Machine Learning Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Set 1

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machine learning multiple choice questions and answers pdf

Hello Friends In this Post We will discuss about Machine Learning MCQ and There Answers In Brief.

1.______is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building

ANSWER= (B) Machine Learning


2.Machine Learning is a branch of______

ANSWER= (A) Artificial Intelligence


3.Machine learning algorithms build a model based on sample data, known as ______

ANSWER= (C) Training Data


4. Machine learning approaches are traditionally divided into ____ broad categories

ANSWER= (C) Three


5.The term machine learning was coined by ______

ANSWER= (C) Arthur Samuel


6.The term machine learning was coined in ______

ANSWER= (D) 1959


7.representative book of the machine learning research during the 1960s was the ____ on Learning Machines.

ANSWER= (C) Nilsson’s book

8._____uses many machine learning methods, but with different goals.

ANSWER= (A)Data Mining

9.The difference between optimization and machine learning arises from the goal of______.

ANSWER= (C) Generalization

10.According to _____, the ideas of machine learning, from methodological principles to theoretical tools, have had a long pre-history in statistics.

ANSWER= (D) Michael I. Jordan

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