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1.Wireframes are easier to adapt than a concept design.

Answer : True

2.Visual elements must be used as high as possible in a wireframe.

Answer : False

3.Wireframes are not intended to represent the _ or communicate the identity or brand.

Answer : Both the options

4.A designer has to translate the wireframes into a design. Communication is required to support the wireframe, explaining why page elements are placed there.

Answer : True

5.Defining the information hierarchy is not important for working out the possible options for arranging the content on a page

Answer : False

6.__ resemble the look and feel of the final design.

Answer : mockups

7.Wireframes are static.

Answer : True

8.What are the fidelity levels that you must consider while creating a wireframe?

Answer : all the options

9.Mockups exhibit exhibit ____

Answer : high fidelity

10.Apart from basic wireframes, what are the other type of wireframes that are available?

Answer : ALL

11.Provide examples for non-digital wireframing tools from the given options.

Answer : Sketching, Blackboarding and Whiteboarding

12.Wireframes exhibit ______

Answer : low fidelity

13.In contrast to wireframes, mockups include richer visual elements such as color, visual style, add typography.

Answer : True

14.Wireframes can be ______

Answer : all the options

15.Are word processing software such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages used for creating wireframes?

Answer : yes

16.Grid systems are a fundamental part of any design practice.

Answer : True

17.Are prototypes, wireframes, and mockups the same?

Answer : False

18.The different types of fidelity are ________

Answer : all the options

19.Will you get a response when you click a prototype?

Answer : yes

20.Wireframes cannot be modified easily and fast to support the iterative and collaborative style of product design and development in agile enterprises and startups.

Answer : False

21.Design fidelity is the level of functionality and details incorporated into a prototype.

Answer : True

22._____ is/are important aspect/aspects of a wireframe.

Answer : both

23.What are the colors used in a wireframe?

Answer : gray, white, and black

24.The different types of fidelity are ______

Answer : All

25.Wireframes are never considered to be the blueprint for design.

Answer : False

26.Wireframing happens ______ in the project lifecycle.

Answer : Early

27.When numerous mockup pages are made as clickable, these mockups can be converted as a prototype. This is known as a _________ prototype.

Answer : HIGH

28.Prototypes are______

Answer : all

29.Mockups are ______

Answer : STATIC

30.When numerous pages of wireframes are made as clickable, these wireframes can be converted as a prototype. This is termed as a ________ prototype.

Answer : LOW

31.Mockups are not pixel perfect

Answer : false

32.Wireframing happens _____ in the project lifecycle.

Answer : earlier

33.The main purposes of a wireframe are to aid in defining the information hierarchy of your design and to plan and determine how users will interact with the user interface.

Answer : True

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