Creating Effective Status Reports MCQ with Answer

1.A Project Status Dashboard or Summary presents the following information

A.Key accomplishments for the reporting period
B.Risks and challenges
C.Details of the solutions provided in the reporting period
D.None of the above
E.Key decisions to be taken

Ans: A B E

2.Which of the following details would you not expect in a status report?

A.Highlights and achievements
B.Risks Dependencies and Constraints.
C.Work plan
D.Task procedures

Ans: D

3.Which of the following can never be the target audience for a status

A.Team Members
B.None of the above
C.All of the above
D.Business Owners
E.Project Managers

Ans: B

4.When showcasing value addition in a status report:

A.Specify how the initiatives taken have improved the
B.Map the key features of your solution to the custome
C.Provide measurable facts and metrics to showcase
D.None of the above
E.All of the above

Ans: E

5.Select the techniques that help to enhance the presentation of content in a status report

A.Consistently formatted tables
B.Graphs presenting trends
C.None of the above
D.Appropriate text highlighting convention
E.Effective use of white space

Ans: A B D E

6.Which of the following can make it difficult for your reader to understand the detalls of your

A.RAG status column in a table without a legend
B.Random use of abbreviations and acronyms, without the expanded forms
C.None of the above
D.All of the above
E.Technical Jargon without explanation
F.Missing comments/notes/remarks for a trend analysis

Ans: D

7.Reporting status periodically helps to:

A.Maintain a formal record of the project’s progress
B.Provide a clear view into work accomplished and planned
C.Ensure all stakeholders are always on the same page.
D.None of the above.
E.All of the above.

Ans: E

8.Which among the following should not form a part of the status report?

A.Detalled project background
B.None of the above
C.Change History
D.Value Addition and Highlights
E.Description of functionality

Ans: A E C

9.The sequence of information followed in a status report is based on the customer’s prioriti

Ans – True

10.TechCom can help you to:

A.Save yourself considerable time and effort on review and rework of documents.
B.Delight your customer with quality of the documentation.
C.Get your documentation and business communication ‘first-time-right
D.All of the above

Ans: D

11.Which among the following cannot be considered a valid attribute of an effective status r

B.None of the above

Ans: B

12.Which among the following can be included as additional Information/appendices in

A.Detailed information about the number of tickets/incidents resolved
B.Budget implications – people and financial..
C.All of the above
D.% utilization of team for ticket resolution
E.People involved in resolution of the tickets

Ans: C

13.Trend analysis based on various KPIs helps your customers to:

A.Assess the situation better and plan ahead
B.Work hand-in-hand where required to resolve challenges and ensure com
C.Understand and appreciate the team’s concerns and challenges
D.None of the above
E.All of the above

Ans: E

14.Using a template to create your status report helps you to:

A.Utilise a standard format that can be filled in quickly and consistently by all
B.Introduce new concepts, technology Innovations, or products
C.Present a specific position or solution to a problem
D.Leverage best practices in status reporting

Ans: D A

15.What would be the order of activities before you start reporting status to your customer?

1.Develop content and ensure technical and editorial reviews
2.Create an outline of the content based on customer expectations
3.Customise an existing status report template, or create a new one
4.Get the template approved by the customer
5.Share the status report and obtain sign off from the customer

Ans: 2,3,4,5,1

16.While updating status on pending action items of the previous reporting period, ensure:

A.Specific information is provided about why an action item could not be closed on time.
B.For each action item, the boundary ci’limits of the activity are described clearly.
C.Each action item is numbered in sequence according to the action Item date.
D.All of the above
E.Owner of an action Item is clearly identified.

Ans: D

17.In a status report, which of these approaches would be most appropriate?

A.Use a tabular format to provide details, and graphs to illustrate achievement and trends.
B.Organise information under headings and sub-headings for easy identification and access.
C.Start off with a good summary, and then work your way down to lower levels of detail
D.All of the above
E.None of the above

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Ans: D

18.Contact details in an Incident Notification should contain:

A.The names and contact numbers of the support team and the
B.Hotlines, if any
C.Email Address
D.All of the above

Ans: D

19.An Incident or Outage Notification provides the following information to stakeholders:

A.Impact of the disruption/outage on the availability of services or applications
B.The expected time of resolution
C.All of the above
D.An update on the status of the issue

Ans: D

20.Employees of your organisation are unable to apply for leave due to some issue. You need to send a communication to all assIssue?

A.Where the Incident occurred
B.How many times it has occurred so far
C Which users are affected
D.What the issue is
E.Why the incident occurred

Ans: A E D C

21.The Business Impact section of your Incident Notification specifies:

A.Specific tasks that the users are unable to accomplish and the impact on other modules
B.Only specific tasks that the users are unable to accomplish
C.All the above
D.Only the Impact on business

Ans: C

22.In an Incident Notification, mentioning the time zone impacted is optional

Ans – False

23.A Business Impact statement must mention:

A.Tasks/Actions users cannot accomplish
B.Impact on the business
C.Impact on other modules/aspects
D.All of the above
E.None of the above

Ans: D

24.Before it is sent to all stakeholders, the Incident Notification must be reviewed and approved by the Incident

Ans – True

25.A timely and effective Incident Notification helps reduce:

A.The number of queries regarding the Issue and requests for support
B.The number of stakeholders involved in the issue
C.All of the above
D.The impact of the issue

Ans: A

26.In an Incident Notification, it is essential to include the time zone impacted.

Ans – True

27.It is not necessary to mention all the technical and support teams involved in the issue resolution.

Ans – False

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  1. Engagement status report provides the client,…..

    Ans: True

    Contained in a status report
    Ans: ADEF

    Status report provides value
    Ans: ABCDE

    Ans: Measure and manage

    Accenture delivery tools
    Ans: GBI, CSR, MSPS

    MG321- Team member, team lead, PM

    Good practice of writing a status report
    A, B, D,

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