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46. A developer is trying to fetch meta data of a VM using the “curl metadata.google. Internal/compute metadata/v1/” command but is getting 403 forbidden
as a response. what could be the possible reason?

Metadata-Flavor: google header is missing.

47.A Security service provider company stores CCTV footage videos in raw format in Google Cloud Storage. The footage is regularly accessed for detecting suspicious activities for the first 30 days.
You want to minimize the cost of storing all the data in Google Cloud. How should you store the

Use google cloud standard storage for the first 30 days and use lifecycle rules to transition to
Archive storage

48. Your web application has been running successfully on app engine. You want to evaluate and update a version of the application with a specific percentage of your production users (canary deployment). what should you do?

create a new service with the new version of the application. Split traffic between this version
and the version that is currently running.

49.You the monitoring team has noticed that there are no logs generated form few Kubernetes engine clusters. how do you check inactive configuration for the Kubernetes engine cluster in
the fewest possible ways?

Use kubectl config use-context and kubectl config view to review the output

50.Three years ago, your Company migrated its data warehousing solutions from its on-premises data center to Google cloud. since then, several teams have worked on different data
warehousing and analytics needs and have created numerous big query datasets. the complaints
manager is concerned about the possibility of PII data being present in these datasets and has
asked you to identify all datasets that contain us_social_security_number column. how do you
most efficiently identify all datasets that contain us_social_security_number column?

Write a custom script that queries BigQuery INFORMATION_SCHEME.TABLE_SCHEME where
COLUMN_NAME =us_social_security_number.

51.A social media organization has an application that connects to its authentication server on IP You need to deploy the authentication server on GCP compute engine without
changing the configuration of the application and warned the application to be able to reach the
authentication server on the same IP address. what should you do?

Reserve the IP as a static internal Ip address using gcloud and assign it to the
licensing server.

52.Go world tours and travels case study. The company needs to maintain records of customer their booking and payment. Which of the
following database will best suit this requirement?

cloud SQL

53.outreach constructions case study Every construction site has a large amount of structured data apart from this there are some
semi structured data also generated from these construction sites this data is needed for
reference and is assessed frequently those various applications including mobile apps what’s the
following service will suit this requirement?


54.This question is based on the “Co-Win” case study. A huge amount of data is generated by the Co-Win app daily. And the generated data needs
to be sanitized and synched with other services for further processing.
An application is written to do this work, which splits the data into multiple small units and then
processes it in parallel. This application runs for few hours at midnight every day. Which of the
following service will fit into this scenario, considering the need to reduce the cost of running
this application?

compute engine with preemptible-VM’s.

55. Security company is hosting its application on Google cloud engine instance with Debian Linux as the operating system. it has a new DevOps partner who does not have Google accounts. the partner company requires access to VM to perform operations and maintain activities. how will
you provide access to the partner?

Tag all the instances with the same network tag create a firewall rule in the VPC to grant TCP
four traffic from the operations partner to instances with the network tag.

56.A motor corp company is shifting all its workload to Google Compute Engine. Some workloads must be accessible on the Internet, and other services must only be accessible over the internal
network. All servers need to be able to communicate with each other over specified ports and
protocols. The current on-premises network relies on a demilitarized zone (DMZ) for the public
servers and a Local Area Network (LAN) for the private servers. You need to design the
networking infrastructure on Google Cloud to match these requirements. What should you do?

Create a single VPC with a subnet for the DMZ and a subnet for the LAN. 2. Set up firewall
rules to open up relevant traffic between the DMZ and the LAN subnets, and another firewall
rule to allow public ingress traffic for the DMZ.

57.Your company had developed a project in which you must deploy a WordPress website on VM. You have decided to use a startup script to install WordPress and other libraries instead of
manual installation. While creating a VM instance you forgot to use the startup script. Which is
the best way to run the script?

stop the instance, add metadata with startup-script as key, and script content as value and
start the instance

58.Co-win case study The co-win platform needs to publish a dashboard comprising of analysis of vaccination data it includes information like the daily count of vaccine stores mentioned in different states the
community some of it and so on this analysis needs to be performed based on the data
generated every day and will be refreshed every night which of the below service is useful for
this scenario?


59.As per the company policies of TPT limited it is critical to back up the data store database at least once a day. John has been asked to explain the sufficiency off the data store export to an auditor. which of the following should turn used to explain the outputs generated by the data
store export command?

the data store export commands produce a metadata file and a folder with the data as an

60.Your manager asked you to set the preemptible property For the VM using Cloud Console. in which section of the create an instance page you will find this option?

Availability policy

61.In a company XYZ Corp, Sam is a GCP project owner. Sam wants to delegate the service account management responsibility to another user Jack. Jack will also be responsible to manage all the
service accounts needed by the project. What is the best way to delegate the privileges required
to manage all the service accounts?

Grant iam.serviceAccountUser to the administrator at the Project account level

62.This question is based on the “Co-Win” case study.* One of the services from the Co-Win application is deployed on App Engine and it is connecting
to the Cloud SQL database to store and access the beneficiary information. The data is stored in
few tables which are part of a separate schema in the database. Which of the below role needs
to be assigned to the service account used by the application?

cloud SQL admin

63. Outreach construction case study * IT department of the company has configured multiple projects in GCP. Each of the projects is
having the resources needed for running that project. now the company wants to audit its cloud
usage. which of the following practices should be followed to make sure that the auditors will
have access to the logs generated?

Create an aggregated sync with the BIGQUERY at organization/folder level. assign the
BIGQUERY user access to the member of audit team.

64.Outreach construction case study Image processing application is running on computer engine in sensors and is processing the image from the cloud storage. you have noticed the performance it’s going down for the last
few days do two weeks the application is taking longer to process the images. let’s off the
middle service from operation suit will help you to identify the issue.


65.An enterprise wants to adopt A hybrid cloud strategy, having few applications running on Google cloud and other running on prem. the on-premises network and Google cloud virtual
private cloud are connected by a virtual private network. application in Google cloud will require
to connect to an on-Prem database server, but the enterprise does not want to change the IP
configuration in all the applications when the IP of database server changes. how can you
achieve the solution for the given requirement?

configure cloud NAT for all subnets of your VPC to be used when egressing from the VM

66.A beauty products company want to host its containerized application on GCP. it exposes an HTTP endpoint and gets very little traffic in a day. property solution to achieve the scenario by
minimizing the cost.

Deploy the container on cloud run on GKE.

67.You deployed a number of services to Google app engine standard. the services are distinct as microservices with several interdependencies between them. most services have few version
upgrades, but some key services have over 20 version upgrades. you identified issue with the
service named pt-create order and deployed a new version v3 for this service. you are confident
that this works and want this new version to receive all traffic for the service. you want to
minimize effort and ensure the availability of service what should you do?

Execute gcloud app versions migrate v3—service=”pt-createOrder”

68.A mobile application uploads images for analysis including identifying objects in the image and extracting text that may be embedded in the image. this application is deployed by a third-party organization, and you have deployed the image analysis service. you bought agree to use cloud
storage to store images. you want to keep the two services completely decoupled but you need
a way to invoke the image analysis as soon as and images uploaded. how should this be done?

write a function in Python that is invoked by cloud functions with a new image file is returned
to the cloud storage bucket after receives new images. the function should submit the URL of
the uploaded file to the image analysis service. the image analysis service will then lower the
image from Cloud stories perform analysis and then went to them this can be saved to the
cloud storage.

69. Your client organization wants to migrate the MySQL database from on-premises to CloudSQL for second generation MySQL. Which of the following features can be configured for the second
generation of my SQL database in cloud SQL?

all of these can be configured

70.You own many websites and want to store the click data generated from the websites. A third – party web analytics too sends this data at a rate of 10000 clicks per minute and with bursts of up to 15,000 clicks per second. you require this data for future analysis purposes and hence the
data must be stored. which data service suits best for this scenario?

Google cloud big table

71.Heavy tail chain organization is storing its data on the big query. the third party company is offering to provide solutions to business issued based on the analytics of the data in bigquery.
they are hosting their own application on Google cloud and need access to the big query data
set in your project. how will you prepare access to the third party company?

ask the third-party company to create a service account in their project and grand the service
are called answers to the big query data set in your project.

72.Go World Tours and Travels case study. IT team has a resource responsible for configuring and managing the deployment of their
Website “Goworld.com” Which of the following option will enable the user to deploy the new
version of the Website?

73.This question is based on the “Outreach Construction” case study.
The company needs to maintain a lot of construction images for multiple purposes. The image processing application makes sure that every image is processed on the same day. For general reporting and analysis purposes, the images should be retained for a month. After that, the
images can be archived and accessed a maximum of once a year. Which of the following solution
is more suitable in this context?

Set up a storage bucket with the standard storage class. Add 2 lifecycle rule.

To move the object to the Nearline storage once the object age is 1 day.

To move the object to Archive storage once the object age is 30 days.

74.This question is based on the “Outreach Construction” case study.
The company’s IT department has an application to process the images generated at the construction site. This application has a specific requirement of the operating system and other
configurations to run in the most optimized way. When the images are available for processing,
the IT department needs to set up the VMs only for a specific duration. Which of the following
option works best to suit this requirement?

Create the instance template with a needed operating system and other configurations. Use it
to spin up the virtual machine as and when needed

75.Your organization wants to host its database on google cloud for its highly critical application The database must be available to use globally for all users. Also, Organization’s requirement is
to host the data on a relational and transactional database. Which of the given data service will
you choose for the given requirement?

Cloud Spanner

76.A web application for development environment is hosted on GCP App Engine. After successful testing the web application now has to deploy for production environment in google cloud.
What should you do?

Create a Deployment Manager configuration file that copies the current App Engine
deployment into a new project.

77.Go World Tours and Travels The analytics team is using BigQuery to analyze the sales data. Data is Imported to BigQuery once a week by the analytics team.
Due to pandemics, the market is volatile, and the situation is changing frequently. So, the latest
data is used more for this analysis than the old data.
Which of the below-mentioned practice will help in the cost-saving for the queries?

Use partition table to store data

78.The application development team at TPT Limited is beta-testing a new application over Dedicated Interconnect using a single TCP socket together with the requirement of 7-Gbps bandwidth for best performance. The development team discovers capping on connectivity
speed at 3 Gbps over Dedicated Interconnect. Which of the following options will resolve the
issue to meet the requirement?

Instruct the development team to distribute their application traffic over multiple TCP flow

79.Outreach Construction. This application runs every day and generates a huge amount of data from those images. This generated data needs to be stored further and analyzed for reporting and tracking purposes.
Which of the following service suits best for this scenario?


80.TPT Limited is using a secure web application named Application1 in GCP for serving users only in North America. All application resources are hosted in a single GCP region. Application1 uses a
large catalog of graphical assets from a Cloud Storage bucket. Robert, an IT manager at TPT
Limited has been asked for configuring Application1 to serve global clients without adding any
additional GCP regions or Compute Engine instances. What must Robert do to accomplish the

Configure Cloud CDN

81.Outreach construction. This question is based on the “Outreach Construction case study. The company has multiple
departments which are running their own applications and managing their own data.
Whereas the analytics data and generated reports need to be used by multiple departments
for carrying out their activities more efficiently. Which of the following account setup will work
best for them?

82.Go World Tours and Travels case study The company is using a vendor resource booking system to book resources fights, hotels,
transport. from various vendors This is a simple application written in Java/2EE and running on a single server Employees of the
company are facing issues many times to access this application. At certain times, employees
directly connect with vendors to book the resources in case the application is down
The company wants to lift and shift this application to GCP with minimal changes in application
structure is increase the availability of this application
Which of the below options suits this requirement?

83.Sam, a member of the development team, is working on a web application hosted on google cloud VM, which uses the default service account. The application needs to read data from the
Google cloud storage bucket. Which of the following steps be followed by Sam to provide the
required access to the application?

VM instances by default have read access to google cloud storage service, so nothing needs
to be done

84.You have two Kubernetes resource configuration files.
deployment.yaml – creates a deployment service. YAML – sets up a LoadBalancer service to expose the pods. You don’t have a GKE cluster in the development project and you need to provision one. Which
of the commands below would you run in Cloud Shell to create a GKE cluster and deploy the
YAML configuration files to create a deployment and service?

gcloud container clusters create cluster-1 –zone=us-central1-a
gcloud container clusters get-credentials cluster-1 –zone=us-central1-a
kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml
kubectl apply -f service.yaml.

85.An Al organization’s workloads are hosted on Google Kubemetes Engine (GKE) The cluster has of pods running on four “m1-megamen-96” GKE nodes Additional pods are required to manage
workloads without any downtime to run on “m1-ultramem-32”. How can you help the
organization to implement the solution?

Create a new Node pool and specify machine type “m1-ultramem-32”.deploy the new pods.

86.Your organization is moving its application from on-prem to google cloud. The application is hosted on compute engine instances which has custom VPC as the network. Your organization
has a requirement to open very few egress ports. How can you implement this requirement with
Google cloud?

Set up a high-priority (1000) rule that blocks all egress and a low priority (65534) rule that
allows only the appropriate ports.

87.A software engineer comes to you for a solution of her Machine Learning Algorithm on GCP This ML algorithm is used to identify cancerous cells in medical images. The algorithm is
computationally intensive, makes many mathematical calculations, requires immediate access
to large amounts of data, and cannot be easily distributed over multiple servers. What kind of
Compute Engine configuration would you recommend?

High memory, high CPU, GPU.

88.For a company ZenX, you are the project owner of a production project. You want to allow one of your team members to manage buckets and files in Cloud Storage. You want to follow the
best practices recommended by Google. Which IAM roles should you grant your team member?

Storage Admin

89.You want to change the storage class of an object present in Cloud Storage. Which of the given command are for changing the storage class of an object in cloud storage?

Gsutil rewrite-s [STORAGE CLASS] gs://Report-PDF/OBJECT_NAME]

90.Your team is working towards using the desired state configuration for your application deployed on the GKE cluster you have YAML files for the Kubernetes Deployment and Service
objects. Your application is designed to have 2 pods, which is defined by the replicas parameter
in app-deployment, yaml Your service uses GKE Load Balancer which is defined in app-service
yaml You created the Kubernetes resources by running
1 kubect apply app-deployment yami
2 kubect apply – app-service yami
Your deployment is now serving live traffic but is suffering from performance issues. You want
to increase the number of replicas to 5. What should you do in order to update the replicas in
existing Kubernetes deployment objects?

Edit the number of replicas in the YAML file and rerun the kubectl apply. kubectl apply -f app-

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