SAP UI5 Fiori MCQs with Answers

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about SAP UI5 Fiori MCQs with answer | SAP Ui5 Fiori Objective type questions with answers | SAP Ui5 Multiple Choice Questions with answer | SAP ui5 Interview questions with answers

26.What are the two aggregations provided by sap.m.SplitApp control to add page

A mainPages
B masterPages
C infoPages
D detailPages
E detail

Ans: B,D

27.What message types are known to SAPUI5?

A Control message
B UI message
C Server message

Ans: A,c

28.How do you access the MessageManager?

A It is a singleton and can be accessed by the getMessageManager function on the
core object.
B You have to instantiate the MessageManager using the constructor function.
C Each UI control provides a function to access the MessageManager.

Ans: A

29.In what configuration area of the manifest.json file can you activate automatic
message creation?

ANS – sap.ui5

30.What layout control is used to achieve flexible and responsive layouts?

ANS – Grid

31.What aspects of the runtime environment can be accessed by the Device API of SAPUI5?

A Operating system
B Screen size
C Orientation change
D Language
E Touch-specific features

Ans: A,B,C,E

32.What are the different content densities provided by SAPUI5?

A cozy
B large
C condensed
D strict
E compact

Ans: A,C,E

33.What is the best approach to showing a UI control on a desktop only, and not on a mobile device?

ANS – Use the standard CSS class sapUiVisibleOnlyOnDesktop.

34.You want to define a property with the name width to enhance a standard UI5 control.
The property should hold the current width of the UI control. What is the best approach to
defining the type of such a property?

ANS – Define the property width of the type sap.ui.core.CSSSize

35.Which function must be called inside a control renderer to add the control ID to the DOM tree and support eventing?

ANS – writeControlData

36.Which of the following statements are true with regard to implementing your own renderer?

A Implement the render function inside the control.
B Implement a renderer class, derived from sap.ui.core.Renderer, in a
separate file
C Implement the renderer using AMD syntax.
D Assign a reference to the renderer property of the UI control.

Ans: B,C,D

37.Which of the following aspects are true for a SAPUI5 UI element?

A A UI element has an API.
B A UI element does not have a renderer.
C A UI element has a renderer.
D A UI element can have events.

Ans: A,B,D

38.What is the base class for all UI controls in SAPUI5?

ANS – sap.ui.core.Control

39.How can a renderer access the associated elements?

ANS – SAPUI5 provides functions to access all properties, associations, and

40.Which file contains the initialization code for the UI library?

ANS – library.js

41.What method is called inside the library.js file?

ANS – sap.ui.getCore().loadLibrary

42.Which of the following statements are true with respect to QUnit?

A Supports only synchronous testing out of the box.
B QUnit is a JavaScript unit and integration test framework.
C Supports asynchronous tests out-of-the-box.
D Is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code.

Ans: B,C,D

43.Does QUnit support SAPUI5 view tests?

ANS – No, for UI tests you must use OPA5.

44.Which of the following statements are true with regard to OPA5?

A Can be used for user interaction tests.
B Can be used for SAPUI5 integration tests.
C Is a view controller test framework.
D Provides the possibility to test navigation.

Ans: A,B,D

45.When do you need to work with local data?

A When working with static data.
B When performance is poor in the productive system.
C To perform a quick test without creating live entities on the back-end server.
D When you want to reduce the complexity of your application.

Ans: A,C

46.What query option is needed to access the data of an entity in the JSON format?

ANS – $format=json

47.Where is the best place to store local data when using the SAP Web IDE?

A In the models folder.
B In the localService folder.
C In the mockdata folder.

Ans: B,C

48.What class in the SAPUI5 API supports back-end mock up and is recommended by SAP?

ANS – sap.ui.core.util.MockServer

49.What parameter is needed when instantiating a MockServer object?

ANS – rootUri

50.What parameter must you provide when calling the simulate function of the mock

ANS – The full qualified path to the local metadata file and the folder where the model data are stored locally.

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