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On completion of a project, you receive a note of appreciation from the client. Along with the appreciation,you plan to post the project details and the link to the project code uploaded on public GitHub with your Linkedin contacts and also tag the Client in your post. Is this acceptable?

a. Yes, as the Client is on Linkedin and the post is professional Correct A Posting/S

b. No, tagging Client in the public post is unprofessional Informatic

C. No, it is not acceptable as it may violate the name any Client infom confidentiality terms agreed with the Client and would tigger an incident. otherproje onpublicre 

d Yes pulblici Dostine project accomplishmentsw GtHusorSa heip bo0stmyCareer ffike Facebe inkedin etc 

e Both b and c

Ans: e

Which type of information, if uploaded on public repositories (such as GitHub, Gitlab, BitBudket, Git, Stash etc.) could trigger a security incident

a. Source Code Corred Answer 

b. API Keys Uploading Infosys o confidential or propr 

c. IP addresses, System credentials information (source 

d. Architecture diagrams architecture diagram addresses, system 

e. All of the above

Ans: e

You’re working on an Infosys developed framework which is open source based and available on Infosys GitHub Enterprise platform-you plan to re-use a useful component that was delivered to another client to enhance the product you are developing. What will you do next?

a. Carve-out the component and include it in the project. After all Infosys developed it, what objections could the client have.

b. All code develuped as part of a client funded project is the intellectual property of the client and we cannot. re-use it in any shape or form.

c. You will suggest a feature additio, run an IP check and re-devel the component using Infosys’ own guidelines

d. You will seek your Manager’s approval to re-use the useful open source component and include it in your project

e. You will create a copy of the code and carefully re name all references to the client in the code before offering it as a product

Ans: b

A developer in a project gets access to Open Source code in the public domain and customizes and enhances it for a client deliverable. He then uploads this code to public GitHub repository since it is essentially an Open Source code. Is this permitted?

a. It is permitted to upload this code since the base is an Open Source code.component

b. Since it is part of cinnt deliverable, it is not permitted to upload this code to public Git Hub, Irrespel of the fact that it is Open Source based

c. It is permitted to upload this code to public GitHub, once you receive explicit approval from the client and it is confirmed that there is no client confidential Information in the code

D. Both b and c

Ans: b

You are using a client provided laptop on which you are authorized to use Client provided code repository. You are also working on a personal project that has source code on public repository (GitHub). Is it permitted to use the client provided laptop to work on your personal project

a. You can use the client provisioned laptop as long as you do not upload client source code on public repository

b. No, the client provisioned laptop should not be used to work on your personal project

c. Post obtaining tupeessary approvals from the client, you can start using the client laptop for your personal project

d. None of the above

Ans: b

While working on the Client network, which of the following actions could lead to a violation of the Client policy?

A. Uploading a client code snippet (class file) on an external website to decompile and get the source code of the class file.

B. Uploading Client code Server and other information on public repository (Gitlub)

C. Posting Client project details on an external site

D. Sending Client project documentation to your personal email ID.

E. None of the above

a. A and C

b. A, B and D

c. A, B, C and D

d. B, C and D

Ans: c

X and Y are developing a utility for a Client project. Though not permitted by the client, X copies the input file from the Client environment and sends it to Y via Infosys email. Y completes the Ul testing using the input file sent by X and finally uploads the developed utility source code on a public GitHub repository.Considering above scenario, identify all the violations in this scenario which could trigger a security incident?

A. Uploading the source code on the public GitHub repository

B. Testing without improper test cases

C. Sending Client Information via Infosys email ID

D. Collaborating on developing a utility for a Client project

E. Copying input file from Client environment and sharing it with a colleague on his personal email ID for Ul testing

a. A,B and E

b. A,C and D

c. A, D and f

D. Cand E

e. A and C.

Ans: d

It’s 5pm, Friday evening and you are working on a critical client code which needs to be delivered by Monday morning, however you don’t have Infosys/Client assigned laptop. Given the strict deadline, what action would you take to complete the deliverable?

a. Email the code to your personal mail ID or upload it on public Gitiso that you can work on it from home during weekend.

b. Connect using friend’s laptop over iConnect and download the code on his laptop to work on it.

c. Though not permitted as per client policy, take a print of the code and carry it home for analysis. I

d. Stay back in office for an hour and complete work on the client code before you leave for the day.

e. Both b and d

Ans: d

Which of the collaboration platforms are most appropriate to work on projects, share source code, ideas etc.?

a. Infosys GitHub Enterprise or TFS (Team Foundation Server), if authorized

b. Public repositories (such as GitHub, Gitlab, BitBucket,

Git, Stash etc.)

c. Client provider code repository, if authorized

d. Both a and c

e. None of the above

Ans: d

Uploading lnfosys, Client confidential or proprietary information on untrusted public repositories could lead to which of the following repercussions

a. Intellectual Property (IP) infringement/Copyright violations

b. No repercussions as public repositories like GitHub is a secure platform for collaboration

c. information Leakage resulting in penalties

d. Both a and c

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