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Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Linux Multiple choice questions | Linux Objective type questions | Linux MCQ with answers | Linux Wipro Myskillz trendnxt Answers | Linux Question answers

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  1. Which daemon should be running, so we can use crontab

Ans: crond

  • What daemon is not required for nfs(statd, nfs, lockd, mountd)

      Ans: nfs

  • how to change runlevel of particular service in linux

Ans: chkconfig

  • Which system file allows remote connection ( /etc/hosts, /etc/hosts.allow, host.allow, host.deny)

Ans hosts.allow

  • What is used to see default values in route table (netstat –in, netstat –rm, ,) Ans: rout –n or netstat –rn

Ans: netstat –rn

  • What command is used to change shesll (shell, bash,chsh)

Ans: chsh

  • What command would display environment variable of shell(bash, shell ,echo , tenv)

Ans:, env

  • File command can be used to determine (type, content, permission)

Ans: type

  • what would give all permissions to users & group but no permissions to others:

Ans chmod 770 <filename>

  1. what command is used to create logical volume snapshot (lvcreate, lvshow,lvdisplay)

Ans: lvcreate

  1. what command should be used display all the mountpoints( df –h, mount –l)

Ans: /proc/mounts

  1. what command is used to list all the disk partitions and their id

Ans: fdisk –l

  1. how to delete dir which is having file in it:-

Ans: (rm –rf)

       14.  how to change runlevel ( /etc/inittab)

       15. how to login server using encypted password.  

             Ans: ( ssh )

16. Which daemon is use for ftp service.  

Ans: vsftpd

17.  How to unlink the softlink.

rm linkname

unlink linkname

18. NFS share config file.

 Ans: /etc/exports

19    What command is used to create logical volume snap.

Ans : Lvcreate –s (lvcreate –size 100M –snapshot –name snap /dev/vg00/lvol1)

20. Which shell you select when you create user and same time you have not provide access it on machine.   (/bin/bash, /sbin/nologin, /bin/nolog, )

Ans: /sbin/nologin

21. Fuser –km /data; umount /data ( this is answer) when you want to forcefully remove any file.

22. how to login server using encypted password.

  Ans: ssh

23. File to configure DNS server IP on client system

Ans: /etc/resolv.conf

24. how to find version of linux kernel

Ans: uname  –r

25. which initialization script file executes, after all other init script ( /etc/inittab, /etc/rc, /etc/rc.sysinit, /etc/rc.local)


26 system wide global profile file

Ans: /etc/bashrc

27. Link across the file system

Ans: soft link

28. Read only mount file system, make it writable

Ans: mount -o remount,rw ‘/mount`

29. New to ext4 (fsck, journaling, chattr, none)

Ans: journaling

30. Command to list users’s number of pending jobs

Ans: atq

31. Command to unlock password

Ans: passwd –u

32. Config file for squid proxy

Ans: /etc/squid/squid.conf

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