User Interface Design Fresco Play MCQs Answers

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about User Interface Design Fresco Play MCQs Answers | User Interface Design Fresco Play Multiple choice questions | User Interface Design Fresco Play objective type questions

1. Name an efficient way to convey an idea in a small amount of space

A. Iconography

B. Balance

C. Proportion

D. Hierarchy

Answer:  Iconography

2. What happens when you include black to hue (color)?

A. Tint

B. Tone

C. Shade

Answer: Shade

3. What’s the space between characters called

A. Tracking

B. Line-height

C.  Leading

D. Kerning

Answer:  Kerning

4. What is the height of the letter that does not include descenders or ascenders

A.  Cap Height

B.  X Height

C.  Kerning

D.  None of the options

Answer: X Height

5. Name the design concept of making items represented to resemble their real-world counterparts

A.  Skeuomorphism

B. Minimalism

C. Material design


Answer: Skeuomorphism

6. Select the color scheme you get by mixing different tones, shades and tints within a specific hue

A. Monochromatic

B. Analogous

C. Complimentary

Answer: Monochromatic

7. What happens when you include black to a Hue (color)?

A. Shade

B. Tone

C. Tint

Answer: Shade

8. What’s the measure of the purity of color

A. Chroma

B. Value

C. Luminance

D. Tint

Answer: Chroma

9. Name the design language system developed by Google

A. Material design

B. Android


Answer: Material design

10. Which one of these options denotes the colour of an object

A. Value

B. Chroma

C. Tone

D. Hue

Answer: Hue

11. What is the white space located inside letters like O & P called

A. Serif

B. Descender

C. Counter

D. Ascender

Answer: Counter

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