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Q.1______ is not a valid trigger type in automation anywhere?system logoff
Q.2______cannot be checked using if condition?CPU utilization
Q.3AA auto login feature enables us ?To execute the bot while the system is logged off
Q.4Automation anywhere Development client, Run-time client and control room can be installed using the only one license?FALSE
Q.5Automation anywhere is compatible with java, mainframes, oracle and sap applications?TRUE
Q.6Automation anywhere is not capable of working withHand written documents
Q.7Automation anywhere provides inbuilt exception handling capability?FALSE
Q.8Automation anywhere provides some special variables that can be used inside the loop command?Excel and table column
Q.9Automation anywhere provides us flexibility to run the task using Control Room , Development Client , Runtime Client ?false 
Q.10Error handling command enables us to?All
Q.11Following operations can be performed using string operation command?All
Q.12For uploading a bot to the control room we need to have access to it?FALSE
Q.13From control room on which type of clients can we schedule tasksruntime
Q.14In Automation anywhere task editor window we can manually write the lines of code without using a single AA command.FALSE
Q.15Its optional to provide CSV path for pattern based data extraction in web recordingTRUE
Q.16Mapping of variables from main task to sub-task can be done using ?Variable operation
String – Wrong
Q.17Meta bots are used in AA as a reusable component and allows us to work with DLL’s and visual captures?True 
Q.18Pdf integration command cannot be used for?converting pdf files to word
Q.19Sql query option under Database command can be used to insert, update and delete the sql table.FALSE
Q.20The command we can use to hold the bot execution for some specific amount of time and then continue.Delay
Q.21Using Email automation command we can directly get emails from the server without having interface(Email client) like: gmail, outlook?trueFALSE
Q.22Using Smart recorder we can work with both windows and web applications.TRUE
Q.23Variable type that is not supported by AA is?String
Q.24We can find one image inside another image and perform left click, right click and double click using?image recog
Q.25Web recorder allows us to extract tables, single data, pattern based data and images. Same thing can be achieved using smart recorderFALSE
Q.26Web recorder can also be used to work with windows or desktop applications?FALSE
Q.27What will the correct order? Automation anywhere Most friendly-Moderate friendly -Least friendly formats.excel-pdf-powerpoint
Q.28Which of the following commands is more recommended while creating a bot?Insert keystroke
Q.29Which recorder is least recommended in automation anywhere?smart
Q.30Which system variable is used to read the text and csv files?filedata column
Q.31In the task editor window of Automation Anywhere, you can write the code manually without using a single AA commandFALSE
Q.32___________ is the command you can utilize to hold the bot execution for a particular period and then continuedelay
Q.33Automation Anywhere offers some special variables that can be utilized inside the loop commandExcel and table column
Q.34Automation Anywhere cannot work withHandwritten documents
Q.35Which of the following commands is more prescribed while creating a botinsert mouse scroll
Q.36___________ is not a valid trigger type in Automation Anywhere.performance
Q.37You can find one image in another image and do left-click, right-click and double-click using _________image recognition command

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