Microsoft Teams MCQs with answers

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1. When we search using a keyword using the Search Bar, what are the different categories by which the results are organized?

Messages, People and Files

2. Where can you see the files dragged and dropped in team conversations?

In the files tab

3. How do you edit a sent message in a channel?

By clicking on the three dots on the message

4. You can easily see when someone @mentions you by the _____ in the activity notifications

Green check

5. Where can we change the privacy settings for your team form public to private?

Edit Team 

6. As an owner of a Team, which option can you use to make some channels appear by default in everyone’s channel list


7. What are the + sections called you can add to any team?


8. What are the actions you cannot do with MS Teams?

 Execute a .exe program

9. How to forward emails to a channel?

search @email and get email address, insert and send to the channel

10. In a Microsoft teams, there can only be one owner to a team


11. How to know new features released in MS Teams?


12. You can delete the Files and Conversation tab


13. Where can you see the files dragged and dropped in individual conversations?

In the files tab

14. How many bots with a variety of functionalities are available to help increase productivity?


15. When there are many channels in a team, how can you choose the ones that you always want to see with the team (if they are hidden)?

Go to hidden channels and click on the show icon next to the channel you want to shown

16. What is the max number of channels allowed in a Team?


17. How can you create a tab out of an existing file available in a Teams channel?

Goto the files tab and click on more option and choose the file to make this a tab

18. How external/Guest users can participate in Microsoft Teams Meetings?

All of the options

19. Which other product has similar feature to Teams?


20. How to save Messages or Bookmarks in MS Teams?

Just by clicking on the sash icon at the top of the message

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