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Exception handling In SAP Workflow

From the release of SAP® NW04 version, SAP® has introduced many new features among which exception handling is one.Exception handling is done in workflow using Blocks (TRY-CATCH mechanism).  “Blocks” is one of the new features introduced from NW04 version.  This document details about the usage of Blocks and the approach to trigger and handle the … Read more

Transaction Codes in SAP Workflow

Hello friends, in this article we are going to see what are important Transaction Codes in SAP ABAP. Transaction Code Description OOAW Evaluation paths PFAC_CHG Change roles PFAC_DEL Delete roles PFAC_DIS Display roles PFAC_INS Create roles PFOM       Maintain assignment to SAP organizational objects PFOS Display assignment to SAP organizational objects PFSO Organizational environment of a … Read more