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QUES 1: Harry is proficient in working with SCM, but new to Azure cloud. His manager assigne hom User-story to work-on as the sproint starts. His manager wants him to work by creating a branch locally to ensure the changes are not messed up with other branches, Which of the following branching strategy is recommended for this in Azure DevOps?

A. Master Branching

B. Gitflow Branching

C. Feature Branching

D. Trunk- Based


QUES 2: Pavithra a project manager is in need to follow an approach that focuses and increases the business requirements coverage while developing the application. Approach should suggest to include tests covers business requirements and later implementation is done for qualifying the tests. She consult DevOps professional for the best solution. What would be your solution, if you are DevOps professional?

A. Adopt Test Driven Development

B. Use a distributed Version Control System

C. Reduce the Business requirements in small batches so that it results in varible product

D. Adopt Test Fast Development

Ans A

QUES 3: While setting up Azure DevOps agent, Tina recieved specific requirements from her project operations. She is one of the system admins in her project and now she is also responsible to configure the Agent DevOps pipeline execution. She received the request in such a way that the project want to include custom software on their build servers. Also in some scenarios they are in need to lock down agent pools to prevent unauthorized access. Help Tina to choose the agent pool that perfectly suits the given scenario. Choose exactly two options from the list:( more than one correct)

A. Microsoft hosted windows agent pool

B. Azure DevOps custom agent pool

C. Linux self hosted pool

D. Windows self hosted agent pool

Ans C,D

QUES 4: Infrastructure as a code is the process of scripting your environment. All the objects on an infrastructure are described as code and can reproduced by running that code. which of the following does not includes this concepts?

A. Deploying new assets

B. Configuring those Assets

C. Deploying/managing applications/databases

D. Deploying/managing/monotoring and patching

E. Compiling and unit Testing manually

Ans E

QUES 5: Kubernetes developer wants to create and run a Redis Instance using a Kubernetes Pod in Kubernetes cluster based on specification file named as redis-pod.yml . Which command need to be used by developer to do this task?

A. kubectl create -f redis-pod.yml

B. kubectl create pod -f redis-pod.yml

C. Kubectl get pod -f redis-pod.yml

D. kubectl apply pod -f redis-pod.yml


QUES 6: Anjali is using traditional monitoring system. Her manager advised to use Prometheus and exporters to gather metrics for other severs/services for her Project application system. Which of the following exporters she can’t make use of, for gathering system metrics?

choose two options:

A. Node Exporter

B. WMI Exporter

C. Pod exporter

D. Mac Exporter


QUES 7:In Application monitoring, which of the following save data in defined bucket?

A. Summaries

B. Histograms

C. MetricMap

D. DataCache

E. All of the above

Ans B

QUES 8: Selva wants to demonstrate myWizard DevOps Platform to a client. He and his team takes the tour of myWizard Marketplace to the client and also highlighting key platform features. Which of the following is not the feature provided by platform?

A. DevOps for Future Systems

B. Cloud agnostics and on-premises

C. Cloud and Infra Flexibility

D. Resource Optimization

E. Load multiple cartridges

F. Resource Impair

Ans F

QUES 9: Ankur want to deploy his software application to an AKS Cluster. Which of the foloowing is vaild with respect to AKS Cluster?

A. Manifest file – To describe how to create a cluster

B. Use Kubemtl commands to deploy applications

C. Use Kubectl commands in node to deploy applications

D. Observe and verify application deployment in Azure Portal

E. Json file – To describe how to create a deployment

Ans C

QUES 10: Charlotte is new to SCM and DevOps. She has beed assigned a user story to make new feature changes. When she tried to make changes, observed permission issues to the original application Project. So she decided to fork the Project. Which of the following is correct about Forking Strategies?

Choose three correct options only:

A. A fork is complete copy of a repository, including all files, commints and branches.

B. You can create a fork to suggest changes to a project when you don’t have permission to write to the original project directly.

C. Once you are ready to share those changes, contribute them back using Pull request

D. A fork is a flawed copy of a repository, including all files, commits and branches.


QUES 11: Madhu wokring in a project which follows traditional approach and she has to write a POC to process DevOps adoption in her project. Which among the below benefits achievable through DevOps adoption can quote in her POC?

A. Better QUALITY  B. Reduced outages   C. Automation oriented   D. Continous Improvement   E. Faster Delivery   F. Stability

1. A, C & D

2. B, E & F

3. A, B & C

4. D, E & F

5. A, B,C, D, E & F

Ans 5(all)

QUES 12: Netflix is the popular online video streaming service in the world. They are heavily invested in DevOps and their Pipelines are filly automated. It is very evident that the downtime of this video streaming website will not prolong more than 4 seconds. Which among the objectives of DevOps Netflix would strongly believe in to achieve the same?

A. Increase the Deployment frequency

B. Realize faster time to market

C. Improve solution quality and shorten the lead time for fixes

D. Improve MTTR

Ans D

QUES 13: Project team is proficient with traditional SDLC process for their deliverables. With changing business demands and traditional Silos. What do you think went wrong for this team?

Choose TWO correct options:

A. Dev and Ops are black boxes to each other, which leads to finger pointing

B. Ops is white box and Dev trust them Completely

C. Dev and Ops have different priorties, which pits them against each other

D. Ops views Dev as helping to maintain stabilty

Ans A

QUES 14: Software project is already adopted with Agile as per client requirement to enable fast delivery of values. On top of that DevOps adoption is also suggested to enable business goals with more beneficials. Akhila, manager oftaht project would like to understand the core components of DevOps to be used for adoption of DevOps in her project. Which among the following are core components of DevOps?( more than one correct)

A. Culture and Mindset Change

B. Focus on Manual Process

C. Process Improvement – Grassroots Movement

D. Enable close collaboration between Developement and Operation team


QUES 15: One of the project in the organization using Azure repos for SCM. Mike, a senior developer of the project, trying to create a repository in cloud server to store all the CI. What are all the options available in azure repos for Mike to make use of it? Choose 4 most appropriate options:

A. Cloning the project in his computer

B. Push an existing repository from command line

C. Import a repository

D. Initialize a repository

E. Initialize with a readme or gitignore

F. Copy a repository

G. Merge a repository


QUES 16: A project is implementing DevOps secuirity and they want to do the following tasks.

1. List of common software secuirity weakness and vulnerabilities maintained by the security community

2. Focus of vulnerabilities in software that is widely available means the security weakness that allows the attackers to compromise the system

3. Scoring system for secuirity vulnerabilities based on the severity of the vulnerability.

4. Help the team to identify which of the folllowing options the project can pick. Choose three appropriate option:

A. Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE)

B. Common Weakness Evaluation (CWE)

C. Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)

D. Common Vulnerabilty Scoring System (CVS)

E. Common Vulnerability Ranking System (CVR)


QUES 17: Smith, a senior consultant is working on a project that uses Azure DevOps and its related services for CI/CD. Now he wants to keep all the data within their own project owned data centre and also wants to access the SQL reporting services. Help Smith to identify which of the following he can pick to fullfill the needs:

A. Azure DevOps Services

B. Azure DevOps Pipelines

C. Azure DevOps DB manager

D. Azure DevOps Server


QUES 18: Andrew has joined new project team and working on designing and execution of infrastructure Automation for the project. His Manager want him to choose the tool where no external elevated previlages are requested. Which of the following toolshe should select?

A. Ansible

B. Puppet

C. Saltstack

D. Git

Ans A

QUES 19: You are working in an Azure DevOps project as DevOps Engineer. Now the build and release pipeline is implemented using Azure Pipeline and there is requirement to pass dynamic values to the variables used in the pipeline script. Also the team wants to store the values that need to be controlled by them and it should be available across multiple pipelines. Suggest which of the following can be used for the goven scenario? Choose two most appropriate options:

A. Variable group

B. Library in Azure Pipeline

C. Dynamic Varibales

D. Stage Variables

E. Shared Variables

Ans B

QUES 20: Krish created container based application for one of the Banking and Finance Client. Now, He wants to manage his own registry with Azure Container Registry. He also wants to make use of different Container Hosts Services. Which of the following are the Azure Container hosting Services?

Choose three correct options:

A. Azure App Service

B. Azure Container Instances


D. Azure Repos

E. Azure Boards

F. Azure Artifacts


QUES 21: In Azure Container Registry which of the following helps to estabilish the connectivity between two endpoints- over HTTPS?

A. Docker Dasmon and Storage

B. REST API and Storage

C. RESTAPI amd Https protocal

D. RESTAPI amd Docker thread


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