15. You would like to use wget to mirror a website and have time delay between request. Command to be used is

Ans – wget -mk -w time <website>

Q16. After preparation, detection and analysis are completed in the incident management process, identify the sequence in which below activities should be performed 1. Classification and Prioritization 2. Notification 3. Forensics Investigation 4. Containment

Ans – 1,2,3,4

Q17. type of field in which we can give a new/additional name to a field in Splunk

Ans – field alias

Q18. ____is type of attack which involves the hacker performing an ARP flood attack to specify the source MAC of the victim and the destination MAC of the hacker in the ARP flood message.

Ans – port stealing

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