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1. __________ can get the following items from the proxy, and then expose them for external use

“a)Presentation Model 

b)Physical Renderer


d)Web templates”


2. ____ can enable different behavior between a desktop client and a mobile client

“a)Presentation Model

b)Physical Renderer 


d)Web templates”


3. Each of these instances represents an instance of a corresponding repository object that resides on the Siebel Server

“a)Presentation Model

b)Physical Renderer

c)Proxy Object 

d)Web templates”


4. A hierarchy that Siebel Open UI uses to communicate between objects that reside on the Siebel Server and the proxies that reside in the client

“a)Presentation Model

b)Physical Renderer

c)Proxy Object

d)Siebel Property Set” 


5. _______ element defines a paragraph






6. Inline Styling HTML with CSS uses ___ attribute in HTML elements






7. Single Line Comments in javascript






8. Which one is not a javascript operator





Ans: c

9. Binds the presentation model methods to the appropriate physical events on the physical control





Ans: b

10. Store all your custom web templates for Siebel Open UI in





Ans: b

11. “Accesses all the properties in the presentation model and sends them to the physical control through the appropriate methods that this physical control exposes”





Ans: c

12. Store all your custom presentation models and physical renderers in





Ans: b

13. Siebel Open UI stores image files in





Ans: c

14. Which one is not a logical operator in javascript





Ans: d

15. Most common way to access an HTML element is to use the id of the element





Ans: b

16.How to enable Siebel Open UI under OM component.



WEBTemplate—– ans

  • For Dedicated, add two in [InfraUIFrameWork] section of client cfg file.
  • SWT files will be there on Siebel serverà \siebsrvr\WEBTEMPL
  • WEBTEMPL folder contains original Swt files.
  • OUIWEBTEMPL folder, Under WEBTEMPL contains open ui SWT files.
  • CUSTOM folder, Under OUIWEBTEMPL contains all custom SWT files.


  • CSS file path-> on webserver->\webmaster\files\<lang> and \eappweb\PUBLIC\<lang>\files
  • For Siebel developer client,path is —-client\PUBLIC\<lang>\files

JS files————–

  • JS files are on Siebel server -> \siebsrvr\public\<lang>\<build>\SCRIPTS
  •    SCRIPTS folder contains original (HI) JS files
  • Siebel folder, Under SCRIPTS contains open ui related vanilla JS files.
  • Custom folder, under \SCRIPTS\Siebel contains all customer JS files.

————Open UI client-

  1. Binds data to the presentation layout and applies client side business logic.

3 elements—

1. Client proxy

2. Presentation Model (PM)

3. Physical Renderer (PR)

Presentation model———– logic—

Presentation Renderer—CSS files

Manifest files—

Open UI 2013( has three manifest files under \siebsrvr\OBJECTS

Core_manifest.xml ,custom_manifest.xml- specifies java script file mappings. ,

  1. From open UI 2013-> instead of modifying manifest file, configure it in open UI client. Administrator->application >Manifest Administration.
  2. Namespace—place to maintain a list of objects instantiated in client cache.

1. Enabling mobile- MoblieApplication = TRUE

2. Mobile Browser Parameter – SupportedMobileBrowser

3. Path where custom scripts for PM and PR are placed àclient\pubilc\lang\scripts\siebel\custom.

4. Which is not a HTML Node – TextArea 

5. jQuery Remove Method—removes the selected items and its child items .remove() method takes elements out of the DOM

1234<div class=”container”>  <div class=”hello”>Hello</div>  <div class=”goodbye”>Goodbye</div></div>

We can target any element for removal:

1$( “.hello” ).remove();

6. jQUery LastIndexOf Method— The lastIndexOf() method returns the position of the last occurrence of a specified value in a string.

var str = “Hello planet earth, you are a great planet.”;
var n = str.lastIndexOf(“planet”);

7. jQUery RemoveCHild Method— The removeChild() method removes a specified child node of the specified element.

Returns the removed node as a Node object, or null if the node does not exist.

var list = document.getElementById(“myList”);   // Get the <ul> element with id=”myList”

8. DOM GetElementsByTagNames —

9. Which is not a manifest section?

10. AppletUserProperty to specify Physical Render—- AttachPMBinding 

11. Method to fetch Application Profile Attribute = SiebelApp.S_APP.GetProfileAttr()

12. Enabling OpenUI in Mobile web client – InfraUI framework – EnableOpenUi must be true

13. In CSS how to style multiple pages- External CSS

14. Distinct style for a single page

15. H1:hidden {display:none}—it will not display

Exapme— <!DOCTYPE html>




h1.hidden {

    display: none;





<h1>This is a visible heading</h1>

<h1 class=”hidden”>This is a hidden heading</h1>

<p>Notice that the h1 element with display: none; does not take up any space.</p>



Questions in set-1

  • How to enable Siebel Open UI under OM component— EnableOpenUi
  • In Siebel request has come to Siebel server and waiting for reply to process another request.
  • Synchronous
  • Asynchrosnus
  • In-bound
  • Out-bound
  • In JS what is not a method to append the text.
  • append() – Inserts content at the end of the selected elements
  • prepend() – Inserts content at the beginning of the selected elements
  • after() – Inserts content after the selected elements
  • before() – Inserts content before the selected elements
  • Append
  • Prepend
  • Add
  • Before
  • In Js how to make text filed visible
  • Visible
  • Show
  • Display
  • Enable
  • What is the method to set or return text content of selected items?
  • Text()
  • Enabling OpenUI in Mobile web client – InfraUI framework – EnableOpenUi must be true
  • AttachPMBinding does what?
  • Binds function to event
  • Brinds events to function
  • Binds a method to  existing method.
  • What is the DOM method which is used to get Tagnames
  • GetElementsByTagName()
  • Which is not a HTML Node – TextArea 
  • Path where custom scripts for PM and PR are placed àclient\pubilc\lang\scripts\siebel\custom.
  • Open UI SWT files reside under which path


  • CSS file path-> on webserver->\webmaster\files\<lang> and \eappweb\PUBLIC\<lang>\files
  • JS files are on Siebel server -> \siebsrvr\public\<lang>\<build>\SCRIPTS
  • Core_manifest.xml ,custom_manifest.xml- specifies java script file mappings. ,
  • Js method to Adds/Removes elements from an array(





  • Which is not a valid Alert  method
    • Popup boxAlert BoxMessage box
  • Jquery function to set


2.  $(selector).show(speed,callback);

  • How to get Siebel profile attribute value in PR/PM thro JS file:

GetProfileAttr (attribute_name)

  • Section of configuration file has enabling openUI parameter:

Set the following parameter in the InfraUIFramework section of the application configuration file so that Siebel Open UI supports

  • Not a node in an HTML document:


  • 3rd party JS files can be bind to keys :


  • The physical renderer can use the AttachPMBinding method in the presentation model to bind to the SetMultiSelectMode method.
  • External style sheet/ internal style sheet/../..
  • Which is not a CSS positioning method:

CSS Positioning methods : static,relative,Fixed,absolute

  • Not a popup in java script : Prompt/pop up/../..
  • Call back function in JQuery : $(selector).hide(speed,callback);
  • How to create custom animations in JQuery :  animate()

Siebel Open UI

  1. Which component is used to enable the Open UI, EnableOpenUi
  2. Full form of PR & PM Physical Renderer & Presentation Model
  3. In Jquery, x= “5”, y=”6”, then z= x + y Z = 56
  4. Where is the component located in CFG? DomainHome/ucm/cs/bin/intradoc
  5. HI renders UI as collection of HTML Iframes
  6. Open UI not supported in IE8
  7. PM Continuous to render each modification occurs in PR
  8. & key identifiers unique combination of PM & PR Render Key
  9. Line break character à \n
  10. JS regular expression syntax var patt  = RegExp (Pattern, modification)
  11. H1.hidden {display: None} outcome of  Hidden Heading  (the h1 element with display: none; does not take up any space.)
  12. After sending request wait for response is Synchronous
  13. After sending the request continuous other process is Asynchronous
  14. Which of the following method is must to implement a PM init
  15. Jquery sliding à Slide from Left   will not be there.
  16. Fade in & Feade out à Fade from is not a function.
  17. Enable OpenUI will be given in InfraUIframework
  18. When HI & SI opened & Open UI  also running parallely then it uses

       Different Object Manager & same SRF

  1. DOM full form Document Object Model
  2. Variable in JS declared outside the function is Global
  3. If we want to apply CSS only to one page, we will use Internal Style Sheet
  4. Font Color in JS  {color : Red}
  • HI & SI differences
DescriptionStandard InteractivityHigh Interactivity
Uses Java technologyNoYes
Uses JavaScript technologyYesYes
Uses ActiveX technologyNoYes
Uses Document Object ModelNoYes
DeploymentCustomer or partnerSiebel employee or partner
  • which method should be used by physical renderer in Siebel open UI is used for the first time?

Ans) Presentation Model

  • High interactivity will start rendering from which level?

Ans) View

  • Siebel Open UI rendering Occurs at screen, view, applet, or control level
  • Doctype is Case Sensitive
  • Javascript is Case Sensitive Language
  • which javascript file used in rendering the Siebel HI?

Ans) Physical Renderer,

30.Javascript file that Siebel OpenUI uses to build User interface

Ans) Presentation Model

  • Method used to renders data into HTML container

Ans) Bind Data

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