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Q1.How can interference benefit a quantum system?

A. by analyzing each of the possible paths one at a time
B. by forcing each qubit to represent a value of either O or 1
C. by helping to reinforce the paths to the best results
D.by preventing qubits from interacting with one another

Ans: A

Q2.A trucking company is expanding its business and recently added 50 new trucks to its fleet delivering to numerous locations. The company is facing some challenges managing the new additions. Which of the company’s problems could be solved more easily using quantum computing?

A. automating the inventory operations to handle the expansion
B. tracking to ensure that shipments are sent and received on time
C. routing the trucks effectively to optimize fuel consumption
D. collecting travel data from all the company’s trucks in real-time

Ans: C

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Q3.How will quantum computing affect artificial intelligence applications?

A. Artificial Intelligence will evolve to become self-aware.
B.artificial intelligence will instantly solve optimization problems.
C. Blas in machine learning will be completely eliminated.
D. Machine learning algorithms will become much faster.

Ans: D

Q4. Which part of the drug discovery life cycle can quantum computing impact the most?

A. regulatory approval
B.molecular simulation
C. laboratory testing
D. clinical trials

Ans: A

Q5. What is a current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing?

A. Steering qubits towards desired states will introduce bias.
B. Computers will replace humans in all decision-making tasks
C. Algorithmic trading may cause stock market instability
D. Existing cryptography may be easily cracked

Ans: A

Q6. Which element of Accenture’s applied quantum computing strategy directly delivers value to clients?

A.researching new materials for super-conductivity
B.hosting a data center for quantum computers.
C. Solving real-world needs with industry knowledge
D. developing quantum computing chip architectures

Ans: C

Q7. Given a list of cities on a map and the distances between them, what does the “Traveling Salesman Problem” attempt to determine?

A. the shortest continuous route traveling through all cities
B. the longitude and latitude of each of the cities
C. the two cities that are farthest apart from one another
D. the average distance between all combinations of cities

Ans: A

Q8. Which statement describes the current availability of quantum computers?

A. They are owned by a few companies, but available to many.
B. They will be developed for home installation within the next decade.
C. They are widely available and affordable in consumer retail stores.
D. They are currently only available on certain mobile devices.

Ans: A

Q9. Why is quantum computing potentially a better fit for weather forecasting than classical computers?

A. it can store extensive data for better pattern recognition.
B.It can be easily installed at locations around the globe.
C.It can function efficiently when stored at high temperatures.
D.It can perform advanced simulations more efficiently

Ans: D

Q10. What is a barrier to entry preventing quantum computing hardware from becoming more widely available?

A.They are limited to solving only intractable problems.
B. They cost companies millions of dollars to manufacture.
C. They are not expected to save data for more than a year.
D. They need to be kept at a constant temperature of 0°C

Ans: B

Q11. What is meant by “applied quantum computing?”

A. processing simple mathematical functions more quickly
B.installing quantum computers directly in company offices
C. building more advanced quantum computing hardware
D. using quantum computers to solve real business problems

Ans: D

Q12. Which term describes the action of a qubit that moves from superposition to 1 or after measurement?


Ans: A

Q13. What does Accenture recommend quantum computing early adopters do to gain a competitive advantage?

A. Develop a quantum computing strategy as soon as possible.
B. Adopt a “wait-and-see” approach to quantum technology.
C. Re-invest most of their profits into quantum computing.
D. Replace all their classical computers with quantum computers.

Ans: A

Q14.How is a collapsed qubit similar to a bit?

A. It can stay in a state of superposition.
B. It has numerous potential paths to follow.
C. It has a single value of either O or 1.
D. It is still dependent on its counterparts.

Ans: C

Q15. Which problem is more effectively solved using quantum computing rather than classical computers?

A.large database searches
B. multiplication of integers
C. rearranging terms in equations
D. sorting elements on a list

Ans: c

Q16.What is a benefit of interference in quantum computing?

A.It reinforces certain results and helps identify good paths.
B. It allows for encryption of data within large databases.
C. It helps to untangle qubits so that they reveal better paths
D. Hicrimtc ronpatahlo nrnnpssps and allows for automation

Ans: A

Q17.What is an example of using quantum computing for sustainable practices?

A.installing edge computing devices in common public places.
B. improving the efficiency of batteries on electric cars
C. mining cryptocurrency using multiple connected computers
D. storing large computing in high-altitude conditions

Ans: A

Q18.Which term refers to the strong information correlation between qubits?

A.linear combination
B. coherence
C. entanglement
D. quantum annealing

Ans: C

Q19.Why is quantum computing useful for optimization problems?

A. It uses human intuition to only explore certain potential solutions.
B. It divides the intractable complexity into bits to calculate simple solutions.

C. It can perform operations on a combination of all possible solutions.
D. It evaluates solutions one by one in a sequential manner.

Ans: B

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  1. Which part of the drug discovery life cycle can quantum computing impact the most?
    A. regulatory approval
    B.molecular simulation
    C. laboratory testing
    D. clinical trials

    *I think it should be molecular simulation

  2. Why might businesses be interested in using quantum computers?

    to run mobile apps more quickly
    to process extremely large data sets
    to solve intractable problems
    to create graphics for immersive environments
    I don’t know this yet.

  3. Which situation is a current example of a use case in quantum computing?

    1. automating payroll processing for a large global company
    2. simulating molecular interactions in the chemicals industry
    3. maintaining inventory count at a warehouse facility
    4. storing large data sets to solve for patterns and anomalies

  4. Which technology is making quantum computing easier to access and adopt?

    A. Cloud
    B. Edge Computing
    C. Virtual Reality
    D. Blockchain

  5. What can quantum computers do more efficiently than regular computers?

    A. Monitor medical equipment for greater efficiency.
    B. Automate routine hospital administrative tasks.
    C. Map disaster areas after major adverse events.
    D. Provide accurate warning of extreme weather events.

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