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51.We can use other SQL DDL statements like Create, Drop, Alter, Grant, and Revoke?


52.What are the commands that can be used in setup section.

A. Ask, BEGIN- SQL, Declare-Chart

B. Declare-Variable, Load-Lookup, Use

C. Declare-Printer, Declare- Procedure, Declare-Report, Declare-Variable, Load-Lookup

D. All of these

Ans: d

53.In which sections, the Begin-Select paragraph is allowed.

ANS – Begin-Program, Begin-Procedure

54.How many files can be opened at any time?

ANS – 256

55.What is the purpose of load-lookup command?

ANS – Used for faster access of the data from database tables

56.What is the use of Last-Page command?

ANS – To print last page number on each page

57.The purpose of Document Section -(BEGIN-DOCUMENT and END-DOCUMENT) is to

ANS – create form letters/business letters.

58.What happens if you haven’t written the close command for all the files you opened in the program?

ANS – The files will be closed on successful termination of the program

59.Which is the command to create a report whose name is not same as that of program name?


60.What should be the parameters to load-lookup if the table ps_personal_data is accessed and lookup syntax is as follows: Lookup names $emplid $name?

ANS – Load-lookup Name=names Table=ps_person al_data Key=emplid Return_value=name

61.What is the purpose of document markers, how are they represented?

ANS – Document markers are represented by @ and they are the means to mark a position in the document where you place data from areas external to the document paragraph parts of the program

62.Which of the following is not true about file handling?

ANS – SQR internal variable #end-file is set to 0 when there are no more records to read.

63.When a STOP command is issued , what happens to the SQR program

ANS – STOP command halts SQR program and causes a ROLLBACK command to be performed

64.BEGIN-SQL Update ps_personal_data Set zip=$new_zip Where zip=$old_zip End-SQL. In the above SQL statement how do you get the count of rows updated?

ANS – Use reserved variable #SQL- count

65.How do you make a procedure Get-Dept-Id as local

ANS – How do you make a procedure Get-Dept-Id as local, By using procedure arguments like – < Begin-
Procedure Get- Dept-Id ($dept_id) returns the status of I/O operation commands in SQR


67.To work with effective-dated data, which of the following methods have to be used?

ANS – CurrentItem, GetEffectiveItem

68.To load data from a CSV input file into PeopleSoft using a batch program, the following can be used

ANS – CI with AE and File Layout, CI with AE

69.Any section in any application engine program which is set as a private, can call from any application engine program dynamically


70.The physical, dedicated tables are locked at the time the Application Engine program is loaded into memory? State True or False.


71.In Application Engine Program, in %SelectInit meta sql funtion, if any values have not selected then previous value will be there. State TRUE or FALSE


72.In an Application Engine Program, what is the maximum number of Actions in a Step?

ANS – 7

73.Benefits of Component Interface is listed below.

A.Saves time and money

B.Customization is insulated from complexities of the application

C.Upgradeable using PeopleTools

D.Delivers PeopleSoft Logic

E.All of the above

Ans: E

74.Which of the following function is used to handle errors in CI ?

ANS – ErrorHandler

75.Which CI method cannot be used, when CI is in update mode?

ANS – Create

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