Employment Communication English Multiple Choice Questions and answers

Hello friends in this post we will discuss about Employment Communication English Multiple Choice Questions and answers. 

Employment Communication English Multiple Choice Questions and answers

1. Which of the following options is an important issue in the definition of communication?

 a.Transmission and reception of messages
b. Involvement of people
c. Process of communication
d. All of the above 
Ans : D 

2. Which of these is an electronic mode of communication?

b. Manuals
c. Fax
d. Circulars
Ans : C 

3.Which of these qualities are important in a group discussion?

a.Emotional stability
b) Hostility
c) Ignorance
d) Aggressiveness 
Ans : a 

4. When is the worst time to break into a discussion?

a)When everyone is silent
b) When one person is talking
c) When two or three people are talking simultaneously
d) When there is less time left
 Ans : c 

5. A group discussion must advance _____

b) dishonesty
c) Personal glory
d) arguments
Ans : a 

6. Which of these must be avoided in a group discussion?

Speaking facts
b) Asking questions
c) Speaking fast
d) Speaking with clarity 
Ans : c 

7. In a group discussion, we should be _____

a) assertive
b) dominating
c) subjective
d) ignorant
Ans : a 

8. Which of these factors do not enhance listening skills?

a) Attention
b) Clear perception
c) Fakeness
d) Frankness
Ans : c 

9. Which of the following is the most appropriate to wear to an interview?

 a. Business casuals
 C.Bright Colored & modern style
 D.Professional Style 
Ans : D 

10. Interviews which are conducted on phone or video are known as________.

a) Telephone interview
b) Face to face interview
c) Interview
d) None 
Ans : a

11. Interview is a ……………..between two-expert candidate.

Ans. C 

12. Interviews are conducted to examine………………. . Which of the following the most appropriate answer?

 a. general knowledge of the candidate
 b. subject knowledge of the candidate
 c. behaviour of the candidate
 d. suitability of the candidate 
Ans. D

13. Which of the following is NOT a quality of the candidate to be interviewed?

 a. Punctual
 b. Good appearance
 c. Presence of mind
 d. Talkative 
Ans : D 

14. There are………….types of application letters.

 a. 1
 b. 2
 c. 3
 d. 4
Ans. B

15. Which type of questions are asked to evaluate your analytical and critical ability?

 a. Open questions
 b. Hypothetical questions
 c. Closed questions
 d. All of the above 
Ans : B 

16. Which qualities are required for the post of Sales Manager?

 a. knowledge of marketing
 b. leadership role
 c. handling stressful situations
 d. All of the above 
Ans : D 

17. Interview is like a ……………

 a. marketing
 b. date
 c. shopping
 d. argument 
Ans : D 

18. Which of the basic language skills are required at the time of face to face interview?

 a. Speaking & Reading
 b. Listening & Speaking
 c. Speaking & Writing
 d. Listening & Reading 
Ans : B 

19. Are you familiar with modern computer technology? How will you answer this question in the interview?

 a. No
 b. Yes
 c. Yes. I know little about computer.
 d. Yes, I have completed three certificate courses in computer. I can handle computer with ease. 
Ans : D 

20. A panel interview as known as __________.

 a. Face to face interview
 b. Group interview
 c. Board interview
 d. Channel interview 
Ans. : C 

21. What are the successful strategies for interview?

 a. Personal rapport
 b. good eye contact
 c. clear idea of the key point
 d. all of the above 
Ans : D 

22. The best location for interviewing a source is

 a. in the person’s home or office
 b. in a restaurant
c. in a place where there is lots of background noise.
d. in the reporter’s newsroom 
Ans : B 

23. When an employer asks “Tell me about yourself,” what kind of information should you include?

 a. Information completely different from what is on your resume
 b. Information related to the job
 c. Information about your personal life (ex. your favorite color)
 d. Information about how much you want a different job than the one you are interviewing for 
Ans : B 

24. What should you focus on during the interview?

 a. The salary you want
 b. How much vacation time you want
 c. What you can offer the company or organization
 d. What the company or organization can offer you 
Ans : C 

25. Which of the following should you NOT do after an interview?

 a. Send a thank-you email
 b. Email the interviewer every day for an update
 c. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses
 d. Reflect on your interview responses
Ans : B 

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