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Q1.Which of the following is the correct syntax for invoking a firefox browser?

ANS – :firefox

Q2.What are the library files in Ruby/Cucumber called?

ANS – Utils

Q3.What is the language used for expressing scenario in feature file?

ANS – Gherkin Language

Q4.Which keyword is used to call a library file in your script?

ANS -require

Q5.Which of the following gem is required for accessing an Excel file?

ANS – Win32OLE

Q6.Which of the following gem is required for accessing an CSV file?

ANS – csv

Q7.Which of the following is not a keyword in Cucumber?

ANS -Also

Q8.What are the 2 files required to execute a Cucumber test scenario?

ANS – features,step_definiton

Q9.Which symbol is used to separate columns in Scenario Outline?

ANS – |

Q10.Which symbol is used as preffix to declare a variable as public?

ANS – $

Q11.Which of the following is NOT a webDriver in Cucumber?

ANS – Phantom

Q12.What is the shortut key to open setting in RubyMine IDE?

ANS – Ctrl+Alt+S

Q13.What are before, after, beforeStep and afterStep in Cucumber?

ANS – Hooks

Q14.Why we use the tags for scenarios in Cucumber ?

ANS – Cucumber tags are used to filter the scenarios and execute the scenarios based on tags.

Q15.What preffix is used for adding a tag to a scenario?

ANS – @

Q16.What is the syntax of executing all the feature files in a project from command line?

ANS – cucumber features

Q17.Where does the Cucumber execution starts from?

ANS -support

Q18.What is env.rb used for?

ANS -It is used to load the required libraries for cucumber scenario execution

Q19._____is the file extension for a ruby file cucumber?

ANS – .rb

Q20.BDD stands for?

ANS – Behaviour Driven Development

Q21.Which of the following is not a Agile methodology?


Q22.Which testing model is best suited for the BDD framework?

ANS – Agile

Q23.What is the default feature for parameterizing your scenario in Ruby?

ANS – Scenario Outline

Q24._________ is the method available in Ruby Cucumber to use the value of a variable inside a string?

ANS – Interpolation

Q25.This command is used to check the Ruby version installed.

ANS – ruby -v

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