Redux state management MCQ

Redux state management MCQs with answer | Redux state management Objective Type Questions with Answer | Redux state management Quiz | Redux state management Practise Questions with answers

1.Which of the following is not an implementation of Flux?

ans – Fluxit

2.Modularity in Redux is achieved through ________________

ans – Reducers

3.In Redux, state variables and objects are never mutated. Instead, new ones are produced.

ans – True

4.Data flow in Redux is_____

ans – Uni-Directional

5.The function random() produces a new random number between 0 and 1 every time you run it. Is this a pure function?

ans – False

6.Which of the following is not true about Pure Functions

ans – Can make API calls

7.In Redux Action Types have to be defined as Strings

ans – True

8.Which of the following Action Objects are syntactically correct?

ans – { type: ‘ADD_TODO’, text }

9.Which of the following functions can be used to dispatch actions in Redux?

ans – All the options mentioned

10.What is the input for the dispatch function?

ans – Action Object

11.createStore is a function to be imported from ____________

ans – Redux

12.Which of the following statements about Reducers is not true?

ans – Can make API calls

13.combineReducers aggregates the output of reducers into a single object representing application state.

ans – True

14.Which of the following can be done in a Reducer?

ans – Perform Calculations

15.Presentational components of React are connected to the container components of React

ans – True

16.Which of the following can be done inside a reducer?

ans – Call a pure function

17.What is the helper function that Redux provides for making root reducer?

ans – CombineReducer()

18.Redux bindings to React are to be imported from ____________.

ans – ReactRedux

19.How to access Redux state from store?

ans – getState()

20.One can deregister listeners on store by calling function returned by _______________.

ans – subscribe(listner)

21.Which of the following statements about Redux is not true?

ans – Changes are initiated through Actions 

22.Which of the following is not api of redux library

ans – connect()

23.React bindings for Redux are enabled by default.

ans – False

24.Which of the following is a signature of a reducer function?

ans – function name(state, action)

25.How can initial state be passed to store the, using the createStore function?

ans – Pass it as second aurgument

26.The function double is defined as below. Is this a pure function? const double = x => x * 2;

ans – True

27.How is the context of store passed to React components?

ans – Using Provider

28.Redux applications follow_______________

ans – Functional Programming

29.What are middleware used for?

ans – To create new dispatch function

30.How to register for listeners on store?

ans – subscribe(listener)

31.Redux can be used with React, AngularJS, BackboneJS and many others

ans – True

32.Which components take care of connecting to Redux store for data fetching and state updates?

ans – Container

33.How do you bind action creators with dispatch function?

ans – bindActionCreators

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