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How many return ports are allowed in unconnected lookup transformation ?


which reference is used to call an unconnected lookup transformation?


the transformation that control how the rows are flagged for Insert, Update, Reject or Delete in a Mapping

Update Strategy

The kinds of information that are stored in the repository are

Repository configuration details, Mappings, Workflows

Which PowerCenter applications are used for creating and administrating folders?

Repository Manager and Administration Console

The dependency window can display following type of dependency

source target dependencies, Mapping dependencies, shortcut dependencies

Which types of objects can be visible in the Repository Manager Navigator window?

Business components,Mappings,reusable transformations

One of the following partition types available to Informatica ensures that data is evenly distributed among all partitions

Round-robin partitioning

If you have created a session using source-based commit, which partition type do you use on the Relational and Flat File targets?


A partition executes in a _______

single reader, transformation, or writer thread

Which partition type need to be used if the target tables are partitioned on key range

Key Range

Partitioning option helps configure which of the following?

Multiple partitions for a single pipeline stage, Partitioning information that controls the number of threads (reader, transformation, and writer),

Number of source and target connections to use,

How the Integration Service reads data from the source, distributes rows of data to each transformation

You cannot create partition point for which of the following transformations

Sequence Generator

Which of the following is true in case of a Round Robin partitioning type

The integration service distributes data evenly among all partitions

Which is not a type of partition?

key hash

Which of following changes to mappings can cause partitioned session failure?

Delete a transformation that was a partition point

Add a transformation that is a default partition point

Move a transformation that is a partition point to a different pipeline

Which of the below statements is true?

You cannot change the parameter file when the workflow is running

What is the difference between a mapping parameter and a mapping variable?

A parameter value remains constant throughout a Session Task run, and a mapping variable value can change.

Parameters are created in which tool?


What is the difference between the system variables $$$SessionStartTime and SESSSTARTTIME?

$$$SessionStartTime returns the session start time as a string , and SESSSTARTTIME returns the session start time as date/time

Which among these is not a task specific predefined workflow variable?


Which is not true about built in functions $$$SessStartTime and SESSSTARTTIME ?

$$$SessStartTime cannot be use in Mapping or mapplet filter condition.

Which options is false for built-in-variables:

Values can be defined for built-in variables in a workflow or session parameter file.

The Integration Service looks for the start value of a variable in the following order:

  1. Value in parameter file
  2. Value saved in the repository (if the variable is persistent)
  3. User-specified default value
  4. Datatype default value

which among the following is not a variable function?


If we enter a space between the parameter name and the equals sign, the Integration Service interprets the space as

part of the parameter name

What is difference between $ and $$ parameters/variables?

$ are System defined and $$ are User defined variables

To assign a null value to $PMBadFileDir , set the parameter or variable value to


Which of the below statement is not true about Mapplet

COBOL Sources and XML Sources can be used in mapplet

Which of the below statement about reusable component is true?

We cannot revert back Reusable transformation to normal one

Which of the below object cannot be used in Mapplet.

  1. Expression Transformation
  2. Lookup Transformation
  3. Normalizer transformation
  4. Mapplet


A mapplet must contain at least one ______ with at least one connected port in the mapplet.

Ouput Transformation

Which of the following actions when performed on a mapplet can cause an existing mappings to become invalid?

Do not delete connected ports in an Input or Output transformation

Do not change the data type, precision, or scale of connected ports in an Input or Output transformation Do not change a passive mapplet to an active mapplet or an active mapplet to a passive mapplet.

What is a mapplet?

A mapplet is a reusable object that is created using mapplet designer.

Which statement is true of Worklets but NOT of Mapplets?

They can be nested

Which is not a valid option of UPDATE STRATEGY transformation


If you delete ports in the mapplet when the mapplet is used in a mapping, which of the following is True?

It invalidates the mapping

which of the transformation cannot be created as Reusable transformation?

Source qualifier

_________ definitions are not allowed in mapplet


What happens if the Lookup table is larger than the Lookup Cache?

the Power Center Server stores the overflow values in the cache files

Which components are required to run a debug session?

The Designer and a running Informatica server

What type of debugger sessions can be configured?

Use an existing non-reusable session

Use an existing reusable session

Create a debug session instance

What is a conformed dimension?

Dimesion which is connected to more than one fact.

Which is not a Valid SCD type 2?


Which SCD type stored Partial history?

SCD Type 3

Which type of SCD can store the complete history

SCD Type 2

Which is not a valid options in Target Load type Property?


The tasks that can be performed using Workflow Manager

Create and delete workflows, configure connections, create tasks

Create and delete workflows, configure connections, create tasks

Workflows must be within Tasks to be executed

Which of the following is a type of workflow task?

Event Raise

How to run a workflow without using GUI i.e, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor?

Using pmcmd command

In a sequential batch, can we run the session if previous session fails?

Yes, the second session will run even if the first session fails

If a session fails after loading of 10000 records into the target. How can you load the records from 10001th record when you run the session next time?

Restart the session using session recovery option

Difference between stop and abort

Stop – Stops the Session
Abort – Kills the session.

Which command line program should you use to start a workflow from a batch file?


Which of the following objects can be scheduled?


which command is used to execute workflow tasks from the command line


A scheduling tool from BMC software


How to determine whether the incoming record already exists in the target table?

Using Lookup Transformation

A pipeline consists of a ______________

source qualifier ,all the transformations and targets that receive data from that source qualifier

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