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201.Projects should establish baselines at the end of each project stage. Typically, a baseline is created for each major stage of work, and the Team Lead for each stage (or the Project Manager) is responsible for creating that baseline. Which of the following
baseline will be supported for project’s work according to you?

a. Requirements Baseline
b. Integration Baseline
c. Architecture Baseline
d. Testing Baseline

Ans: a b c

202.Identify the correct order of risk investigation and rating process

A. Probability that that risk could be realized against an asset
B. Identification of potential risk areas
C. Risk investigation and rating process
D. Severity level of the risk
E. Defining the risk impact
F. Mitigation listing


203.Alex is the Scrum Master and he wants his team to do the Product Backlog Refinement ceremony in all seriousness. He is highlighting the purpose of Product Backlog
Refinement ceremony to the team. Which of the following is NOT a purpose of this ceremony?

a. Stories can be re-prioritized based on dependencies, if any
b. The team demonstrates current progress with the product owner to get quick
c. Removing user stories, if it is no longer relevant to the product and business
d. Ensures backlog contains appropriate items

Ans: B

204.Which SOLID principle helps the use to develop less coupled code by ensuring the high level modules depend on abstraction rather than concrete implementations of lower
level modules?

a. Interface segregation
b. Single responsibility
c. Dependency Inversion Principle
d. Open Closed Principle

Ans: C

205.A technique to render the untrusted data such as user input into literal text so that when any malicious code is input, it will not be executed and instead be displayed as plain text is called__________and used as a security measure against _.

a. Encryption, Cross Site Scripting
b. Encryption, Insufficient attack protection
c. Output Encoding, Cross Site scripting
d. Applying Least Privilege, Insufficient attack protection

Ans: C

206.CIs are the work products within the selected categories that the project wants under configuration control. Imagine you are the person for writing the CM Plan who typically
works with the Team Leads to document the CIs for the designated categories. Once the team determines the CM categories and the naming convention for each CI, it must
maintain a list of the actual CIs. Which role you are playing from below options.

a. Scrum Master Manager
b. Configuration Manager
c. Project Manager
d. Product Manager

Ans: B

207.What are guidelines that needs to be followed for managing bottlenecks during Optimization?

a. Identifying benefits of implementing complex algorithm does not out weigh the
time taken to create it.
b. Do performance testing on critical methods carrying business logic
c. Do not cache the result.
d. Increase memory space to make the program efficient in terms of speed.

Ans: A B D

208.Identify the order of steps for Code review process.

a. Conduct a review
b. Plan for a review
c. Resolve review points
d. Validate resolutions
e. Prepare for a review
f. Baseline a software work product

Ans: b, e, a, c, d, f

209.The option on e-commerce websites to make payments using credit,UPI,debit, COD and others is an example of ?

a. Dependency Inversion Principle 
b. Interface segregation
c. Single responsibility
d. Open Closed Principle

Ans: B

210.IF any team member, accidently , pushed the sensitive information in their project’s Private repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

a. Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately
b. No action needed as the repository is private and have access to only project
team members.
c. Remove the sensitive information from and delete the version
history immediately.
d. Copied code over to Accenture internal repository hence the code can be

Ans: A C

211.Which of the following is a set of automated processes that allows developers and operations to reliably and efficiently compile, build and deploy applications or services
to production environments or platforms?

a. DevOps Environment Pipeline
b. DevOps Delivery Pipeline
c. Continuous Integration
d. Accenture DevOps Platform

Ans: B

212.Identify the usage of sandboxes in Cloud Application Security.

a. Discover the impact of the applied malware
b. Discover vulnerabilities
c. Discover peek application performance
d. Discover attack vectors and agents
e. Discover application errors

Ans: a b d

213.What is the functionality of Data Cohesion in modules of projects ?

a. None of them
b. Both Option 1 and 2 
c. One module may be dependent on another module for data
d. If a module is independent of data from other modules

Ans: B

214.Accenture DevOps Platform (ADOP) is a cloud-hosted development and operations Environment that can be used for which of the following continuous process. Choose
Three most appropriate options.

a. Release
b. Planning
c. Monitoring
d. Testing

Ans: A C D

215.Which SOLID principle represents the following statement ” the vehicle is an abstract for truck and bike”?

a. Open/Closed Principle
b. Single Responsibility Principle
c. Dependency Inversion Principle
d. Liskov Substitution Principle

Ans: D

216.Which are the roles usually seen in the Custom Application Design in ADM?

a. Application Designer; User Experience Architect ; Data Architect; Integration
Solution Architect
b. Process Team Lead; RICEFW Functional Designer; Data Architect; Integration
Solution Architect
c. Application Designer; RICEFW Functional Designer; Data Architect; Integration
Solution Architect

Ans: A

217.Identify the message protection deployment modes.

a. Network -to-host
b. host-to-host
c. peer-to-peer
d. network-to-network

Ans: A B D

218.What are the components of Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

a. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Architecture, Metrics
b. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Process, Metrics
c. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Architecture, Metrics
d. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Process, Metrics

Ans: A

219.What is Takt Time?

a. Customer Request Received/Lead Time
b. Customer Demand Rate/Time Available
c. Customer Demand Rate/Time Already Spend
d. Customer Request Received/Cycle Time

Ans: B

220.Which statement best describes the use of Acceptance TDD?

a. Tests from the user’s point of view
b. Tests from the managers point of overview
c. Passes acceptance of the tests unto the end-user
d. Tests from the customer view without requiring the customer

Ans: A

221.In Accenture Code Quality Model, fundamental area of Performance and Scalability,
select the important considerations from below –

a. Sensitive data not being used or passed unnecessarily
b. Object pooling and recycling patterns
c. Parallel processing and concurrency
d. Data Encryption and encoding implementation

Ans: B C

222.Prof. Kevin is writing a white paper on a new survey he has made. To support his survey,
he has define the statements which are given below in correct order. Arrange the below
statements that depicts DevOps process and help Prof. Kevin.

  1. The build software product or feature(s) will be tested thoroughly by the testing team
    to ensure that the quality build is ready for deployment anytime.
  2. Once the deployments is done, the working product would be kept under surveillance
    to check fitness of the product under different circumstances
  3. The code committed by the all the team members is integrated into version control
    system, automated build process is initiated and finally results in a build whose source
    code is evaluated thoroughly
  4. The deployment may be automated or manual. If the deployment is automated, CD
    means Continuous Deployment otherwise Continuous Delivery.

a. 3,1,4 and 2
b. 3,1,2 and 4
c. 4,3,2 and 1
d. 3,4,2 and 1

Ans: A C D

223.What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS) support?

a. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Cloud
b. Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy
c. Technology, Industry, Operations, Security, and Strategy
d. Technology, Digital, Operations, and Strategy

Ans: B

224.Who should be responsible when an expert violates high cohesion and low coupling?

a. Closely look at domain/design model to locate the classes with low cohesion
and high coupling, Create a new class to take the responsibility of functionality
causing low cohesion and high coupling
b. All of the above
c. None of the above

Ans: B

225.What is the work / assets grouped by business area?

a. Workstream
b. Stage
c. Activity or Discipline

Ans: A

226.Arrange the following in the right sequence to achieve TDD:
i) Repeat over again until and run the test
ii)Run the unit tests
iii)Write a single unit test describing an aspect of the program
iv)Look at which of those tests should fail
v) Write just enough code
vi) Refactor the code

a. ii, iii, I, iv, v, vi
b. iv, iii, ii, vi, v, i
c. iii, ii, iv, v, vi, i
d. v, vi, iii, ii, iv, i

Ans: C

227.John has written code that includes multiple methods that is not synonymous with functionality of it. Many of those methods contain lots of nested statements, hard coded values and over 500 lines of code. What standard coding patterns would you suggest to him?

a. Group logically related statements for easy readability
b. Limit the method size between 100 and 150 code lines by refactoring it.
c. Name of methods does not matter.
d. It’s okay to have hard-coded values in the same code

Ans: A C

228.What is the major difference between the Product Backlog and the Sprint Backlog?

a. The Product Backlog is equal to the Sprint Backlog.
b. The Product Backlog is a subset of the Sprint Backlog.
c. The Sprint Backlog is owned by the Product Owner.
d. The Sprint Backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog.

Ans: D

229.In Scrum ban, impediments are

a. fixed
b. attended
c. hidden
d. avoided

Ans: D

230.Mr. Anthony is the Configuration Manager for the ABC Utility. He has to plan Configuration Management. Planning CM has a set of sequential steps associated with
it. Assume that you are part of CM Team and arrange the steps which are mentioned below in the sequential order while planning CM.

A. Levels of Control.
B. Selecting CIs
C. Determining categories of CM
D. Naming Conventions
E. Configuration Items(CIs)

Ans: C,A,E,D,B

231.Sohini is a new developer on XYZ e-commerce project. She has a written a piece of code for handling errors that may occur because of non availability of product in a cart
already added earlier. Her first task is to define these issue under a suitable category. Identify the correct category from the following options:

a. Technical Exceptions
b. Business Exceptions
c. Application Exceptions
d. Compiler Exceptions

Ans: B

232.What are the major challenges faced when performing test-driven database Development?

a. Layer dependencies being rigid
b. Schema changes breaking tests
c. Test framework using mock objects
d. Record availability causing database failures

Ans: A B

233.What happens when the sprint is cancelled?

a. The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release, and
incomplete items are put back into the Product Backlog.
b. The complete Sprint Backlog is put back to the Product Backlog.
c. The Scrum team disbands immediately.
d. The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release, and
incomplete items are discarded.

Ans: A

234.What relationship(s) can a work product have to task?

a. Input only
b. Output only
c. Optional input, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output.
d. Input and Output

Ans: C

235.Which of the following is not a Scrum Artifact?

a. Sprint Backlog
b. Release Backlog
c. Definition of Done
d. Product Backlog

Ans: C

236.What are some features a tool should have to facilitate TDD Agile database Development

a. Override database errors to track changes between revisions
b. Able to run tests in transactions to keep them independent
c. Implement tests in a built-in database testing language
d. Provide the ability to fake tables and views

Ans: C D

237.What are the different generic techniques followed in code optimization for independent platform?

a. Cache optimization techniques
b. Reducing the number of conditions.
c. Data-level parallelism
d. Using memory efficient routines

Ans: B D

238.Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM Control. ABC Utility is trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part
Of CM team and select the appropriate tool to use. Choose exactly THREE correct Options.

a. GitLab
b. VSS(Visual SourceSafe)
c. PVCS(Poly Version Control System)
d. Mercurial

Ans: B C D

239.Which of the following definitions provided by various personnel’s would correctly depicts CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT and is the most appropriate?
EVANA defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as what we do to make sure we have backed up our work.
DANIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as same thing as version control .
GABRIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as the process of identifying,
communicating, implementing, documenting, and managing work products in a structured and repeatable way.
JOE defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT is just for code, making sure right code gets
into the project at right time.

a. GABRIEL’s definition
b. EVANA’s definition
c. JOE’s definition
d. DANIEL’s definition

Ans: A

240.As part of cloud application security, which of the following are the identity and access
solutions provided by the cloud service providers?

a. Federation and Identity Provision
b. Role based authentication
c. Multifactor Authentication
d. Single Sign-On/Off

Ans: C D

241.Which of the following statements are correct about coding best practices and coding standards?

a. Coding best practices are collection of good programming practices and
experiences, which involve the use and improvement of coding standards.
b. Coding best practices and standards are automatically taken care
c. Coding standards improve the consistency and reliability of the code by
eliminating personal styles and by bringing symmetry to the application code,
irrespective of the developers involved.
d. Deliver High Quality Code

Ans: A C D

242.What is considered by the developers in regard to RESTFul API deployment?

a. Operation
b. Use HTTPS identity Authentication
c. Size of the application
d. Use API Keys
e. Protection Against Injection

Ans: B E D

243.If we need to apply design patterns, can we do it without the principles of object- oriented programing and standards?

a. Yes, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements
with procedural principles
b. No, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements
with object-oriented principles only
c. Yes, Design Patterns can be formed by principles, any programing language
and standard

Ans: B

244.a malicious or unexpected data is somehow programmatically fed into the application leading to compromise of security. What kind of hacking is this?

a. Injection – Correct
b. Insecure Direct Object Reference
c. Cross site scripting
d. Broken security or authentication

Ans: A

245.For handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for creating Exceptions. Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

a. Write exceptions in usual flow of program.
b. Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event that may occur.
c. Create new types of exceptions to handle any kind of situation if need be.
d. No need to document exceptions.

Ans: B C

246.Kiran needs help in following the rules that must be followed while creating exception Handling strategy. Which rules he must consider from below list?

a. Think of a strategy for logging exceptions
b. Create meaningful exception messages.
c. Delay till testing to rectify an incorrect exception.
d. Differentiate between application business and technical exceptions.

Ans: B D

247.How to handle alternatives based on the type or how to create pluggable software components?

a. Identity Classes/Types which would have the behavior changing slightly. Assign
responsibility to a type for which the behavior varies
b. All of the above
c. None of the above
d. Assign responsibility for the behavior using polymorphic operations to the types
for which the behavior varies

Ans: B

248.CIs are the work products within the selected categories that the project wants under
configuration control. Imagine you are the person for writing the CM Plan who typically
works with the Team Leads to document the CIs for the designated categories. Once the
team determines the CM categories and the naming convention for each CI, it must
maintain a list of the actual CIs. Which role you are playing from below options.

a. Product Manager
b. Project Manager
c. Configuration Manager
d. Scrum Master Manager


249.Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform?

a. Work Unit
b. Work?ow
c. Activity
d. Task


250.In the sprint planning meeting, at the _, the team along with the PO selects the goal in one-sentence for overall outcome of the sprint

a. Mid of the sprint planning.
b. Beginning of sprint planning.
c. Second part of the sprint plan.
d. End of sprint planning.


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