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PL SQL Multiple Choice Question Answer

51.Which of the following library can store program units in oracle forms?

a)PL SQL Library
b)Object Library
c)object Navigator
d)Data Library

Ans: A

52.Ram wants to make TOTAL PRICE item to be non-editable in orders form
when the form applets loads. Select the appropriate trigger to achieve
the same.


Ans: D

53.Customer name is mandatory field in customer form, What are the
different ways to achieve this?

a)Go to property Palette of customer name and set required yes.
bwrite a code in when-validate-item of customer name to check whether
customer name is null.If null,raise a form error.

a)Only A is correct option
blonly B is correct option
c)Either A or B is suffice

d)Both A and B or needed

Ans: C

54.Choose the correct line of code to programatically set a visual
attribute named ‘VA_ERROR’ to item item1 present to block1?

Ans: SETITEM_PROPERTY(‘block1.item1′,current_record_attribute,’VA_ERROR’)

55.The requirement is to ensure that the fields are loaded with data when
the form opens up.
which trigger can be used for this requirement?


Ans: B

56.Which of the following operations can be done with the ‘when-buttonpressed’ trigger?

a)Forms and Block Navigation
bjSaving the Form data
c)Invoking Calculations

Ans: D

57.Ramesh has created a form in which data block is created using wizard.
Which of the following builtin and trigger combination
should be used to load the data into the form, when the form loads?

When-new-form-instance, EXECUTE_QUERY

58.which of the following trigger can be used to perform datablock level


59.which of the following options can be used to raise an error in a form

brise trigger_form
craise form_trigger_failure
d)pragma exception init

Ans: C

60)Which of the following builtin is used to load an image in a image


Ans: B

61)What are the different types of delete details we can have on master
detail forms?

ANS:-Non-Isolate,Cascade, Isolate

62)What are the different default triggers created when Master Deletes
Property is set to Cascade?
Master Deletes Property Resulting Triggers

a)Cascading On-Clear-Details
d) all

Ans: D

63)Which of the following contains the select statement associated with
LOV in oracle forms?

a)Record Group
b)Block Group
c)Object Group
d)PLSQL Library

Ans: A

64)Which of the valid canvas view?

aContent Canvas
b)Stacked Canvas
c)Horizontal Toolbar Canvas

Ans: D

65)The form builder launches a web browser and specifies the URL to run
the form. Inorder to run the form,there must be an
HTTP listener already started and goes by the name

a)Form Runtime Listener
b)OC4J HTTP Listener
c)Forms Listener
d)HTTP Listener

Ans: B

66)Which among the following can be classified as Navigational triggers?

ANS:-Pre-BLock, Post-Form,Post-Record etc.

67)while creating a master-detail form identify the trigger that will get
fired to check if the join column value in the master block is NULL or


68)Amit has placed two text items and a push button on the canvas. Pick
the triggers that get executed when he presses the tab key.


Ans: A,C,D

69)The CUST_DEPT form has called the ORD_DET form for the user to enter
the order details for the customer. The CALL_FORM function has been used
to call
ORD_DET from CUST_DET. what is the feature of the CALL_FORM function?

ANS-When called form completes the operation, it releases lock and control goes back to the calling form.

70)Under which situations does the following error occur: No master
Blocks are available.

ANS:-If the foreign key is not defined at the block level.

71)Which of the following functions can be accomplished only with the use
of key triggers?

1.Changing function keys default functionalityY
2.Disabling function keys

72)Which of the following module of oracle forms builder a menu can be
attached in the property palette?

a)Form Module
b)PL/SQL cursor
c)Object Library

Ans: A

73)Which of the following is used to retrieve the name of the item that
caused the ON-ERROR trigger to fire?


74) In Master Detail Block, Which of the following value has to be set to
‘DELETE RECORD BEHAVIOUR’ so that a Master record can be deleted, but
the associated Detail Records are not affected?


Ans: D

75)Which two statements about FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE are true?(choose two)

a)You cannot raise FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE in a exception handler.
b)FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE does not cause an unhandled exception.
c)FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE causes a trigger to fail in a controlled manner.
d)lf you use FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE to fail a trigger that is called by
another trigger,the called trigger automatically fails.
e)Processing continues after FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE is raised until the end
of the PL/sQL block that contains it.
f)You must code an exception handler to define how you want the

Ans: BC

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