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Q1. The configuration file fails to determine whether data should be imparted, merged, deleted, or exported State True or False

Ans – False

Q2. Which of the following are correct with respect to EIM? Choose two most appropriate options.

A.One Interface Table can populate only one Base Table
B.One Interface Table can populate many Base Tables
C.One Base Table can be populated by only one Interface Table ter
D.One Base Table can be populated by many Interface Tables

Ans: B D

Q3. Madhuri ran the Server Task for Data import into few tables using EIM. She sees that one of the EIM Table has a IF_ROW STAT set to “PARTIALLY IMPORTED” What does the value indicate?

A.One or more required columns for the target table were NULL

B.There are two rows in the base table that have the same user key. EIM cannot distinguish these rows Ster

C.This status occurs when a required foreign key column in the target resolved. able could not be

D.The row did not fail for the target table, but did fail during table processing of a secondary base table.

Ans: D

Q4. Which of these methods returns active view name?

A.The Application().ActiveViewName
B.TheApplication ActiveViewName()
D.TheApplication ActiveViewName

Ans: c

Q5. What is the difference between Bool Data Type and Boolean Data Type?

A.Bool Data Type has value as true or false. Boolean Data Type has values as 1 or 0.
B.Bool Data Type has value as 0 or 1.
Boolean Data Type has values as True or False.
C.Bool Data Type has value as 1 or 0.
Boolean Data Type has values as 1 or 0.
D.Bool Data Type has value as True or False. Boolean Data Type has values as True or False.

Ans: a

Q.6 What is the outcome after executing these statements c =5+^ prime prime 5^ prime prime :b = c + 1 ;a = b – 6result = a

A.recult = 50
B.result = NAN
C.result = 545
D.result = error

Ans: c

Q7. Which among these are Responsive Web Design benefits of Open UI ?

A.You can make use of History functionality to traverse back pages
B.You can use gestures to access application
C.CSS files are provided for modern look and enhanced functionality terials
D.Enables you to control the elements that appear on page based on size of web browser

Ans: d

Q8. CSS Files contains collection of styling rules which specifies the document __________Fill up the blanks.

Ans – Content

Q9. Where can we find Manifest Files link bar?

Ans – Administration – Application

Q10. Where are the JS Files for the OUI AOM stored?

Ans – C:\siebel\\siebsrvr publicichn\26048 SCRIPTS

Q11.XML document contains variety of data. Identify the data it contains from the list provided.

Ans – Number Strings Markup Tags Character

Q12. ______refer to a family of languages for expressing style sheet. Fill up the blanks.

Ans – Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

Q13. Which EAI Siebel Adapter method can be used to perform combinations of various operations on components in an IO instance

Ans – upsert

Q14. Files which are compressed are stored in the Siebel File System with the extension_____

Ans – .saf

Q15. The Siebel Wireless Client is modified Siebel Web Client which runs on mobile devices. State True or False

Ans – True

Q16. Akash logs into siebel application using http://websrvr1/callcenter_enu URL Identify the correct statement Choose most appropriate option.

Ans – Virtual directory connects to the specified Web server

Q17. Multi Value Field uses the following? Choose most appropriate option.

Ans – Multi Value Link

Q18. When Owner Delete Property is sal to TRUE enables only the record owner to delete the record. State True or False

Ans – True

Q19. Single Value Fields referring to joined table columns are always_____

Ans – Read Only

Q20. The entity which represents a person external to your company is

Ans – Contact

Q21. Which of these applications maximize sales effectiveness and bottom-line results ?

Ans – Siebel Sales

Q22. Predefined queries can be_____

Ans – Public or Private

Q23. Master Data: Choose two most appropriate options.

Ans – Includes static and referential data, Has access controlled according to catalog and category

Q24. If an Organization is created for each country, and as Country Manager, I want to see all the records associated appropriate option my current Organization, which view can be used? Choose mast view most

Ans – All view

Q25. Melania has created a new user. She has assigned the required responsibility While logging in with new user, she is unable to view any data Select appropriate reason

Ans – Users of the application can also view data, the problem lies with user creation.

Q25. Sunitha creates a new responsibility by clicking [+] button and adds the views under it. She assigns the responsibility to herself, She is unable to find the views from her newly created responsibility. Please choose the most appropriate reason.

Ans – She has not cleared the cache, due to which it is not visible

Q26. Navya wants to bring down a component. So she navigates to A * dministration – Servar Management screen > Enterprises Selects the component from the list. Clicks Shutdown button. The State field is then changed to Fill up the blank

Ans – Shutting Down

Q27. Navya wants to bring down a component. So she navigates to Administration – Server Management screen > Enterprises Selects the component from the list.Clicks Shutdown button.The State field is then changed to ________Fill up the blank

Ans – Shutting Down

Q28. Which component run once and Stop ? Choose most appropriate option.

A.Interactive Components
B.Background Components
C.Batch Components
D.All of the above

Ans: d

Q29. Srusti creates n now workflow monitoring agent. She sees the status of the component is”Partially Offline”.What should she do next?

Ans – The server component is in this state because of server shutting down. Once the carver isup, this will work properly.

Q30.Identify the server component that executes the Workflow Process Manager Business Service synchronously and asynchronously. Choose most appropriate option.

Anss – Workflow Process Batch Manager

Q31. Task Flow Stops can be found and drag/dropped from which of these windows inside Siebel Tool?

Ans – Palette

Q32. Can we set DEFAULT FLAG for one or more states in the state model?

Ans – We can set it at the transitions for a state model

Q33. Task Views are displayed in context of a screen. State True or False.

Ans – False

Q34. Where is the condition added while using a decision point step?

Ans – On the Desicion Point Step itself.

Q35. Every WF always starts with this step. Name this step.

Ans – start

Q36. Non Compiled such as Workflows Process and Assignment Objects come under which category of Migratory Items ?

Ans – Repository Object Definitions

Q37. To rename the Repositories, what is the first step to be done?

Ans – Stop the Targal Enterprise

Q38. What are the benefits of migrating customizations using ADM processes?

Ans – Eliminates the need to regenerate entities

Q39. The prime infrastructure entity that manages the ADM deployment is the

Ans – Siebel Management Server

Q40. Nitin is using this application user be added for the property. property PDQDisabled Viewn. Help him with what value to be added for the property.

Ans – Enter the PDQ that needs to be disabled in the value property

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