Automation TQ 2023 Questions Answer

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Accenture Automation TQ 2023 Answers | Accenture Automation Talent Quotient MCQ with Answers | Automation TQ Objective Type Questions

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1.What is the best way to describe automation?

A.saving time and money by improving the quality, accuracy, and precision of tasks

B.making human workers fully reliant on technology to perform their job responsibilities

C.keeping all machine-based work separate from jo activities performed by humans

D.developing highly advanced robots that can mimic higher-level human thinking


2.What is a Digital Worker?

A. a quickly-created bot that focuses on a common, repetitive task

B. any employee who works with computers or computerized information

C. an advanced bot capable of managing more complex, multi-faceted situations

D. an employee who can independently write code to produce automation solutions


3.Which describes the Paradox of Automation?

A.The more efficient an automated system becomes, the more human involvement is required.

B.The more human involvement in an automated system decreases, the less important human involvement becomes.

C.The degree to which a system has been automated has no effect on the level of human involvement

D.The more human involvement in an automated system decreases, the more important human involvement becomes.


4.What is an example of a task that could be automated?

A. a task that executes a simple workflow once every fiscal year that takes two hours to complete

B. a variable process that depends on a large amount of data and unpredictable outcomes

C.a recurring task that repeats the same workflow each time, but with different data

D. a task that involves unique decision points and approvals based on quality checks


5.What is an example of something that can be done through Personal Automation?

A.creating a web-based calendar reminder for birthdays

B.scanning job applications to identify qualified candidates

C.using chat bots to answer customers’ technical queries

D.reading and analyzing the language in customer emails


6.What describes Accenture’s approach to automation, both internally as well as for clients?

A.using automation to make businesses and people more effective

B.applying a one-size-fits-all automation strategy for every client

C. Implementing advanced robotics capabilities on every automation effort

D.focusing primarily on technology and tools to drive automation


7.To resolve client queries, customer support professionals must gather customer data from a variety of sources, such as databases, phone calls, email, and online chats. This is time-consuming and can negatively impact the customer journey. What is something Intelligent Automation can do to improve this process?

A. enabling the analysis of unstructured data

B. automatically logging in to various applications

C.routing client requests to the appropriate employees

D.populating forms in one application with data from another


8.Which describes Personal Automation?

A.using advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to mimic human behavior

B.creating sophisticated machines that can perform basic human work tasks

C.automating simple, repetitive tasks through user-friendly software applications

D.automating complex, unpredictable tasks using advanced software programming techniques


9.What is the first step to approaching automation?

A. implementing new business processes

B. speeding up current operating procedures

C. installing applications used to develop automation

D. aligning automation with business strategy


10Intelligent Automation expands on simpler forms of automation through the use of which technology?

A. DevOps

B. Object-Oriented Programming

C.Artificial Intelligence

D. Cloud Computing


11.What describes Accenture’s approach to automation?





12.A client asks for help planning and implementing an enterprise platform transformation, ensuring proper integration of their currently automated solutions. Which Accenture tool would best help the Project Lead begin this process?




D. myConcerto


13.A regional bank implemented an automated solution to streamline their operations for receiving and processing checks. They would like to further enhance the solution to recognize signs of potential fraud and alert their security teams accordingly. Which technology could be combined with the current solution to do this?

A.Machine Learning

B.Sentiment Analysis


D.Robotic Process Automation


14.A large organization is struggling to close the gaps in skill levels that exist between its employees and those from competing companies. How can automation help the organization solve this problem.

A. by handling the most complex work tasks through automation hiring all new employees that can handle more complex tasks creating a greater number of automated bots than its competitors freeing up employees to train and upskill for higher-level work


15.An employee sets up an automation that transfers files in a specific folder on their PC to a remote drive for archiving, provided the files are more than six months old. Which quality of automation is described in this example?

A rule-based

B intrusive

C cumulative

D complex


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