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in which of the following _____ perform casual analysis .

first 4

a high severity defect ______analysis techniques can be used here

nominal group, brainstorming

in a large developement team,______ ide, true or false


which among the following … configurable item in your project

design specification, source code, test plans, requirements docs, user manual

in which of following_____ project under configuration management


there are multiple projects in your account_____ member is same for all projects


customer satisfactory survey______ project deliverables


your project has recieved CSS ______ you do in this case

get the same uploaded

in the ETVX model X is often equivalent to

exit criteria

policy is

guiding principle, mandate

match the following A guidelines ______ defect log template


the quality policy of tcs is

to achieve customer and … needs and expectations

which of the following … glitches during the life cycle

project start up

you want to measure the effectiveness … use for this purpose

% total defect containment effectiveness

end timelines for _____ is measured for

end date variance

tool used to track _______initiatives in tcs is


you are the project manager_____ can be looked at. what options will you consider

use a statistical model like musa

the project you are … evaluate the request and respond use the cost optimizer model
application should be able to handle … which of the following contract, requirement specification, change request
monitoring means bearing … true or false TRUE
match the defect type … incorrect data definition a14, b25, c3
a defect can be described as all
engagement risk register consists of project and engagement level
there are several steps … manage in your project risk register documents all the risks in details
as a project manager you are … calculating adjusted effort all
what are the three major … estimation framework effort, shedule, size
where would you find … processes in iQMS Wiki estimation guidelines
which of the following … cyclomatic complexity number of independent paths
your team has attended … log their training efforts create a task … under this task
casual analysis technique … statistical concept is Pareto analysis
which tool helps in identifying … 80% of the problems pareto analysis
you are managing a large … technique is being used here brainstorming
when should the project .. configuration register all
in a large development team … version control system when they are finished … code with others
internal project need not .. from their customers FALSE
which among the following .. best for TCS csi 95% rank first definitely Yes
you have received a customer … take any action now FALSE
while analysing the defects … appropriate cause type for this situation estimation was not done properly
organisation structure of tcs can be found in quality manual
which is the primary document … followed in the project induction manual
you have joined a testing project … testing process handbook iQMS Wiki
which is the preferred platform … lessons learnt prime hubs
your customer wants the product … shared with the customer defect free delivery
bad fix refers to an old fix which causes .. later on
performance improvement … perspective of customer
you are about to start … additional checks will you consider use a statistical shedule analyzer .. critical tasks etc
your customer has given a requirement … introducing this change Bayesian classifier model
some of the servers … to address this capacity management
in your project … document this information risk register
your projects is in the … you should perform all
which of the following is .. types of testing performance testing, security testing
during project startup psu .. you prioritise these risks probability and cost of individual risk
tcs seeks periodic feedback .. during project execution TRUE
which of the following … agile software development all
which of the following .. completion of a project alll
the recommended size and productivity .. projects are respectively FP and FP / PH
the timesheet data is used for all
why do you think … will be fixed anyway all
your project team has identified .. for this improvement no need to follow any methodologies..
process improvement in tcs can help to improve customer satisfaction
what model could be used by an agile .. agile sprint planner model
iQMS includes all
under which of the … for a css feedback abc
which of the following … for all project types cost of quality (coq)

a performance improvement … initiated by any associate in tcs
managing … use for the analysis pareto analysis
which of the following are true b d true, ace false
iQMS caters to the need of all
code walk through metrics … project team members FALSE
you are trying to compute … productivity for your 0.1 FP/PH
a project manager … following stages along with the estimations …
you are about to start testing … so that.. traceability Matrix
after you have identified the risk .. probability that the given risk may occur
the project manager (pm) needs to put the … TRUE
it is not mandatory for all work items .. iqa review FALSE
what is the right time to deploy .. development project at the start of the project
external quality assurance … created at onsite FALSE
quality goals that are defined .. TRUE
the customer had complained about .. by customer interaction
you have just started a project .. the project will develop and follow
at the beginning of your project transferred
who should perform the casual .. fixing the defect developer of the item
will help to decide whether .. code walkthrough code walkthrough cwt decision table
which of the following .. free delivery dfd both of above
procedures manual covers how to do
the detailed plan of your development project.. shedule analyzer model
you are the project manager pm of a large .. integration testing
effort spent on root cause .. prevention cost
Jason, project manager for a transformation .. identify this in the risk register ..
you are working on a testing all
as a service level manager slm .. analyse the data and trend ..
why does the loyalty .. customer would recommend tcs ..
you are leading a maintanence .. bc
in a production support project .. % bad fix
a unit that contains one or .. called as defective
which tool enables the deployment .. all
during user acceptance testing .. bc
during a design review you were trying .. horizontal traceability
the risk owner in your project .. secondary risk
onsite component of a project .. FALSE
risk management is a continuous .. identification, assessment, monitoring and control
all configuration items in a project are deliverables FALSE
you are managing a development … to the problem situation a
root cause analysis rca .. true or false TRUE
which of the following is the .. baseline in your project for later comparison
which of the following items .. configuration control weekly status report
all deliverables are configurable .. true or false TRUE
what does the loyalty parameter in the css form reflect customer would recommend tcs within and outside customer organisation
tcs standardised processes are defined in integrated quality management system iQMS
for a leading Bank of the USA .. one global service standard
which of the following are process handbooks in iqms abc
you would like to submit a code .. reusable component b
while calculating the metric % defect .. consider b
match the following pdca a
you have been assigned .. will deploy it any time during the project ..
your customer has recently completed .. CSI improvement b
monitoring helps in ensuring .. all
your customer has reported defects while .. log the defects integrated project management system ipms
at the beginning of the project, .. identified for your project cost shedule quality information security
which of the following parameters cannot be estimated actual effort
a customer requested the abc .. following units function point
what all need to be estimated .. start up size, effort, shedule
timesheet helps in which of the following ways all
what are the different means of .. recurring a c d f
css is not applicable for t and m project FALSE
css is typically initiated d. end of project or 6 months
you will consider defects found .. customer complaints FALSE

you have recieved the validated requirements .. a b
deliverables by tcs are sofware , services
as part of knowledge transition .. confidential asset a. save this in the customer network / customer provided repository
size, effort and defect are the .. true or false TRUE
a customer has asked for data .. % defect free deliveries
which is the most appropriate improvement .. added activities lean
in your project the project plan covers .. following all
match the following units testing .. a
static code analysis is applicable .. FALSE
there are several processes in .. this involves c. developing options and assigning
which of the following holds true .. leave and timesheet b c d
you are the project manager pm for a development project doing .. delivery partner b and d
which of the following things will help .. non conformity b. analysis of specific detected ..
your customer manager has changed .. you should d. b and c
you have been asked to collect .. collect the css c
your project will be due for customer satisfaction survey css .. you will plan for a discussion ..
on time delivery = number of .. TRUE
in a development project the project size .. deviation for the project b. 0.2
coding activity in sofware development .. activity value added
you are doing the impact analysis for a change request .. impact analysis traceability Matrix
you have asked a peer in your project .. true or false FALSE
there are several steps in risk management .. during the project contingency plan
which component of the tcs estimation framework .. with the customer governance

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