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One of Accenture’s clients is considering a major Cloud transformation project but is concerned about the time and costs associated with such an initiative. What should Accenture’s security team focus on to address this particular client’s concern?

A.Accenture’s Information Security Team uses waterfall methodology to ensure the migration is fully documented.

B.Accenture has developed accelerators that can deploy specific security controls to Cloud environments in just a few hours, thereby reducing costs.

C Accenture will delay the migration if there are vulnerabilities present in the client’s current systems.

D.Accenture is the only company that has the experience needed to implement major Cloud transformations.


Accenture has engaged with a new financial client who is looking for a comprehensive, company-wide security solution, and has operations in Europe. When designing the client’s solution, what should be prioritized between Confidentiality. Integrity, and Availability (CIA)?

A. Integrity to make sure money is transferred to the appropriate accounts followed by Availability then Confidentiality.

B. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are strictly controlled by the European government.

C. Confidentiality because of the industry and regulations followed by Integrity, then Availability.

D. Availability to protect the lives of the operators followed by Confidentiality, then Integrity


An intruder with malicious intent breaks into an office and steals a hard drive containing sensitive information about the company’s business. However, when attempting to access the drive’s contents, the intruder is met with the company’s authentication protocols and data encryption measures. What type of security is illustrated in this example?

A.Product Security

B. Data Security

C. Cyber Intelligence.

D. Governance


A large retail corporation is trying to minimize the possibility of a cyberattack on customer data. What would be a recommended strategy for preventing an attack?

A. Focus full attention and corporate resources on addressing known threats.

B. Ensure compliance with applicable security standards for the retail industry.

C. Focus on one potential threat and become experts in that type of threat protection.

D. Engage in penetration testing to uncover ways hackers might access the data.


The European Union (EU)’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) places a broad number of restrictions on the collection and transfer of individuals’ personal data. A company based in the US that does business with several clients in the EU realizes that not all of its current security practices align with GDPR standards. The company drafts an action plan to address these issues and resolve them accordingly. Which security principle is illustrated in this example?


B. Governance

C. Compliance

D. Risk Management


A large global retail corporation has experienced a security breach, which includes personal data of employees and customers. What would Accenture offer as the best solution to ensure enhanced security in the future?

A. strategies to identify vulnerabilities and create defenses against them

B. strategies to implement a hash algorithm across multiple data systems

C. solutions for developing improved applications and installing them

D. solutions for formalizing governance and ensuring compliance with laws


Which principle is in effect when an analyst has a lower level of access than a Client Account Lead
(CAL) working on the same project?

A. The Principle of Superposition

B.The Principle of Known Threat Management

C. The Principle of Least Privilege

D. The Privileges and Immunities Principle


For what reason can security risks never be fully eliminated?

A. New security regulations make it impossible for organizations to evaluate security risks.

B. Implementing new security measures is not important.

C. The threat landscape is constantly evolving with new threats emerging all the time.

D. There is no secure way to ensure the integrity of data when it is in transit.


Why is it a priority to ensure Accenture’s employees are knowledgeable about maintaining corporate cybersecurity practices?

A. Employees must respond to auditors conducting risk and compliance reviews.

B. Fortune 100 companies are the most likely targets for security failure.

C. Humans are most often the weakest link in any security program.

D. It is important that Accenture employees finish their E&C training.


Which term refers to the process of creating and deploying applications that are secure from the start?

A.Compliance Assessment



D. Risk Management


Company A acquired Company B and they realize that their standard security policy documents do not match. They escalate this issue to the company’s central Security team, who implements a plan to formalize security strategy, high-level responsibilities, policies and procedures around security of both companies. Which security principle is illustrated in this example?

A Compliance

B. Governance

C. Risk Management

D. Availability


Accenture is helping a major retailer migrate to the Cloud. The client has aggressive timelines and is worried that security will be compromised How can Accenture help the client?

A.Accenture should advise the client to wait until the next phase to implement security controls

B.Accenture should develop a custom solution and suggest a timeline extension

C.Accenture recommends that the additional security controls are not needed since the Cloud is secure by default

D. Accenture has developed accelerators that can deploy specific security controls in hours, a task that used to take months


When companies study the possibility of moving to the Cloud, they often perceive that security is a roadblock to making things happen quickly. What should Accenture tell a client about their capabilities?

A. Accenture’s security solution is so robust that it can be deployed on top of an existing system on the Cloud with no impact.

B. After monitoring the security solution, Accenture can provide a few additional personnel to develop workarounds.

C. Once an incident occurs, Accenture establishes controls to block accidental or malicious activities.

D. Accenture integrates security early in the process and implements their own patented innovations to automate processes and migrate in a much shorter period of time.


What is “defense in depth”?

A. when security is an ongoing process rather than a one-and-done

B. security defense that is confidential, integrous, and available

C. when security is part of the design process and built in from the start

D. security designed with multiple levels of fail-safe practices


Which term refers to a process that is deployed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data while being stored or when it is transmitted?

A. Access Management

B. Cloud Computing

C Encryption

D Security Operations


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