HTML CSS MCQ With Answer

1.Identify the correct CSS representation for a paragraph


2.Which attribute is used to reference an xml schema in an xml document


3.Two modules with more dependency is known as loosely coupled modules and two modules
with less dependency is known as uncoupled modules state true or false


4.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. To execute the result of the last executed
procedure, call recursive procedures use stacks. State true or false


5.In HTML, what is the default min and max values for the input type called range?

Min=0, max=100

6.Consider the following CSS script
Start program
padding: 20px, 30px;
end program
what is the order of padding property that has two values?

Top and bottom, right and left

7.In HTML, what is the default type of an input element?

ANS – text

8.Which is the HTML5 equivalent of <div id =”content”>

Ans- <section>

9.Which is the correct implementation for a progress bar in HTML5

Ans- #review <progress value=”20″ max=”100″></progress>

10.Which is not part of HTML5 API

ANS – HTML Geography

11.Which of the following are inline HTML elements <i>,<h6>,<a>

Ans- <i>and<a>

12.Which of the following are the CSS selectors?
a. Element selector
b. form selector
c. class selector

A and b

13.Display the contents present inside <h1> tag in uppercase. Which of the following options will suit the requirement?

Ans- h1{text-transform: uppercase;}

14.In a CSS script, each property of an element is separated by a __

Ans – semicolon (;)

15.In CSS script, which of the following style is used to print a table with double border?

Ans- border-style: double;

16.An external Java script file can be included in an HTML code using the __ attribute in a
script tag.

Ans – src

17.Which of the following tag is not supported in HTML5 but used in HTML4?

ANS – <CENTER> not hr

18.Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE?
1) GET method is the default form submission method
2) Check box is a multi select control

ANS – Both 1 and 2

19.In HTML, Which of the following is used to merge columns in a table? Choose most appropriate option.

a. columnspan
b. cspan
c. colspan
d. columns-span

Ans: C

20.’link’, ‘vlink’ and ‘alink’ are attributes of which HTML tag?

ANS – <body>

21.Which of the following attribute is used by a HTML tag to apply inline style?

a. class
b. style
c. id
d. styleclass

Ans: b

22.Which attribute of the form specifies the name of the web page on the server which will process the form after submission?
Choose most appropriate option.

a. action
b. name
c. url
d. method

Ans: a

23.Identify the CORRECT statements with respect to CSS.
a) CSS is used for giving style for HTML content
b) External style sheet can be used only for one HTML page in a website
Choose most appropriate option.

a. only b
b. neither a nor b
c. both a and b
d. only a

Ans: d

24.Which of the following statements is TRUE for CSS?
A. An external style sheet is ideal when the style is applied to many pages
B. An inline style created for a html tag can be reused for other tags in same page.
Choose most appropriate option.

a. Only B
b. Only A
c. Both A and B
d. Neither A nor B

Ans: b

25.In HTML, base tag should be used inside the head section only.

Ans: True

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