Jenkins Multiple Choice Question

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1) Which of the following commands is used to make the build fail immediately if any tests fail in ANT

ANS- haltonfailure

2)Various test techniques are

ANS- Mocking

3. Performance tests run by?

Ans –

a) Simulating load on your application

b) Simulates action of client applications

c) measuring the response time as  the number of

4.How do you configure Jenkins to skip the test in Junit?

ANS- @ignore

5.How will you automate your unit and integration tests by specifying a goal?

ANS- mvn verify

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6.Build history metrics plugins calculates metrics for all the builds once installed

  1. Mean time to failure (MTTF)
  2. Mean time to Recovery (MTTR)
  3. Standard deviation of build times

ANS- all of the above

7.Static Analysis collector plugin does not provide?

ANS- Total number of bugs and warnings

8.How do you generate find bugs reports?

a)Mvn site
b)Mvn site findbugs
c)Mvn findbugs findbugs
d)Both a and c

ANS- both a and c

9.Checkstyle,Findbugs,PMD are all ?

ANS- Code Analysis Tool

10.What does the code coverage report provide?

ANS- displays the calculated coverage percentage based on the unit tests written.

11) How do you run groovy scripts in Jenkins server?

ANS- use Script Console

12) You need to execute a shell script (/usr/bin/prepare-env) just before a Linux slave is started. How do you achieve this?

ANS- use the E prefix Start Slave Command __ configuration option on the slave configuration

13) What does of executors indicate for Jenkins configuration?

ANS- Total number of concurrent jobs executions that can take place on the Jenkins machine

14) For serial executions of Job , it needs to connect each ?

ANS- upstream job to a downstream one with

15) What plugins can be used for binary repository?

ANS- Artifactory

16) The Jenkins jobs are internally stored in which format?


17) The Jenkins logs are stored bydefault in?

ANS- /var/log/Jenkins.log

18) You are asked to obtain the config.xml of a folder from a script or HTTP client using the Jenkins remote API. The folder exists at the root of a Jenkins master. Which URL pattern is correct?

ANS- root/job/myFolder/config.xml

19) There are dev, main and release branches followed in the development team. You need to setup built from all branches for CI, you will?

ANS- set branches to build as blank(**)

20) How to execute windows batch command from a job?

ANS- Go to the build section and click on Add build step? Execute windows batch command

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