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1.In which of the following hierarchies does the parent member of at least one member of a dimension is not in
the level immediately above the member

a)balanced b)unbalanced c)ragged d)unbalanced_recursive

Ans: c

2.In tableau,——–is a type of bar graph that can be used as a substitute for dashboard gauges and meters

a)bullet graph b)pie chart c)scatter plot d)word cloud

Ans: a

3.What are the types of lookup caches

a)static b)dynamic c)persistent d)shared cache e)static,dynamic f)static,dynamic,persistent
g)static,dynamic,shared cache

Ans: a b c d

4.What is the working directory location of the $PMSourceFileDr assuming informatica is installed in C: \Drive

Ans – C:\Informatica\server

5.In informatica sequence generator transformation which one is greater always nextval or currval

Ans – currval

6)In informatica it is possible join data using the following transformations

a)source qualifier b)joiner transformation
c)lookup Transformation d)union

Ans – b d

7.This tableau file has the data exported in highly compressed column format

a).hyper or .tde b).twb c).twbx d).tds

Ans – a

8.which of the following statements regarding tableau hierarchies are correct
a)it is possible to create custom hierarchies
b)they must contain only measures
c)they must contain only dimensions
d)you cannot create custom hierarchies

Ans – A and C

9.Assume table A as master and table B as detail tables.the output of tableA Master_Join tableB and tableB
detail_join table B are same true or false

Ans – false

10.sequence generator can have only 2 input ports.

Ans – false

11.which of the following schema is also known as fact constellation schema

a)snowflake b)star c)galaxy d)complex

Ans – c

12.—— is a collection of views from multiple sheets

a)worksheet b)dashboard c)story d)tableau server

Ans – b

13.what should be used if you want to create animation in tableau

a)presentation b)story c)dashboard )page shelf

Ans -d

14.In tableau these level of detail expression substract/remove a specific dimension from the view and not to
consider it while aggregating

Ans – exclude LOD

15.which of the following is not a characterstics of tableau as data visualization tool

Ans – extensive query

16.under what circumstance can you make a change to a target definition from the mapping designer workspace

Ans – never

17.Performance of aggregator and lookup transformation can be improved with which of the following options

Ans – sorter cache

18.Expression transformation is used to perform row-level calculations

Ans – true

19.Which of the following is a default port in rank transformation

Ans – rankindex

20.Which lookup configuration can be set to make it active transformation

Ans – use all values

21.To certain file/folder which task is required in informatica

Ans – command task

22.Sequence generator is active or passive transformation

Ans – passive

23.In informatica which of the following is always true for a sequence generator

Ans – currval=nextval+increment by value, currval=nextval+1

24.Assume the following to generate a sequence in sequence generator no. of source rows-5. In sequence
generator current value=101 end value=103 start value=101 increment by 1. How many rows would be
inserted in the target table if primary is defined in target table

Ans – 3 rows

25.Which transformation can be used to filter the rows without using filter transformation for RDBMS source

Ans – source qualifier

26.The———transformation converts data from the source’s native datatype in the comparative power center transformation datatype

Ans – source qualifier

27.Union of a single excel file with a multiple worksheets can be possible in data preparation

Ans = false

28.Which of the corresponding integer numbers for update strategies in update strategy transformation


29.We can use the columns in tableau filters,that are not used in reports but present in data source

Ans – true

30.What are the valid action types that can be added to a dashboard in tableau

Ans – URL,Highlight,Filter

31. choose the correct sequence of steps to build the data warehouse

Ans = Identifying business requirements
Identifying the necessary sources
Identifying the facts
Defining the dimensions and attributes
Organize the attribute hierarchy

32.Tableau always shows measures in aggregated form

Ans – true

33.We can use the columns in tableau filters that are not used in reports but present in data source

Ans – true

34.detail outer join in joiner transformation

Ans – all rows from detail amd master

35. Source and target statistics is available in which component in Informatica

Ans – workflow monitor

36.Having by clause can be used in aggregate transformation

Ans – false

37.Which of the following is not a ETL approach

Ans – in ETL approach we load the data first and then apply

38.How many input and output groups can a union transformation have

Ans – multiple input groups,only 1 output group

39.Which of the following workspace should be used to create ETL pipeline

Ans – mapping designer

40.In update strategy transformation properties can be set at which level

Ans – a)with in a session b)with in a mapping

41.Default value cannot be set for the return port of an unconnected lookup

Ans – true

42.In informatica we can configure debugger against a saved mapping

Ans – true

43.can we do SQL override in joiner transformation

Ans – yes

44.Which of the following should be selected to treat the source rows as in session to use update strategy transformation in mapping

Ans – data driven

45.Negative increment is possible in sequence generator

Ans – false

46.Which of the below-mentioned server utility is primarily used to start the workflow from the terminal

Ans – pmcmd

47.In tableau,——–are effective for demonstrating relationships between measures and dimensions by
displaying data in nested rectangles

Ans – tree map

48. choose the best option on delta extraction

Ans – tha data at a specific point in time

49.How many ports can be marked for grouping in a rank transformation

Ans – only one

50.what are degenerate dimensions

Ans – the dimension key

51.Combining data between two or more tables or sheets with same data source is—–

Ans – data joining

52.Which of the following are true for datawarehouse environment

Ans – a)data stored as snapshot data b)it is object oriented d)large volumes can be accessed at a line

53.Which of the following SQL operations represents the work performed by the union transformation

Ans – union all

54.Which of the following transformations can be used to get distinct rows

Ans – sorter

55.The start value must be always lesser than end value in sequence generator

Ans – true

56.Which of the below table calculation function will compute the running average of the measure sales

Ans – running_avg(sum[sales]) option where the number of joins are less in which type of schema

Ans – star schema

58.Which of the following are components of mapplet

Ans – a)mapplet input
d)star cluster
d)mapplet source
b)mapplet output c)mapplet ports the configurations in general task options on the general tab of a task

a)fail parent if this task fails b)fail parent if this task does not run c)fail child if the parent fails e)treat input link as and or or

60.While executing a session which service helps in establishing connection with the source tables

Ans – Integration service

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