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Q41.Who owns the Product backlog?

A.Scrum Team
B.Product Owner
C.Scrum Master
D.Business Analyst
E.Technical Lead

Ans: B

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Q42.What does NOT match with Agile Manifesto?

A.Processes and tools over individuals and interactions
B.Working software over comprehensive documentation
C.Responding to change over following a plan
D.Contract negotiation over customer collaboration

Ans: A,D

Q43.should work be allocated to the team in a Scrum project

A.The Scrum Master must assign tasks to individuals
B.Team members must volunteer for tasks appropriate to their skills
C.The complex tasks must be allocated by the Scrum Master
D.Tasks must be allocated to team members by the Product Owner
E.While senior team members volunteer for tasks, juniors must be assigned tasks by the Scrum Master

Ans: B

Q44.Lee joins a project team that attempts to build a consumer device with embedded software. The team is adopting 2-week sprint. Lee notices that the
project must produce an outcome that will be highly adoptable by the users to become successful. After every Sprint Review, the Product Owner keeps changing the Product vision and makes contradictory statements about user needs. What can be suggested for this environment?

A.Apply design thinking first for initial phase and then bring in Agile later
B.More practices from Extreme Programming

C.Apply waterfall and have the Product Owner sign-off on the requirements

Ans: A

Q45.Only these people are allowed to attend Sprint Retrospective

A.Scrum Master and Development team
B.Product Owner and Development team
C.Scrum Master and Product Owner
D.Scrum Team

Ans: D

Q46.Munnabhai knows the four values of Agile
Manifesto by heart. However, he was confused
when a customer spoke with him highlighting Agile characteristics of short software development cycles or iterations. He could not recollect anything about short iterations in Agile Manifesto. What did he miss to learn about?

A.Agile Principles
B.Agile Guidelines
C.Agile Methods
D.Agile Phases

Ans: A

Q47.Which of these is a benefit of Agile?

A.Reduced Risk
B.Faster time to market
C.Ability to respond to changing requirements
D.Improved collaboration between business and technical team
E.All of these

Ans: E

Q48.TCS Agile vision ‘100% Agile by 2020’ means

A.TCS to be regarded by the market and our customers as 100% right partner/
advisor for Agile Transformations
B.Every project in TCS must follow all practices of Extreme Programming
C.100% of TCS associates must be at least at Agile E3 competency
D.TCS to be regarded as 100% Enterprise Agile company
E.There should not be any Agile related non-compliance in the project audits

Ans: A,D

Q49.why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?

A.So that the place can be named as Daily Scrum Hub
B.The consistency reduces complexity and overhead
C.The Product Owner demands it
D.Rooms are hard to book and this helps in advance booking
E.There is no such rule

Ans: B

Q50.The Agile way is:

A.To produce working software of high business value and of the right quality, early and incrementally
B.To produce working software only after requirements documentation has been
signed off by the Product Owner
C.To produce simple prototypes early, and release all only at the end of the project
D.Each developer to sit with business every day, code as they mutually discuss, and move to production when the business seems

Ans: A

Q51.What is the purpose of Sprint burndown chart?

A.It is used to measure utilization of the development team
B.It is used to measure defects introduced during the Sprint
C.It is used to measure how much work is yet to be done to reach Sprint goal
D.It is used to measure how fast the Product Owner turns around on the queries

Ans: C

Q52.Which of these are Scrum anti patterns?

A.Programmers as one Scrum Team and Testers as another Scrum Team
B.Scrum Master as a servant leader
C.Scrum Team with 20 members
D.Cross Functional team
E.Sprint duration of 6 weeks

Ans: A,C,D

Q53.Which one is a popular tool used in agile software development?

C.MS PowerPoint

Ans: B

Q54.What is a Kanban board?

A.A list of activities banned by the team
B.The set of Can Have requirements
C.A visible chart depicting the work to be done, work in progress and work done
D.Board that captures the details of the entire project for audit purpose

Ans: C

Q55.The Scrum team Is using the Kanban board to make worK visually available to all What CANNOT be Interred from the board?

A.Number of items to be worked on by the team
B.Percentage completion
C.Tasks move from left to right
D.LImit work in progress

Ans: B

Q56.The Agile approach to documentation is

A.Do no documentation because it is a waste of lane

B.Do just enough documentation to support the development and use
of the product
C.DO Sufficient documentation to prove you have done a good Job
D.Do more documentation than usual because Agile Is risky
E.Agile Manifesto mandates zero documentation

Ans: B

Q57.Why were the practitioners of alternative
software development methods not satisfied
with the traditional waterfall method?

A.Waterfall is not a lightweight process
B.The practitioners did not like to work in a formal system and
hence did not like any methodology at all
C.Waterfall experience did not add value to their resume
D.Waterfall model failed to meet the demand for speed and was not
friendly toward changing business needs and priorities

Ans: A,D

Q58.Eric has been working for a customer who has been following Agile for quite some time now. He is quite hands-on with Scrum and acquired PSM I certification already. The customer may soon move to a large scale Agile. Which other certification may be beneficial for Eric so he can be prepared to help the customer

A.SAFe Program Consultant (SPC
B.Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
C.Professional Scrum Master ii (PSM ii)

Ans: A

Q59.Agile principles can be only used for software development



Q60.Agile for Beginners course is intended towards motivating you to learn more about agile so that you can become

A.project leader
B.Agile practitioner
C.project manager
D.certified manager
E.None of the above

Ans: B

Q61.Design Thinking is another name for Agile Manifesto



Q62.How is the Agile value responding to change over blowing a plan addressed In Scrum

A.Product Owner can change me sprint Backlog any day
B.During the Sprint Planning. Development team has all the authority to choose any Product Backlog item to work on First
C.Product Owner writes lightweight Change Requests for quick
D.Product Owner can change the plan for next Sprint based on latest market conditions and feedback from last Sprint
E.Product Owner can change the Product Backlog any time

Ans: D,E

Q63.Industry survey show that in traditional approach. users do not use near1 60% of the features delivered What do you think ere the probable causes

A.These features were developed based on initial assumptions about
the user requirements but assumption turned out to be wrong
B.By the time the features were delivered the market and user
requirements had changed
C.The marketing team did not advertise the product features

Ans: A

Q64.Product Owner and Scrum Master can be same person



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