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Question 1
For handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for creating exceptions.
Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

The correct answers are: Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event that may occur., Create
new types of exceptions to handle any kind of situation if need be.

2.What is considered by the developers in regard to RESTFul API deployment?

The correct answers are: Use HTTPS identity Authentication, Operation, Protection Against Injection, Use
API Keys

3.Madhu has created an image using Docker commands and she wants to map a customized tag for the
image. Which command helps to do the same ?

The correct answers are: docker tag image name tagname:version, docker tag imageid tagname:version

4.What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board? Choose exactly TWO correct options.

The correct answers are: Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.,
Review and authorize changes to the baselines.

5.Shyam created container images considering his project environment requirement. Which cloud based
registry enables capability of hosting private and public content(images).

The correct answer is: Docker Hub

6.In Accenture Code Quality Model, fundamental area of Performance and Scalability, select the
important considerations from below

The correct answers are: Parallel processing and concurrency, Object pooling and recycling patterns

7.Which of the following is CORRECT about a Proxy Product Owner?

The correct answer is: All the options

8.What are the OOP components that is influenced in Design Patterns?

The correct answers are: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism

9.Alex is addressing the Scrum Development Team and educating them on ‘Courage’, which is one of the
core values of Scrum. Which of the following is an appropriate explanation that Alex can give his team
on ‘Courage’?

The correct answer is: All the options

10.In a real-world system where we will hundreds of classes and objects which perform thousands of
actions. How will assign the responsibility to each class or object?

The correct answer is: Assign a responsibility to the Information Expert, which will have the necessary
information to fulfill the responsibilities.

11.……………. used to identify security vulnerabilities in an application while it is being developed. Useful in
penetration testing.

The correct answer is: OWASP ZAP

12.Which SOLID principle helps the use to develop less coupled code by ensuring the high level modules
depend on abstraction rather than concrete implementations of lower level modules?

The correct answer is: Dependency Inversion Principle

13.Which of the following action to be taken before pushing the code into when we have
sensitive information in the source code ?

The correct answer is: Move the sensitive information to .gitignore file

14.What is feature integration sprint?

The correct answer is: A final sprint within the release for performing integration & regression testing

15.Why are policies required for a project?

The correct answer is: All of the above

16.Choose exactly three CORRECT options about Fuzzing.

The correct answers are: A form of black box testing, Analysis performed on execution code, It uses
unexpected randomized inputs to determine how software will respond

17.How does ADM align to the new ?

The correct answers are: Reputability, Longevity, Vastness, Extensions and Context

18.Which of the following is done as part of ”Kanban’?

a) Splitting work into smaller items
b) Deciding the sequence of steps the work items need to go through
c) not imposing any limit on the work in progress
d) Track the lead and cycle time

The correct answer is: Only a,b and d

19.Mr Peter is performing GUI testing for Web Application. Which all features should he need to make sure
while GUI Testing of the Web application can be automated? Choose CORRECT options.

The correct answer is: All of the Above

20.BookMyTicket is an online application for booking the movie ticket. This application is making use of a
central database which is maintained on cloud and is available on demand. It is encrypted in transit.
This database is used by all the movie ticket booking applications including BookMyTicket. Which XaaS
is depicted in the above scenario?

The correct answer is: DaaS

21.Which of the following is the description for the Level 2 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

The correct answer is: Increase the accuracy of the threat assessment and improve granularity of per-
project understanding.

22.Projects should establish baselines at the end of each project stage. Typically, a baseline is created for
each major stage of work, and the Team Lead for each stage (or the Project Manager) is responsible for
creating that baseline. Which of the following baseline will be supported for project’s work according to
you? Choose exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: Architecture Baseline, Integration Baseline, Requirements Baseline

23.What are the ADM 5 main focus areas?

The correct answers are: Management, Planning, Development, Operations, Testing

24.Which of the following statements are correct about coding best practices and coding standards?

The correct answers are: Coding best practices are collection of good programming practices and
experiences, which involve the use and improvement of coding standards., Coding standards improve
the consistency and reliability of the code by eliminating personal styles and by bringing symmetry to
the application code, irrespective of the developers involved., Deliver High Quality Code

25.Which of the following is NOT one of the 9 key principles of GRASP?

The correct answer is: Inheritance

26.Which among the following is NOT part of Large Scale Scrum?

The correct answer is: None of the options

27.Mr. John is trying to trigger the pipeline for Build Periodically option of Build Triggers 15 minutes past
mid-night every day. Can you help Mr. John to achieve the same.

The correct answer is: Under build triggers, select Build Periodically option and 15 0 * * *

28.In a Banking application, we keep the CustomerUI logic separate from the backend or the business logic
of our application. Which GRASP principle would take the request from the UI and then assign that to the
proper object to do the work?

The correct answer is: Controller

29.If any team member, accidently , pushed the sensitive information in their project’s private
repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

The correct answers are: Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately, Remove the
sensitive information from and delete the version history immediately.

30. Kiran needs help in following the rules that must be followed while creating exception handling strategy.
Which rules he must consider from below list?

The correct answers are: Differentiate between application business and technical exceptions., Think of
a strategy for logging exceptions, Create meaningful exception messages.

31.What are the pitfalls concerning the cloud application development?

The correct answer is: Using untrusted Third party APIs

32. Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce errors?

The correct answers are: Blocks of code, Indentation, The use of white space, Naming conventions

33. Identify the cloud application issues when building an application.

The correct answers are: Developer create the APIs when building application, API calls travel across the
internet and are subject to threats, attack surface has increased, API calls emanate from multiple
device types

34. Complete the statements- Accenture Delivery Suite (or ADS) is our standard delivery framework
designed to help our teams “_” results.

The correct answer is: fast, efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results

35. The projects should adopt the security testing tools that regularly gets updated with the new set of
vulnerabilities in the market (every regular intervals, there are new vulnerabilities added into the bucket
vulnerabilities). These tools would eventually do security testing rigorously to identify the defects due to
new and potential vulnerabilities before it is deployed and cause damage to the application and client
business. Name the team in Accenture that does this quality check before the product getting deployed
into the production environment.

The correct answer is: ASOC

36.Consider a scenario where apache tomcat service is already up and running on its default port 8080.
While trying to have Jenkins up and running on its default port with the regular extraction of war file
(java -jar jenkins.war). Which of the following will occur? Choose the appropriate option.

The correct answer is: Jenkins will fail to come up

37. Ms Ruby is trying to record all functional tests needs to be performed for her Web application. All the
screen navigations and screen visited information should be recorded, search bars, sign in,etc…Which
software tool will you suggest for automation of functional testing.

The correct answer is: TestComplete

38. Which of the following are CORRECT related to Secure SDLC?

The correct answer is: A,B,C

39. What relationship(s) can a work product have to task?

The correct answer is: Optional input, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output.

40. Which global policy of Accenture does ADS meet?

The correct answer is: Policy 0011

41. Which of the following statements is Valid?

The correct answer is: An epic is a large user story that is made up of smaller, more granular user

42. What is the best approach in Design Patterns in coding?

The correct answer is: Writing codes with the lowest possible coupling and the highest possible

43. Which factors we should consider during Regression Testing? A . Code changes are Inevitable over time
B Code changes can have unintended negative consequences. C Code Changes includes
code/plugin/dependency additions D. All of the above E. None

The correct answer is: A,B and C

44. Sprints are usually ___.

The correct answer is: Time Boxing

45. Mr. John is a Team Lead handling a team of 10 members. He suggested their team members to adopt
DevOps process and the team is planning to implement the DevOps process for software delivery.
Which among the following benefits you think team can achieve by adopting Devops process. Choose

The correct answers are: Production readiness, Application stack consistency, Application monitoring

46.Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM control. ABC Utility is
trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part of CM team and select the
appropriate tool to use. Choose exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: PVCS(Poly Version Control System), Mercurial, VSS(Visual SourceSafe)

47.What are the benefits of adopting the security-centric approach to develop the applications in the cloud?

The correct answer is: All the above

48.Identify the correct options for Load Testing.

The correct answers are: Test software under normal load conditions, Requires a baseline of normal

49. Identify the services provided by Microservices when compare to Design Patterns.

The correct answers are: Implementation, Environment, Code Access

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