Transaction Codes in SAP Workflow

Hello friends, in this article we are going to see what are important Transaction Codes in SAP ABAP.

Transaction CodeDescription
OOAWEvaluation paths
PFAC_CHGChange roles
PFAC_DELDelete roles
PFAC_DISDisplay roles
PFAC_INSCreate roles
PFOM      Maintain assignment to SAP organizational objects
PFOSDisplay assignment to SAP organizational objects
PFSOOrganizational environment of a user
PFTC_CHGChange tasks
PFTC_COPCopy tasks
PFTC_DELDelete tasks
PFTC_DISDisplay tasks
PFTC_INSCreate tasks
PPOCWCreate organizational plan
PPOMWMaintain organizational plan
PPOSWDisplay organizational plan
SWDAWorkflow Builder (Calls the Workflow Builder in alphanumeric mode)
SWDDWorkflow Builder
SWDSWorkflow Builder (Selection)
SWDD_CONFIGWorkflow configuration
SBWPThe Business Workplace
SWDC_DEFINITIONWorkflow Builder administration data
SWDC_RUNTIMEWorkflow runtime administration data
SWNCONFIGExtended notifications for business workflow
SWDMBusiness Workflow Explorer
SWEINSTEvaluation and maintenance of instance linkages
SWEINSTVCEvaluation and maintenance of instance linkages
SWE2Evaluation and maintenance of type linkages
SWE3Evaluation and maintenance of instance linkages
SWE4Switch event trace on/off
SWELDisplay event trace
RSWELOGDDelete event trace
SWECLink change documents to events
SWEDAssign change document objects to object types
SWEQADM_1Event queue administration
SWEQBROWSERAdministration of event queue browser
SWETYPVEvaluation and maintenance of type linkages
SWI1Selection report for work items
SWI2_FREQWork items per task
SWI2_DEADWork items with monitored deadlines
SWI2_DURAWork items by processing duration
SWI11Tasks in workflows
SWI13Task profile
SWI5Workload analysis
SWL1Settings for dynamic columns
SWLVMaintain work item views
SWFVISUParameters for Work Item Visualization in the UWL
SWO1Business Object Builder
SWO6Customizing object types
SWR_WEBSERVERCustomizing Web server
SWU_CONT_PERSISTENCEAdministration of container persistence
SWU_EWCDWizard for event creation using change documents
SWU_EWLISWizard for event creation using the Logistics Information System
SWU_BTEWizard for event creation using Business Transaction Events
SWU0Event simulation
SWU2RFC monitor
SWU3Automatic Workflow Customizing
SWU4Consistency check for standard tasks
SWU5Consistency check for customer tasks
SWU6Consistency check for workflow tasks
SWU7Consistency check for workflow templates
SWU8Switch workflow trace on/off
SWU9Display workflow trace
SWU10Delete workflow trace
SWUDDiagnostic tools
SWUETrigger event
SWUIStart workflows/tasks
SWUSTesting workflows/tasks
SWXMLDisplay XML documents
SWUYWizard for linking messages to workflows
SWWCOND_INSERTSchedule background job for work item deadline monitoring
SWWCLEAR_INSERTSchedule background job for clearing tasks
RSWWCONDExecute single background job for work item deadline monitoring
RSWWCLEARExecute work item clearing work once
WF_HANDCUSTWebFlow service handler maintenance
WF_EXTSRVMaintain Web Service Repository
WFWSImport WSDL files

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