ABAP on Hana Certification dump 2022

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about SAP ABAP on HANA MCQs with Answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Multiple Choice Questions with answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Dump 2021-2022 | ABAP on Hana Certification dump 2022 | ABAP on HANA Practise Multiple choice questions

Q76.What are the benefits of using the SQL Monitor (transaction SQLM)? There are 2
correct answers.

A It schedules ABAP programs to monitor and log all database accesses.
B It collects monitoring data asynchronously without additional
database interaction.
C It can be active in a production system with minimal
performance overhead.

Ans: B,C

Q77.AMDP can detect 3 types of syntax errors in active or inactive source code. What
are these errors ? There are 3 correct answers.

A Database platform syntax errors
B HANA specific syntax errors
C UNION specific syntax errors
D SQLScript errors
E Database independent syntax errors

Ans: B,D,E

Q78.When to use Enhanced Open SQL? There are 2 correct answers .

A To access system fields
B At the time of Dictionary Views
C Need the query in one piece of code only

Ans: A,C

Q79.You use native SQL to access the SAP HANA database. What should you do to
retrieve the correct data? There are 3 correct answers.

A Explicitly handle the client field
B Use the UP TO n ROWS addition
C Specify the database schema if it is not the user’s default
D Use the tilde symbol (~) to separate qualifier from column name
E Use a Comma-separated column list

Ans: A,C,E

Q80.Which of the following feature is not supported by ALV with IDA?

ANS – Editing values

Q81.What views will be most efficient for General Modeling Principles? There are 2
correct answers.

A Analytical view
B Schema view
C Attribute view

Ans: A,C

Q82.Which rules does SAP recommended to improve the performance of ABAP report
on SAP HANA? There are 2 correct answers.

A Use array variants of INSERT UPDATE MODIFY and DELETE (Correct)
B Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of a nested SELECT statement
C Perform all calculations and aggregations in the ABAP layer
D Use a nested SELECT statement instead of SELECT FOR ALL

Ans: A,D

Q83.You have an SQLScript procedure with a table input parameter xyz. You want to
use the parameter on the right-hand side of an assignment operator within the
procedure. How do you refer to the parameter?

ANS – :xyz

Q84.What is the main purpose of SAML for SAP HANA Studio?

ANS – To support scenarios where clients are not directly connected to
the SAP HANA Database

Q85.In SAP HANA SQL, you want to create a table whose definition should not be
visible in the catalog? Which of the following table types fulfill this requirement?


Q86.How to create a core data services (CDS) view? There are 3 correct answers.

A Use data services tools for updates
B Use the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver.
C Use SQL capabilities for Netweaver
D Use additional annotations marked with the @sign
E Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL-like syntax to define
the view

Ans: B,D,E

Q87.what are the types of privileges associated with the authorization concept ? There
are 3 correct answers

A Object privileges
B System privileges
C Delta privileges
D Application privileges
E Analytic privileges

Ans: A,B,E

Q88.What are the ABAP development guidelines? There are 2 correct answers.

A Improved tools for performance analysis (Correct)
B Consuming Only ABAP contents for SAP HANA
C Improved hybrid components for SAP HANA
D Extensions to ABAP Language

Ans: A,D

Q89.Which of the following is a limitation when you create an external view?

ANS – You must use the ABAP Development tools (ADT) TO CREATE the
external view

Q90.What are the purposes of tools in SAP HANA system that is an eclipse-based
integrated development environment? There are 3 correct answers.

A Configure
B Administer
C Selecting
D Monitor

Ans: A,B,D

Q91.What must you take into consideration when you use the new open SQL syntax
(available as of SAP Net weaver 7.4 SPO5)? There are 2 correct answers.

A All ABAP variables must be escaped with a proceeding @ sign. (Correct)
B All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by commas.
C All Keywords are case sensitive.

Ans: A,B

Q92.What helps you to resolve errors or warnings reported about the code?

ANS – Quick Fix

Q93.In a Graphical calculation view you want to implement a union between two
result sets that differ only in the fact that one of the two has one additional field
named ADDRESS. How can you achieve this in a union node? There are 2 correct

A Map the ADDRESS field to a constant value
B Exclude the ADDRESS field from the union
C Create a restricted column for the ADDRESS field

Ans: A,B

Q94.What are the important features offers by SAP HANA to upload data from flat
files? There are 2 correct answers.

A When loading new data in the table, it gets appended to the
existing data
B The supported file types for upload are: .cssv, .xlls, and .xlsxxx
C The application suggests the column name and data type for the
new tables, and it is possible to edit them

Ans: A,C

Q95.You created and activated database procedure. How can you call this procedure?
There are 2 correct answers

A By another database procedure
B By using Sap Analysis for Microsoft office
C By a script-based calculation view

Ans: A,C

Q96.You create a check variant in the Code Inspector which includes the check ‘Search
problematic Select * statements’. SAP HANA is used as the database. In the check
parameters, which value would you use for the percentage of fields that are
effectively used?

ANS – A lower value than on a traditional, row-store only based

Q97.When would you use a column store table instead of a row store table? There are
2 correct answers.

A When there are mainly distinct values in the table
B When you want to enable a full-text search of the table
C When you require aggregation and analysis of values

Ans: B,C

Q98.What are the key points that should be kept in mind while performing the non
automatic update in SAP HANA Transport Container? There are 2 correct answers.

A Changes to Delta Container
B You need to refresh the content of the container manually
C Take snapshot manually before releasing of the container

Ans: B,C

Q99.Which tasks does the ABAP managed database (AMDP) framework perform?
There are 2 correct answers.

A Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure
B Delete the obsolete versions of the database procedure synchronously
C Create a new version of the database when the AMDP is first

Ans: A,C

Q100.User XYZ creates and activates a design-time object. In which schema is the run
object generated?


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