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1.     Which of the following statements is correct for this goal statement: “Improve SLA compliance from 90% to 95% by June 2016.”

a.     Baseline Performance is 90% and Target Performance is 95%

b.     Baseline Performance is 95% and Target Performance is 90%

c.     Target Performance is 95% but there is no Baseline Performance

d.     Baseline Performance is 90% but there is no Target Performance

Ans: a

2.     The PDCA cycle is a powerful approach for problem solving as it provides the foundation for teams to (Check all that apply):

a.     Systematically identify and understand a problem or issue and its root cause rather than symptoms

b.     Generate ideas and develop an effective plan to solve the problem

c.     Ensure that the current problem stays fixed and then move on to other problems

d.     None of the above

Ans: a b c

3.     If the number of defects change from 30000 to 3000:

a.     The yield goes down

b.     Process Sigma remains same

c.     Process Stability improves

d.     Process Capability improves

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Ans: d

4.     Eighth type of waste is:

a.     Motion

b.     Unutilized Skills

c.     Transport

d.     Inventory


5.     A stable process has:

a.     Percentage of defect free product

b.     Control limit same as specification limit

c.     All data points within control limits

d.     No variations at all

Ans: c

6.     Structured Problem Solving can help:

a.     To eliminate defects or errors and common problems

b.     To improve critical metrics on a continual basis

c.     Both of the above

d.     None of the above

Ans: c

7.     In which phase of PDCA, you can confirm whether the solution has met the desired goal.

a.     Plan

b.     Do

c.     Check

d.     Act

Ans: c

8.     For Six Sigma Quality, one can fit:

a.     6 Sigmas between UCL and LCL

b.     3 Sigmas between UCL and LCL

c.     3.4 Sigmas between mean and USL when there is no LSL

d.     6 Sigmas between mean and LSL when there is no USL

Ans: a

9.     Which one of these is not a role in Six Sigma team?

a.     Team member

b.     GB

c.     Black Belt

d.     MBB

e.     None of the above

Ans: e

10.  Which of the following is not an element of Charter?

a.     Business Case

b.     Problem and Goal Statements

c.     Project Score

d.     Solution

e.     Milestones

Ans: d

11.  Unnecessary movement of people, parts, or machines within a process falls under which type of waste?

a.     Motion

b.     Transport

c.     Defect

d.     Waiting

Ans: a

12.  Scatter Plot helps in:

a.     Depicting the relationship between input (x) and output (y)

b.     Measuring Variation

c.     Confirming the CTQ of the project

d.     Displaying relative frequency of occurrence of process output

Ans: a

13.  Yield is:

a.     Percentage of defect free product

b.     Number of defects

c.     Area under the Normal curve

d.     Higher when defects are higher

Ans: a

14.  The methodology for making improvements to an already existing process is a _______ and for developing a new product/process is a _______.

a.     1-DMAIC, 2-DMADV

b.     1-DMADV, 2-DMAIC

c.     1-DMACI, 2-DMADV

d.     1-DMACI, 2-DMAVD

Ans: a

15.  Focus of Lean is:

a.     Waste Elimination

b.     Variation Reduction

c.     Statistical Process Control

d.     Capability Analysis

Ans: a

16.  PDCA is based on the following principles:

a.     Quality Assurance and Quality Control

b.     Process Effectiveness and Process Efficiency

c.     Customer Satisfaction, Management by Fact, Respect for People

d.     None of the above

Ans: a

17.  Sigma approach aims to (Check all that apply):

a.     Reduce variation

b.     Improve capability

c.     Increase yield

d.     None of the above

Ans: a b c

18.  Which of the following statistical terms represents the variation in a process (Check all that apply)?

a.     Median

b.     Mode

c.     Standard Deviation

d.     Range

e.     None of the above

Ans: c

19.  PDCA cycle is also known as Deming cycle.

a.     True

b.     False

Ans: a

20.  In DMAIC, the main objective of Analyze phase is to:

a.     Find various solutions

b.     Plot various graph

c.     Identify root cases

d.     Pilot the solution

Ans: c

21.  Which of the Goal statement is adhering to SMART rule?

a.     Reduce Cycle Time from 8 hrs to 4 hrs by Dec 2016

b.     Improve the turnaround time

c.     Reduce the number of defects by Dec 2016

d.     Improve the customer satisfaction score from 80& to 90%

Ans: a

22.  What are the fundamental elements of Lean? (select all that apply)

a.     Value

b.     Value Stream

c.     Flow

d.     Pull

e.     Perfection

Ans: a b c d e

23.  Select the CORRECT statement.

a.     The value stream is the set of all the specific actions required to bring a specific product from input to output

b.     Value is defined by the Supplier and sold to the customer

c.     Unnecessary movements of goods/product due to poor layout etc fall under “Motion” waste type  Transport

d.     Processing to a standard that exceeds the requirement of the customer fall under “Over Production” waste type

Ans: d

24.  Which of the following statements is NOT true?

a.     Five Why’s Technique helps to drill deeper to identify potential root causes by asking “Why” repeatedly

b.     Benchmarking is the process of continually searching for the best methods, practices, and processes, and either adopting or adapting their good features

c.     Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a matrix that documents the risks in a newly designed solution

d.     Brainstorming is a creative process for generating several solution ideas in a short period of time

Ans: c

25.  A stable process has to be a capable process.

a.     True

b.     False

Ans: b

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