[PDF]Communication In English Multiple Choice Questions and answers

Hello friends in this post we will discuss about Communication in English Multiple Choice Questions and answers pdf. These questions are asked in various examination like college exams, University exams, School examination you can refer them for study. 

[PDF]Communication In English Multiple Choice Questions and answers

1. A sentence that sounds like an afterthought might begin with which of the following?

A) And we have a new training program…
B) Furthermore, the tax laws are in our
C) Moreover, it is getting increasing
D) But in the future we will try to… 
Ans : A 

2. Which of the following will help make your business writing easy to read?

A) Using nouns rather than verbs to carry the
weight of sentences
B) Increasing wordiness
C) Using transition words that link ideas
D) Using passive verbs more often than active
Ans : C 

3. Which of the following is NOT a consideration when choosing words to communicate an idea?

A) the words you used so far in the message
B) whether the message will be printed or sent
via e-mail
C) the audience you are addressing
D) the situation that you are dealing with 
Ans : B 

4. Which is an indication that a writer is confident?

A) The writer presents a good deal of
information before stating the main idea.
B) The writer gets right to the point, wasting
as few words as possible.
C) The presentation style is very indirect.
D) The writer relies more on nouns than verbs
to carry the weight of sentences. 
Ans : B 

5. Reports that will be read at later dates by people from different backgrounds should

A) be written very informally
B) use personal pronouns
C) use contractions
D) spell out acronyms the first time they
appear in the document 
Ans : D 

6. In which situation would it be appropriate to use technical jargon in a document?

A) In a job application letter for a highly
specialized position
B) In a brochure targeted at the general public
C) In a memo to the accounting department in
your company
D) In a press release announcing that the
company has hired a new executive 
Ans : A 

7. Passive verbs would NOT be used if the goal is to

A) emphasize the object receiving the action,
not the agent.
B) make it clear who is responsible for doing
the action when there is no agent in the
C) provide coherence within a paragraph.
D) avoid assigning blame. 
Ans : B 

8. A topic sentence in a paragraph

A) forecasts the structure, but not the content,
of a paragraph.
B) is only used for paragraphs that contain
more than one idea.
C) is most effective when it is very explicit.
D) appears at the end of the paragraph as a
summary statement. 
Ans : C 

9. “The members of SIFE are actively involved in

business-related community service work” is a sentence that appeared in the local newspaper. the problem with it is

a) sife is an informal contraction.
b) sife is an unfamiliar acronym.
c) sife is an emotionally charged term.
d) sife’s work was all done outside of the
local community 
Ans : B 

10. transition words that indicate cause and effect include

a) to illustrate
b) on the other hand
c) for this reason
d) in addition 
Ans : C 

11. which of the following will help make your business writing easy to read?

a) consistent sentence length for all sentences
b) wordiness
c) business jargon
d) parallel structure 
Ans : D 

12. which of the following sentences that begin a letter is appropriate for contemporary business communication?

a) “here are the contracts you requested.”
b) “pursuant to your request, we are
forwarding you the contracts you requested.”
c) “your contracts are enclosed herewith.”
d) “enclosed please find the contracts you
Ans : A 

13. which of the following makes business writing effective if used consistently?

a) sentence fragments
b) active verbs
c) short words with highly technical
d) short choppy sentences 
Ans : B 

14. When compared to research papers prepared for college courses, business and administrative writing is

A) more formal.
B) less friendly.
C) less concerned about technical errors.
D) more personal. 
Ans : D 

15. Warren Bent is preparing a brief memo to his staff to explain a new policy. Which of the following should NOT be included in the memo?

A) Personal pronouns
B) Contractions
C) Gerunds
D) Minor grammatical lapses
Ans : D 

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