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1.APW POD is

an entry point for all NAD users with access that is policy driven and as per role defined

2. Automated development pipeline is available in which PoD-


3. BDD stands for

Behavior driven development

4.CaaS stands for

Capability as a service

5. Capability as a Service enables the Project Manager to

Plan for resources and infrastructure

6. Collection of loosely coupled services, which implement business capabilities, is called-


7. FMO stands for

Future Mode of Operation

8. Following is not a prototyping tools –


9. Gamification is a key feature in


10. How many POD’s are there in #NAD? –


11. If an associate wants to upskill himself on new age tools he would approach


12. In which POD user stories and features are defined –


13. Key Benefits of New Age Delivery

are smart planning, Reduction in project cycle time, Improved customer experience.

14. NAD platform is hosted on


15. NAD will enable Delivery transformation in terms of which factors-

Quality and Time

16. New Age Delivery is a


17.New skill units will be designed by


18. On CAST analysis, TQI score of 3.62 indicates

Low Risk

19. Partner onboarding is one of key features in

CaaS and UaaS

20. Portfolio consists of

Set of colonies where reusable assets are stored

21. Proactive early warnings will be given by


22. Prototyping can be done as a part of


23. Rapid prototyping with continuous delivery contributes to which theme –

Speed of delivery

24. Reusable data lakes are part of


25. Schedule variance/technical debt is

a new age metric.

26. Skill unit represents

Skills required for the scrum team for Full-stack design and development

27. Smart planning is a feature of _______ POD

CaaS .

28. The #NAD prototype is available to all on

29. The following below are not NAD tools –

Microsoft project

30. What are the concepts of “Factory of Future” –

Reusability and BizDevOps

31. What are traits of a portfolio –

set of colonies, reusable assets, tagged for industry, domain

32. What does NAD stands for

New Age Delivery

33. What is DiCD?-

Digital Inside Continuous Delivery

34. Which among these roles are available in NAD?

Project Manager

35. Which development procedure is followed to develop micro services in NAD-

Behavior Driven development

36. Which is the entry point for the project in NAD-


37. Which of the below 2 PODs are part of #NAD?


38. Which of the below is not a health parameter of CAST analysis –


39. Which of the below is not a learning platform-


40. Which of the below tools help in process measurements of the code?

Sonar and CAST

41. Which of the following is an assessment platform –


42. Which of the POD provides automated Governance in #NAD?


43.Which of these is a collaboration tool?-


44. Which one is the feature of CaaS?

Planning for user story, SKU-RU, infra,environment

45. Which out of these is not a feature of #NAD-


46. Which POD is responsible for implementing Continuous Integration

– DiCD

47. Which PoD is responsible for Smart planning

– CaaS

48. Which POD provides a single view to all stakeholders?


49. Which POD uses design thinking principles and Rapid prototyping-


50. Who all can contribute to the platform

– customer, partner, college students

locations of service instances- Service discovery

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