Module Automation Multiple Choice Questions with Answer

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1.An organization using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) wishes to verify the quality and results of their automated processes to understand the issues and risks and determine whether the processes are performing as expected. Which element of RPA should they use to manage and track their automated processes?

B.Digital Worker
C. Design Tools
(D RPA Controller


2.A large organization is struggling to close the gaps in skill levels that exist between
its employees and those from competing companies.
How can automation help the organization solve this problem?

A by creating a greater number of automated bots than its competitors
B by hiring all-new employees that can handle more complex tasks
C by freeing up employees to train and upskill for higher-level work
D by handling the most complex work tasks through automation


3.Intelligent Automation expands on simpler forms of automation through the use of which technology?

A Artificial Intelligence
B DevOps
C Cloud Computing
D Object-Oriented Programming


4.How does Accenture’s SynOps help clients better manage their systems operations?

A by helping clients select and implement an enterprise platform that suits their needs
B by allowing clients to improve the ways their people and technology work together
C by providing clients with a collection of commercially available automation tools
D by encouraging clients to apply a machine-centered approach to automation strategy


5.A regional bank implemented an automated solution to streamline their operations for receiving and processing checks/cheques. They would like to further enhance the solution to recognize signs of potential check fraud and alert their security teams accordingly.
Which technology could be combined with the current solution to do this?

A Mechanization
B Sentiment Analysis
C Machine Learning
D Robotic Process Automation


6.A small business specializing in computer repair implements an automated process that routes customer requests to the technician best suited for the job. Though the automated solution only reduces a few minutes of time from each request, it results in the business being able to complete several hundred more service orders per year.
Which quality of automation is described in this example?

A cumulative
B intrusive
C complex
D personal


7.What is the best way to describe automation?

A keeping all machine-based work separate from job activities performed by humans
B saving time and money by improving the quality, accuracy, and precision of tasks
C making human workers fully reliant on technology to perform their job responsibilities
D developing highly advanced robots that can mimic higher-level human thinking


8.To resolve client queries, customer support professionals must gather customer data from a variety of sources, such as databases, phone calls, e-mail, and online chats. This is time-consuming and can negatively impact the customer journey. What is something Intelligent Automation can do to improve this process?

A populating forms in one application with data from another
B automatically logging in to various applications
C routing client requests to the appropriate employees
D) enabling the analysis of unstructured data


9.In the context of automation strategy, what is a Center of Excellence?

A a community that includes all those within an organization who have created automation programs
B a team that establishes best practices for automation efforts within an organization
(C) a central server where all of an organization’s automation software is hosted
D a team composed of the organization’s most senior Artificial Intelligence programmers


10.What describes Accenture’s approach to automation, both internally as well as for clients?

A using automation to make businesses and people more effective
B focusing primarily on technology and tools to drive automation
C applying a one-size-fits-all automation strategy for every client
D implementing advanced robotics capabilities on every automation effort


11.What is a best practice when approaching an automation effort?

A improving the current process before automating it
B eliminating the need for a technical support team
C acquiring new resources before starting automation work
D prioritizing cost reduction above all other goals


12.What is an example of a task that could be automated?

A a task that executes a simple workflow once every fiscal year that takes two hours to complete
B a task that involves unique decision points and approvals based on quality checks
C a variable process that depends on a large amount of data and unpredictable outcomes
D a recurring task that repeats the same workflow each time, but with different data


13.A client asks for help planning and implementing an enterprise platform transformation, ensuring proper integration of their currently automated solutions. Which Accenture tool would best help the Project Lead begin this process?

A myNav
(B) myConcerto
C SynOps
D myCredential


14.How can a robot differentiate between positive or negative product reviews?

A by applying entity recognition techniques to the review text
B by applying sentiment analysis to the review text
C by running a binary classification algorithm on the review text
D by running a clustering algorithm on the review text


15.Which describes Personal Automation?

A creating sophisticated machines that can perform basic human work tasks
B using advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to mimic human behavior
C automating complex, unpredictable tasks using advanced software programming techniques
(D automating simple, repetitive tasks through user-friendly software applications


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