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Ram is new to UFT and learning about checkpoints in UFT. Help Ram to identify the checkpoints which can validate text “Micro Focus my flight ” is displayed on the title of the my flight application or not?

1 standard checkpoint
2 bitmap checkpoint
3 text area checkpoint
4 accessibility checkpoint


Ritu is working on automating an E-Commerce end-to-end automation and wants to fetch the order no at the end of a successful transaction . Which of the below method she can use to fetch the run time order details?

1 SetROproperty
2 GetROproperty
3 GetOPproperty
4 SetOPproperty


which of the following types of applications can be tested using UFT?

1 only web application
2 only windows application
3 only APIs
4 all of the above


james is new to uft and he is learning about checkpoints in UFT. Please help him to understand which of the given below checkpoints is only applicable for verifying the properties of an image in the web application

1 standard checkpoint
2 bitmap checkpoint
3 image checkpoint
4 text checkpoint


monica is working on testing end to end business solution of the application using uft tool. Help monica to identify correct uft test type?

1 business process test
2 business process flow
3 gui test
4 api test


Roy is working on automating critical test cases of a banking application where he has to record the exact X and Y coordinates of few Ul objects. Which of the below recordings mode he must use in the UFT tool?

1 low level recording
2 context sensitive recording
3 analog recording


Lisa is using UFT tool for designing automation scripts She wanted to know the property which is created and maintained by UFT for objects to recognize it during run time . Help lisa to identify the correct property?

1 native properties
2 identification properties
3 shared properties
4 none of the above


John is working on an application that stores the retail store stock data and also has to record the signature of the store manager. Which of the below recording mode John must use to automate the signature functionality?

1 insight recording
2 analog recording
3 low level recording
4 context sensitive


John is using UFT tool for testing. He is planning to use ORM(object Repository Manager ) for managing
multiple object repository . Help John to identify different features of ORM ?

1 create shared OR
2 manage objects in shared object
3 modify test object
4 compare object repository

Ans-1 2 4

shyam is using UFT tool for testing. He wants to record and track the mouse movements on the application under test and capture the recording as a video. Help Shyam to identify the correct recording mode?

1 default recording mode
2 insight recording mode
3 analog recording mode
4 context sensitive recording mode


Alphy is on testing a newly created web application for Accenture. She wants to test that the footer content”copyright @ 2021 . All rights reserved “ is displayed.Which of the below checkpoints is appropriate to test his scenario?

1 text checkpoints
2 images checkpoint
3 header and footer
4 bitmap checkpoint


Adi is trying to run an end-to-end automation script for an e commerce project and facing issues every time as there is a change in the object with the new build. Which of the below playback options can help him to run, debug and fix the issue with objects

1 maintenance run mode
2 normal run mode
3 update run mode
4 none of the above


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