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1.Which of the following actions would ensure that privacy of customer data would be maintained?

  1. Shred confidential customer data if not required
  2. Keeping PC or laptop unlocked
  3. Keeping any confidential and sensitive data under lock and key
  4. All of the above

Ans: 1

2.At the day end, if you find your colleague has left the document containing customer/employee personal data, what would you do?

  1. Leave the documents as it is
  2. Inform the colleague the next day
  3. Shred it
  4. Lock it in your drawer and sensitise him/her the next day

Ans: 4

3.Improper handling of data can cause serious consequences to which of the following:

  1. Organisation
  2. Customer
  3. Staff
  4. All of the above

Ans: 4

4. A bank sends out annual statements through post to its customers detailing transactions on their deposit accounts during the previous year. The bank wishes to print the below on the
envelope. Out of the below mentioned what can be printed on the envelope:

  1. Name
  2. Account number
  3. Address
  4. Date of Birth

Ans: 1 3

5.A guardian approaches a bank for details of the minor. What should one do

  1. Deny the request
  2. Share the details directly
  3. Share the details after verifying the guardianship with banks records
  4. Share the details after verifying the power of attorney given by the minor

Ans: 3

6.Mr. X an employee of the bank meets the client and collects the customer details. After his dealing with the client, he would be proceeding on leave from the next day. What should Mr. X

  1. Keep the document with himself
  2. Submit the documents after his return from the leave.
  3. Go to office and submit the documents to the appropriate authority before proceeding on leave
  4. Hand it over to his colleague to deposit in office

Ans: 3

7.Can the performance related data of any employee be shared with other employees/outside parties.

Ans – No

8. Mr. X was carrying a laptop containing large amount of customer data for some official purpose. On the way, the laptop was stolen. What could have prevented the loss of customer

  1. Encryption of laptop
  2. Not carrying the laptop with him
  3. Insuring the laptop

Ans: 1

9.An official of the Financial Intelligence Unit has sought for the transaction details of some listed customers, as they suspect some suspicion in the activities in these accounts. What should
one do in such situations:

  1. Provide the details at his official address after verifying the identity of the official
  2. Obtain prior consent from the customer before sharing such details
  3. Deny the official the desired details
  4. Obtain concurrence from the concerned team before sharing the details

Ans: 1 4

10. An employee of the Group Company seeks details of the bank customers, to cross sell their products. What should one do, in such a situation:

  1. Share the customer details with the staff of the Group Company as the details are getting shared within the Group itself.
  2. Deny sharing of the customer details with the staff of Group Company
  3. Share the details of only those members who have opted for cross sell.

Ans: 3

11.Bank makes a service call to the customer. But, the customer was not available on the call. It was answered by his wife. Wife is not a joint account holder. Wife desires to know the account
balance of the customer. What should be done in such a scenario:

  1. Deny the request plainly
  2. Inform the person who attended the call that since she is not the joint account holder details could not be shared with her.
  3. Accept the request on the basis of relationship and share the details with her.

Ans: 2

12.Data privacy is protection of following under the possession of the organisation

  1. Employee Data
  2. Internal policies of the bank
  3. Customer Data

Ans: 1 2

13.An employee having an access to finacle receives a call from his friend enquiring about a transaction in his account. What should be done in such a scenario:

  1. Provide the details as he is a friend
  2. Turn down the request
  3. Direct him to the phone banking team as the process of customer identification is a pre-requisite.

Ans: 3

14.An employer is investigating allegations of harassment against one of its employees. The employee in question emails the HR department demanding that the investigation be discontinued and that any notes about it may be destroyed as he appeals that the allegation is untrue. In such a situation what should be done to keep the data accurate.

  1. As requested by employee, delete the records of investigation from the employee file
  2. Retain the record of investigation
  3. Deny the employees request
  4. Retain the record of investigation and add a note to the file recording the employee’s insistence that allegations are untrue.

Ans: 4

15.Data Privacy is the responsibility of the ______________of the organisation.

  1. Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Competitors

Ans: 2

16.If you have to send personal data of customer through mail for official requirement, what needs to be ensured:

  1. Send password protected files
  2. State the customer identification details in the subject heading
  3. State the password in the body of the mail

Ans: 1

17.Does sharing an existing customer’s name and account balance with a prospective client amount to breach of data privacy.

Ans – Yes

18.One can share his/her password with:

  1. Colleagues
  2. Superiors
  3. IT Team
  4. None of the above

Ans: 4

19.An employee in his individual capacity keeps a database of his friend and relatives including their name, address and date of birth on his office PC. In case of loss of data who can be held

Ans – Employee himself

20.An individual approaches the branch, praises the branch manager and staff for the manner in which the customers are treated. He shares an account number of his friend with the staff and demands an account statement from him. What should the branch staff do in such a situation:

  1. Should share the details if the staff knows the individual personally
  2. Should never share the details
  3. Should share the details only if he provides a proper authorisation letter from the customer

Ans: 3

21. A well known film actor opens an account with the bank. The personnel processing the account opening form and account opening cheque wishes to share the good news with someone.
With whom can he share these details:

  1. Friends
  2. Relatives
  3. Colleagues from other department
  4. None of the above

Ans: 4

22.Which of the following is personal data for corporates

  1. Published Annual Report of the corporate
  2. Internal credit rating assigned by the bank
  3. Strategic decisions of corporate entities
  4. Financial Projections made by the corporate entity

Ans: 2 3 4

23.Which of the following is not a Personal Data

  1. Bank Account Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. None of the above

Ans: 3

24.Tax authorities demand for the personal details of the employees viz, the employee’s pay. In such a scenario what should the employer do:

  1. Obtain employee consent before sharing the details
  2. Employer should not provide the details to anyone except the employee.
  3. Employer can share the details as he is under the legal obligation to do so.

Ans: 3

25.A relationship manager (RM) meets the prospective customer for the sale of a product. During the conversation, RM can give the following references:

  1. Reference of another customer who has purchased the product
  2. All of the above
  3. The performance of the product
  4. At best the total number of customers who have purchased the product

Ans: 3 4

25.A customer has closed his relationship with the bank. In this case

  1. The bank has to delete all the information pertaining to the customer
  2. The bank can keep the entire details of the customer and can share it with others
  3. The bank can keep the basic details as required by the regulator and maintain confidentiality
  4. The bank can keep the basic details as required by the regulator and share it with others

Ans: 3

26.A person approaches the branch and request for a bank statement of his friend. The branch official should provide the statement only after verifying:

  1. ID card of the person who approached the bank
  2. Address proof
  3. All of the above
  4. Authorisation letter

Ans: 4

27.A person approaches a branch seeking information pertaining to a certain account with a formal request letter. The branch official should provide the information to the official id of the
person, if he is:

  1. An official from tax authority
  2. The customers neighbour
  3. The customers office colleague
  4. An official from FIU

Ans: 3 4

28.Which of the following statements are correct

  1. Share customer details with your colleagues
  2. Lock your drawers and cabinets when not in use
  3. Send customer details only through password protected files
  4. Keep customer details on soft board

Ans: 2 3

29.Identify the purpose of collecting the information

  1. At the time of collection
  2. Before the collection
  3. After the collection

Ans: 1 2

30.When can the disclosure be made without the consent of the customer

  1. Under compulsion of law
  2. To the Group company
  3. To the regulatory authority
  4. When it is in the public interest

Ans: 1 3 4

31.Which of the following is not a form of Privacy

  1. Data Privacy
  2. Physical Privacy
  3. Communication Privacy
  4. None of the above

Ans: 4

32.Following are the most common causes for Privacy Breach:

  1. Data Stolen
  2. Data Lost
  3. Faulty business procedure
  4. Mistakenly disclosed information

Ans: 1 2 3 4

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