Bitbucket Multiple Choice Question Answer

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Q1.System among the following is a Distributed Revision Control System?

Answer : Git and Mercurial

Q2.Bitbucket provides _________private repositories.

Answer : Free

Q3.Which among the following is /are feature(s) of Bitbucket?

Answer : All the options

Q4.Bitbucket provides __.

Answer : Private and Public Repository

Q5.Which python framework is used in implementing Bitbucket?

Answer : Django

Q6.Bitbucket server is a a Combination of Git and W bination of Git and Web Interface developed in ________

Answer : Java

Q7.Version Control System helps in tracking________ of the files.

Answer : All the Options

Q8.Bitbucket is integrated with _________

Answer : All the Options

Q9.Mercurial command to view the repository history

Answer : hg log

Q10.Notable client(s) working with Bitbucket is/are Notable client(s) working with Bitbucket is/are

Answer : CLI and SourceTree

Q11.Which of the following IDE’s has the Bitbucket feature integrated within?

Answer : All the Options

Q12.Which among the following Atlasssian products does Bitbucket integrate with?

Answer : All the Options

Q13.Does Bitbucket allow the user to restrict the other users from using his/her repository?

Answer : YES

Q14.Bitbucket supports __.

Answer : Both Git and Mercurial

Q15.Bitbucket is a web based version control.

Answer : True

Q16.Which stage of artifact denotes that the files are added to the index but not in Git Database?

Answer : Staged

Q17.Which version control system allows every developer to have a allows every developer to have a complete codebase along with the history?

Answer : Distributed Version Control System

Q18.Which programming language is used to implement Mercurial Version Control?

Answer : Python

Q19.Mercurial command to get the Bitbucket repository in to your local system.

Answer : hg replica < Bitbucket_rep hg replica < Bitbucket_repo_url> < name_of_repo-in_local>

Q20.Bitbuket does not support IP White listing

Answer : False

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