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Which model will you use for translating C# code into Python code

  1. Text-davinci-003
  2. text-curie-001
  3. code-davinci-002

Ans: 3

Which of the following is not a potential application of GPT-3?

A.Translation of code from Python to Java

B.Respond to user queries on a specific product

C.Know the global news in real time

D.Suggest applications of a given technology in specific domains

Ans: A

Variations in completion generated by GPT – 3 can be achieved by

A.Modifying Temperature

B.Modifying Top P

C.Modifying Max Tokens

D.Both (a) and (b)

Ans: D

Which technique can be used if you want to train the LLM to respond specific type of questions in a specific manner?


Steps to open a bank account: Select account type Submit relevant KYC documents Open Account

Steps to Login to Windows: Press cntrl+Alt+Del-Enter username – Enter password – Press Enter Key

Steps to configure a windows server:

A. Show & Tell technique

B. Zero-shot learning

C. Use codex model

D. None of the above

Ans: a

GPT-3 model can respond to queries pertaining to several domains

Ans – False

A-prompt is

  1. Input query/command given to the LLM
  2. Output of the LLM
  3. Training data used to train LLM
  4. A version of GPT-3 LLM

Ans: 1

Which GPT -3 model can be used for generating high level requirements for a given problem statement such as

What are the desired features of a chatbot application for managing medication and diet plans for an individual”?





Ans: d

Giving more than one examples as a part of the input prompt is called

A.Few-shot learning

B.Zero-shot learning

C.Auto learning

D.Data based learning

Ans: a

Which of the following is not an example of Large Language Model





Ans: d

Which OpenAl model will you use for image generation tasks?





Ans: c

An LLM model can generate unlimited number of tokens at a time. (Yes/No)


Choose the settings which will reduce the determinism in the model and increase the variations in model responses to a prompt

A.Max Length



D. Pressure

Ans: c

Select the correct statement

A.GPT-3 model can only support Python and Java programming languages

B.GPT-3 model cannot be used for creating code using custom libraries

C.GPT-3 model can be used to carry out conversations

D.GPT-3 cannot give a completion if no examples are provided

Ans: c

A blog on artificial intelligence was summarized by a professor using GPT-3 and read out to the school students. However, the students could appreciate the content or understand it. What was the most likely problem in the prompt used?

A.Show and tell technique not used

B.Zero shot learning was used

C.Intent was not specific in the prompt

D.Model Identity was not specified

Ans: c

If you want GPT-3 to output domain specific completions, how can you achieve that?

  1. By having the GPT-3 model assume a specific identity e.g. a doctor or Al chatbot or a biologist
  2. Zero shot learning
  3. Using language translation
  4. By providing specific instruction (additional information or intent) in the prompt

Ans: 4

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