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1.We can schedule “any” kind of process using an application Engine? State True/False

Ans – True

2.What is/are the Different type(s) of Application Engine Programs? Choose the most appropriate option.

A.Daemon only

B.Import Only

C.Transform Only

D.all the above


3.We can use SQL objects in an Application Engine. State True or False.

Ans – True

4.Multiple instances of the same application engine exist in the process scheduler assuming one/more of them have to go No Success. State True or False

Ans – True

5.Can an application Engine be used to send out emails? Choose most appropriate option.

Ans – True

6.Which of these are valid Meta SQL statements? Choose most appropriate option



D.All of the abov


7.What is the maximum count of Temp tables that could be used in an Application Instance? Choose most appropriate option

ANS – 99

8.A component which uses SENDMAIL function, to Send Email.A component interface which is created top of the Component, will use the following function to send email?

ANS – TriggerBusinessEvent

9.Which character is used for padding a field? Choose appropriate option

ANS – Space ( )

10.Which of the following Qualifier property will have higher presidency over others? Choose appropriate option

ANS – Field Qualifier in File Field

11.How do you declare a string variable in SQR program? Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – Use Declare-variable, directly use it in the expression with “$” prefix.

12.What is the use of “ASK” statement? Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – It prompts the user for values, These values can be placed in substitution variable.

13.What is wrong in the below statement ? BEGIN-SELECT EMPLID ON-BREAK BEFORE=Before-Emplid-Change AFTER=After-Emplid-Change Procedure=On-Emplid-Change NAME END-SELECT Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – Procedure=On-Emplid-Change

14.What is the result of MOVE ‘20,123.50’ TO #total Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – 20.

15.How do you get the status of closing file? Choose appropriate option

ANS – Once the file is closed, you can’t get the status of the command

16.Which of the following is true in SQR? Choose appropriate option

ANS – Open $file as 1 for- reading record=100:fixed Close 1.

17.How do you generate only nn pages of the program output report? Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – Use -Tnn command

18.The section or the location where the SQC file can be included, is dependent on: Choose most appropriate option

ANS – Contents of the SQC file

19. When I attached the SQR to process scheduler and ran the program online, I am not able to see the success status of the program in process monitor even though my program ran successfully. Which of the following should I do?
Choose most appropriate option.

A.Include stdapi.sqc

B.Call Stdapi-Term in your sqr

C.Call stdapi-init in your sqr

D.All of the above


20.Which standard procedure retrieves input parameters like Process_ Instance, Operator Id, and Run control Id.? Choose most appropriate option

ANS – Get-Run-Control-Params procedure, in PRCSAPI.SQC.

21.Which of the following is true about Arrays? Choose most appropriate option

A. Arrays can be used to store intermediate results or data retrieved from the database.

B. Arrays are created using Create-Array

C. SQR creates array before a program starts to execute.

D. Create array command can be used in any section of the SQR.

E.All of the above


22.What is the purpose of QUIET when used with STOP? Choose most appropriate option

ANS – Completes the SQR with a message “SQR: End Of Run.”

23.What is the output of Print ‘ABCDEFG'(1,1) edit xxx~x~~? Choose most appropriate option.


24.What is the purpose of Quiet when used along with load-lookup? Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – Suppresses the message “Loading lookup array…”

25.How do you retrieve data from array elements? Choose most appropriate option.

ANS – By using “get” command

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