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Q1.The closely guarded formula for making soft drinks is an example of what type of IP?

Ans – Trade Secret

Q2.Which of the following are usually classified as confidential information’?

A. Published list of software bug and published software development
B. Customer database, pricing information, unpublished patent
C. Journal article, published white paper, published patent
D. Attrition rate, employee strength. TCS logo

Ans: B

Q3.Emma was granted a patent in the United States for an encryption method on wearable devices The method mentioned in Emma’s patent has been practiced in US only Six
in Australia, Michael independently conceives the same invention Would he be able to file a patent?

ANS – Michael would not be able to fBe a patent because the granted patent is a poor art and hence the idea is not novel

Q4.A TCS cross functional innovation team in Insurance domain is entrusted with the task of developing unique differentiating solutions and products which makes a mark in the mark come up with some innovative ideas How do they proceed to secure IP protection for these ideas?

ANS – They need to submit the ideas for evaluation in the IPR Management system in ultimatix

Q5.An idea contained in a patent ceases to remain as confidential information

ANS – Once it gets published (approximately 18 months from earliest filing date)

Q6.Can we have a patent granted worldwide?

ANS – No, patent rights are territorial and patents are examined and granted as per protection sought for each territory

Q7.ATCS patent application is published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is hence available in the public domain However upon examination by the

ANS – TCS still gets exclusive rights on the patent in the US, TCS cannot file for patent for same invention in China

Q8.Should a novel idea be disclosed prior to protecting through patents?

ANS – Should not be disclosed till a patent application is field

Q9.Which of these products may embody integrated circuit topographies?

ANS – Computer, Pencil, Watch, Car

Q10.The design right protects

ANS – The aesthetic appearance of a product

Q11.Andrew was preparing a deck for customer presentation and while browsing the internet he found couple of textual extracts very impressive from other website So he copied/used some images available in the website What wrong did he do here?

Ans – Andrew can use neither the text extracts nor the images from the internet / 3rd party website He should check for the terms and conditions present and act upon as apporpriate

Q12.You come up with an innovative brand name for the product you are developing in TCS Since you are the creator of the brand name, do you

Ans – No, TCS will be the owner of the trademark

Q13.You have received framing material from your organisation which you several paragraphs from

Ans – Submit the asset in the IPR management system to check any violation of copyright usage

Q14.Can we use images available on the internet in our presentations’?

Ans – Yes. provided the copyright license grants permission to use the images for commercial purpose

Q15.Select each of the following if it is a type trademarks?

Ans – Wordmark, Logo, Slogan, Tagline

Q16.You are working on an idea that is similar to your project in TCS You develop this idea outside of office hours and you think the idea is novel

Ans – No as this is in violation with the employee confidentially agreement

Q17.Patents are granted for a new

Ans – Both for a new Product and a new process.

Q18.TCS client partner gets access to confidential information covering strategic knowledge of Customer A. He inadvertently shares p ire-agreement (NDA) with both customers A and B Select all that apply

Ans – Ravi is in breach of the agreement by sharing this information with Customer B, since the information shared by customer, Ravi needed to obtain written permission from customer a before sharing this information with customer B since the information confidential information

Q19.are the requirements for obtaining a patent

Ans – It should be new, inventive and useful

Q20.What is eligible for copyright?

Ans – Tangible forms of expression

Q21.Rajeev is working for a TCS internal project under the retail Business Unit at a delivery center in hyderabad. All IP Rights to involve

Ans – TCS

Q22.How does copyright work arrive in the public domain and can be used freely by all without worrying about violation?

Ans – Copyright owner deliberately places it in the public domain, Traditional Knowledge, Copyright has expired, It is open source code under specific license

Q23.Can software be copyrighted?

Ans – Yes and copyright protection sought covers all countries signatory to Beme Convention

Q24.What can be protected under design protection?

Ans – Features of shape configuration pattern omamentation or composition of lines of colours applied.

Q25.Geographical Indications are used to indicate:

Ans – The ongin of goods

Q26.The design right protects

Ans – The aesthetic appearance of a product

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