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51.Projects should establish baselines at the end of each project stage. Typically, a baseline is created for each major stage of work, and the Team Lead for each stage (or the Project Manager) is responsible for creating that baseline. Which of the following
baseline will be supported for project’s work according to you?

a. Architecture Baseline
b. Testing Baseline
c. Requirements Baseline
d. Integration Baseline

Ans: a,c

52.How does microservices provide small, manageable, and deployable components ?

a. Micro-service Containers
b. Micro-container Services
c. Micro-service Components

Ans: a

53.To secure the http messages in the API calls, its necessary to:

a. Use cryptography
b. All the above 
c. implement identity management
d. avoid hardcoding any sensitive data in the messages

Ans: a

54.BookMyTicket is an online application for booking the movie ticket. This application is
making use of a central database which is maintained on cloud and is available on
demand. It is encrypted in transit. This database is used by all the movie ticket booking
applications including BookMyTicket. Which XaaS is depicted in the above scenario?

a. CaaS
b. STaaS
c. DaaS
d. BPaaS

Ans: c

55.After what activity we should raise a Change Request(CR)? (Choose the best option)

a. Any changes to the requirements which come after entering the Design Stage.
Since the requirements gets base lined at the end of Analyze stage.
b. Any changes made after the design is complete
c. Only functional requirement change needs CR
d. Any changes to the requirements which is realized in any stage

Ans: a

56.When data about how much work has been burned down on the team’s tasks, is
captured across multiple sprints, it gives ?

a. projected velocity
b. estimated velocity
c. initial velocity
d. natural velocity

Ans: c

57.what are the OOP components that is influenced in Design Patterns?

a. Encapsulation
b. Inheritance

c. Polymorphism
d. Abstraction

Ans: a,c,d

58.How does View enhance data security?

a. None
b. By only allowing users access to columns they require instead of entire table
c. By letting users create a temporary table with any desired data
d. By creating one common view for all the tables

Ans: b

59._______ helps the design process, whereas __ is
more suitable for integration and functional testing.


Ans: c

60.Digital asset management comes in the form of a software or appliance device that an be used on which of the following?

a. on-premises
b. All electronic gadgets
c. Mobiles and laptops
d. cloud-based model

Ans: d

61.A team is referring to the latest version of the product backlog to work on the
deliverables. Who is responsible for the content, availability and ordering of the items in
the product backlog?

a. Product Owner
b. Project Manager 
c. Scrum Master
d. Scrum Development Team

Ans: a

62.What is the website to access Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?


Ans: d

63.Which of the following is done as part of ”Kanban’?

a) Splitting work into smaller items
b) Deciding the sequence of steps the work items need to go through
c) not imposing any limit on the work in progress
d) Track the lead and cycle time

Ans: All of the options

64.Which of the following is not the right answer for Packaged or Custom development ?

a. Custom software maps to the client’s business process and contains key
features necessary to a specific business function
b. Packaged Software is owned solely by the business who creates it
c. Packaged Software is typically less expensive due to minimal, If any,
development time
d. Packaged Software is ready-made and available for sale, lease or license to the

Ans: B the challenges of applying TDD to Agile development projects

a. Automation of the tests
b. Test writing becomes intuitive
c. Developers adaptability
d. Design changes may affect unit tests

Ans: d

66.What is the best approach in Design Patterns in coding?

a. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the highest possible
b. Writing codes with the lowest possible coupling and the highest possible
c. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the Lowest possible

Ans: b

67.What is the logical grouping of elements that have single major outcome/ business result?

a. Workstream 
b. Activity or Discipline
c. Stage

Ans: b

68.Which GRASP principle talks about, who should be responsible for creating new objects
or use other objects in your program or your system ?

a. High Cohesion
b. Low Coupling
c. Creator
d. Controller

Ans: c

69.Code Review process involves which of the following steps:

a. Resolve review points
b. Baseline a software products
c. Never conduct a review
d. Prepare for a review
e. Plan for a review

Ans: a b d e

70.What are the pitfalls concerning the cloud application development?

a. Using Open source
b. Requiring all applications be deployed in the cloud.
c. Using untrusted Third party APIs
d. Consulting with all Key stakeholders

Ans: c

71.Mr. John performs testing to ensure continuous improvement to the software being developed. Which of the code will be testable as part of continuous testing?

a. Only Infrastructure Code
b. Only Software Code
c. Both software and Infrastructure Code
d. Software and Testing code

Ans: c

72.What are guidelines that needs to be followed for managing bottlenecks during optimization?

a. Increase memory space to make the program efficient in terms of speed.
b. Do not cache the result.
c. Do performance testing on critical methods carrying business logic 
d. Identifying benefits of implementing complex algorithm does not out weigh the
time taken to create it.

Ans: d

73.What are the ADM 5 main focus areas?

a. Development
b. Management
c. Testing
d. Planning
e. Operations

Ans: a b c d e

74.Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager?
Choose exactly THREE correct options.

a. Plans Configuration Management
b. Makes sure that project complies with CM standards and procedures.
c. Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits.
d. Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.

Ans: a c d

75.Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager for one project in Accenture. He has to identify
and establish Configuration Items.
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and select the steps involved while identifying and
establishing CIs mentioned below.

A. Determine CI Categories.
B. Determine CM Control Levels.
C. Determine CI Tools.
D. Determine CI Naming Conventions.
E. Audits and Status Reporting
F. Select CIs

Ans: A,B,C,D,F

76.Which are the external application-oriented devices that provide application security?

a. Citrix
c. DAM
d. WAF
e. API Gateway

Ans: b d e

77.Complete the statements- Accenture Delivery Suite (or ADS) is our standard delivery framework designed to help our teams ____results.

a. workable, smooth, reliable and high-quality results
b. efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results
c. fast, efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results
d. smooth, efficient, predictable, reliable and high-quality results

Ans: c

78.Keith working on configuring Jenkins for his project. He would like to avoid single point of
failure of Jenkins Services. Which environmental setup will be suggested to be followed
by him?

a. One Master Node Jenkins Environment setup
b. On-Premises Setup
c. Non Master-Slave Jenkins environment setup
d. Master-Slave Jenkins environment setup

Ans: d

79.What guidelines should be followed for creating the Accenture coding standards?

a. Should be agreed upon across project teams spanning globally.
b. Multiple developers rewrite each other’s code to match their personal styles
c. Coding Standards should be easy to understand
d. Must be created after the build stage

Ans: a c

80.What are the different generic techniques followed in code optimization for independent platform?

a. Data-level parallelism
b. Cache optimization techniques
c. Using memory efficient routines
d. Reducing the number of conditions.

Ans: c d

81.Which SOLID principle represents the following statement ” the vehicle is an abstract for truck and bike”?

a. Liskov Substitution Principle
b. Open/Closed Principle
c. Dependency Inversion Principle
d. Single Responsibility Principle

Ans: a

82.Linda, an AWS cloud administrator, used to generate a soft token in her mobile every
time she used to login to AWS cloud console as part of cloud application security practices.
Which of the following type of Identity access this action refers to?

a. Single Sign-on/off
b. Federated Identity management
c. Multifactor authentication
d. Token based authentication

Ans: c

83.Definition of Done is applicable to which of the following?

a. All of the options
b. User Story
c. Feature
d. Web Page

Ans: a

84.Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM
control. ABC Utility is trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part
of CM team and select the appropriate tool to use. Choose exactly THREE correct

a. Mercurial
b. GitLab
c. PVCS(Poly Version Control System)
d. VSS(Visual SourceSafe)

Ans: a c d

85.Sujata a senior developer of project has been assigned a task to look at the code
structure and decoupling component wherever deemed necessary. What points she
should keep in mind while checking?

a. Components responsibilities are maximized.
b. There are no cyclic dependencies between classes, components or layers.
c. The average complexity of classes, programs, methods, procedures, or functions
is under control.
d. Dependencies to external libraries are well known.

Ans: b c d

86.Joshua being a project manager, need to suggest methods to developers of project so that client become high-performance businesses by delivering high-quality code. Which are they?

a. Follow the Accenture Code Quality Model
b. Adhere to Accenture Delivery Methods best practices and guidelines
c. Using automated code review tools, if permitted by client
d. Implementing the practice of peer reviews.

Ans: a b d

87.Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager in the project. While reviewing the document,
Mr. Vincent has found that few more configuration item categories can be added.
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and determine few more categories that can be
added to the same.

a. Requirements
b. Databases that include processed data
c. Metrics and Status Reports
d. Training materials

Ans: a c

88.Alex has been identified as the Scrum Master of an Agile execution. A team of 8 members have been tagged to him. In the capacity of Scrum Master, on a daily basis, he does the following things.

A) Talk to the team to keep them motivated
B) Connect with them twice a day, to get updates on the work done so far
C) Guide them on the Scrum Processes they need to be following
Which of these is appropriate for a Scrum Master to do?

Ans: Only A and C

89.What are some of the ways test-driven development can benefit a project compared to other technique?

a. Enhances collaboration among various stakeholders
b. Compresses the available set of test tools
c. Reduces the frequency of releases
d. Supports continuous integration

Ans: D A

90.What is the work / assets grouped by business area?

a. Activity or Discipline
b. Workstream
c. Stage

Ans: b

91.This pattern evaluates scenarios where you need just one object and you don’t want to create multiple objects of that particular class. Or simply put restricting construction of more than one object” Which pattern is it?

a. Singleton pattern
b. Structural Pattern
c. Behavioral Pattern

Ans: a

92.Identify the services provided by Microservices when compare to Design Pattern

a. Environment
b. Implementation
c. Code Access
d. Catalog of Solutions

Ans: a c

93.Which of the following action to be taken before pushing the code into when
we have sensitive information in the source code ?

a. No change needed as the information is needed for application functionality
b. Replace the sensitive data with mock data
c. Delete all the sensitive information
d. Move the sensitive information to .gitignore file

Ans: d

94.How did object-oriented programming systems handle complexity better than procedural process?

a. All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object
b. Handling each task in isolation ensuring that we have the right degree of
coupling in cohesion
c. Tasks were divided into a number of sub tasks

Ans: a

95.What does VSM tool help reduce?

a. Defects
b. Delays
c. Time
d. Non Value Added activities
e. All of the Above

Ans: e

96.How to combine low coupling and make sure to reuse?

a. Both 1 & 2
b. Assign the responsibility to an intermediate object to mediate between other
components or services so that they are not directly coupled
c. Only 1
d. Closely look at domain/design model to locate the classes with low coupling.
Use an existing class to take the responsibility of functionality causing low coupling
and also the functionality has high potential for reuse

Ans: a

97.A team has completed 10 Sprints and moving to the 11th Sprint. Till Sprint 10, the team
has achieved an average of 50 story points per sprint. The same is projected as their
velocity for the upcoming sprints with the Client. What is this approach called?

a. Velocity Driven Sprint Planning
b. Commitment Driven Velocity
c. Commitment Driven Sprint Planning
d. Velocity Driven Commitment

Ans: a

98.Identify the responsibilities of a DBA which includes.

a. All of the above
b. Granting and Denying user privileges
c. Classifying data
d. Creating user accounts and assigning passwords

Ans: a

99.What is feature integration sprint?

a. A final sprint within the release for performing integration & regression testing
b. Sprint that can be conducted as and when required for adhoc tasks
c. A sprint outside release for performing cutover activities
d. First sprint of the release dedicated for planning

Ans: a

100.What is the functionality of Data Cohesion in modules of projects ?

a. One module may be dependent on another module for data
b. If a module is independent of data from other modules
c. None of them
d. Both Option 1 and 2

Ans: d

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