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26.How do you re-initialize array elements (i.e. clear the array elements and set them to its default)? Choose most appropriate option.

Ans –

Array Name=&lt; 

27.To enable dynamically calling sections which field should be the part of the state records-

ans – AE_APPLID (optional) AE_SECTION (mandatory)

28.How can we refer a temporary table in application engine program

ANS – %table(table name)

29.How many instance of a state record exist for a given application engine program

ANS – Only one

30.What file types can be processed by an Application Engine? Choose appropriate option




D. All of these

Ans: d

31.An application library needs to have a MAIN section. State True or False..

Ans – false

32.An Application Engine can call a section in another “Standard” Application Engine. State True/False.

Ans – True

33.Same Do actions can be used repeatedly in a section State True or False

Ans – True

34.Which of the following is/are valid Do Action/Actions? Choose most appropriate option

A.Do Select

B.Do While

C.Do Until

D.All of the above

Ans: d

35.Will be following required for enable the ExcelTOCI in any Peoplesoft Application ?


36.Which of the following is not an attribute of a Component Interface

ANS – Scrolls

37.Component interface permissions are set at the _ level in PeopleSoft security. Fill in the blank with an appropriate option.

ANS – Permission List

38.PeopleCode events and functions that relate exclusively to GUI and online processing cannot be used by component interfaces. These include: Choose most appropriate option

A. Search dialog processing

B. Menu PeopleCode and pop-up menus.

C. Transfers between components, including modal transfers.

D.Dynamic tree controls

E.All of the above

Ans: E

39.When working with a component interface definition in Application Designer, you see the following in sequence. Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – Project view, Component view, Component interface view

40.Topic : PeopleSoft , Sub-Topic : Component Interface Find method can be used at the _______ levels within the Component Interface. Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – zero

41.Which property will remove the space from output data?

ANS – Strip White Space

42.Which option is used to remove the given characters from an input string?

ANS – Strip characters

43.Which of the following is the correct syntax to use the dynamic ‘where’ clause in SQR?

ANS – [$dynamic_query].

44.Which is the SQR reserved variable used to know if the end of file has been reached ?

ANS – #end-file

45.Can you change the size of Array in run time?

ANS – no

46.In a SQR where would all the show and display commands go?

ANS – To the log file

47.How do you use error-handling in different database operations in the program.

ANS – on-error=.

48.In which sections, the Begin-Sql paragraph is allowed

ANS – Begin-Setup,Begin-Program and Begin-Procedure

49.SQR supports nested #include statements? (i.e.) One include file having include statement referencing another include file. State True/False


50.We can use on-break with print command? State True/False


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