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Tree testing is not similar to card sorting.False — Correct

For users from other nationalities, it is enough to offer a product translated intheir respective languages.False

It’s a sequential art, where images are arrayed together to visualize the storyStoryboard — Correct

People with low uncertainty avoidance are restricted to new ideas.False — Correct (are open to new ideas)

Surveys and questionnaires are primarily used for collecting information from alarge number of users.True — Correct

A fictitious representation of a group of users is,User Persona — Correct

Card sorts are used to generate information architecture.True — Correct

If time is a constraint, the quickest deliverable format is an email message orword document.True — Correct

A Stakeholder could only be clients/customers.False — Correct

User Research is not the first step of a UX design process.False — Correct

Tree testing is similar to card sorting.False — Correct

A/B Testing involves having an experienced evaluator using his/her knowledge oftesting products.True — Correct

Which of these techniques are used exclusively for designing hierarchyCard Sorting — Correct

Two types of benchmarking are:Stand-alone and Competitive benchmarking — Correct

What is key in a User Research?Detailed surveys and questionnairesFundamentals

Quick findings are comprehensive reports.False

Power Distance Index measuresthe degree of a society’s level of inequality endorsed by the followers as much asby the leaders — Correct

The purpose of user research is to gain an understanding of the users, their tasks, the tools and technology theyuse, and the environment in which they perform their tasks — Wrong

People from this cultural group are not tolerant of new ideas and opinions thatdiffer from their ownPeople with high uncertainty avoidance — Correct

The systematic process of collecting and analyzing target customer data, thecompetition, and the target market environment to aid in making messaging,positioning and pricing decisions.All of these — Wrong

User Research is essential becauseAll of these

Questionnaire mode of approach is qualitative research.False — Correct

A/B testing is done for specific aspects of hierarchy alone.True — Correct

People possessing this cultural trait take initiative and make their own decisionsIndividualistic — Correct

Technique used for evaluating findability of topics in a websiteTree test — Correct

A Stakeholder is,anyone with an interest in the project output — Correct

Which technique involves having an experienced evaluator using his/her knowledgefor testing productsExpert Review — Correct

Contextual Interview can be done without users.False — Correct

This is an additional deliverable that gathers all recommendations together in asimple table format—usually in Word or Excel—with a brief summary of the findingsthat led to each recommendation and, often, a severity rating for each issue.Findings and Recommendations Matrix — Correct

Expert Reviews are conducted during the development phase.True — Correct

User Persona is a quantitative approach.False

Obvious limitation with surveys and questionnaires islack of any interaction between researcher and users — Correct

In Usability tests, we test the interface’s usability.False.

One size fits all’ should not be the focus of UX design.False

Surveys are quantitative mode of research.True — Correct In this technique, users are provided with two or more options for choiceA/B tests — Correct

People from this cultural group are more tolerant to new ideas and opinions thatdiffer from their ownPeople with low uncertainty avoidance — Correct

These are comprehensive reportsDetailed Reports — Correct

Design should not be changed based on iterations.True

The techniques used to evaluate the hierarchy of a websiteCard Sorting & Tree Testing — Correct

This user research method comes from motion picture productionStoryboard — Wrong

Storyboards are illustrations that represent shots that ultimately represent astory.True — Correct

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