Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT MCQs with answers | INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Multiple choice questions | INTRODUCTION HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Objective type questions which are asked in various college and company exams.

Que:1 Human resource management emphasis-

a. Development of people b. Punishment of people c. Adoption of people d. None of these

Ans: a

Que:2 Human resource management is amalgam of-

a. Job analysis, recruitment and selection b. Social behaviour and business ethics c. Organisational behaviour, , personal management and industrial relation d. Employer and employees

Ans: c

Que:3 Planning, organizing and controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration of human resources to the end that objectives of individual, organisation and society are achieved given by-

a. Storey b. Flippo c. Vetter d. F.W. Taylor

Ans: b

Que:4 Operative functions of HRM includes-

a. Procurement, development, compensation & motivation b. Maintenance c. Integration and emerging trends d. All of these

Ans: d

Que:5 Basic managerial functions of HRM are-

a. Planning, organising, staffing b. Planning, organising and co-ordinating c. Planning, organising, directing and controlling d. None of these

Ans: c

Que: 6 Which of the following statement is/are correct?

a. HRM is a strategic management functions b. Under HRM employee is treated as resource c. HRM is the management of skills, talent and abilities d. HRM lacks the organisation to achieve its goals

Ans: b

Que:7 Following are the characteristics of HRM except-

a. Pervasive function b. Interdisciplinary function c. Integrating mechanism d. Job oriented

Ans: d

Que: 8 Challenges faced by Human resource management includes-

a. Technological changes, workforce diversity, globalisation b. Productivity, career planning c. Compensation management d. Downsizing and voluntary retirement scheme

Ans: a

Que: 9 The process of familiarizing the new employees to the organisation rulesand regulations is known as-

a. Placement b. Induction c. Recruitment d. Selection

Ans: b

Que: 10 Human resource management means-

a. A method which an organisation collects, maintains and reports information on people and jobs b. The process of integrating the employees’ needs and aspirations with organizational needs c. The process of bringing people and organisation together so that the goals of each are achieved d. The efforts to make life worth living for workers

Ans: c

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